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Comfortable designer heels?

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Emo76 Sat 05-Feb-11 20:17:46

I would happily fork out for comfortable attractive heels and wondered, in your experience, if the "designer" makes are more comfortable or if you are just paying for the name.

I recall Louboutins were once said to be very comfortable/balanced hence partly justifying the enormous price tag. I have some Cole Haan heels with Nike Air "technology" which are quite comfy given their height.

Any recommendations/brands to avoid?

teahouse Sat 05-Feb-11 22:00:53

I recently bought a pair of Russell & Bromley stilettos - very high but very comfortable, and not too pricey.

My Jimmy Choos aren't very comfy but look gorgeous

porcamiseria Sat 05-Feb-11 22:27:09

ditto russel and bromley, I tried some lovely Stuart Weixtman onbes that were very comfy

I think they are worth it, and are circa 165

ApuskiDusky Sat 05-Feb-11 22:35:38

x3 Russell & Bromley. I hate uncomfortable shoes, and these are the best combo of stylish and comfy I've found. Just a shame they're not online!

JaneS Sat 05-Feb-11 22:42:54

I have a pair of Gina shoes - first time I wore them they were awful as I didn't get the balance; thereafter they were great and I don't find I get aching calves/back when I've worn them for a few hours, which I do with virtually anything else that high. They're about 4.5 inches high.

Mind you, the most comfy pair of heels I've worn are from L K Bennett (about 3.5/4 inches high) - wore them for a 7-hour stretch and they were lovely.

Least comfy pair of heels I ever bought were Clarks. Horrible.

voiceofnoreason Sun 06-Feb-11 13:53:10


I can attest to the comfort of LK Bennets. The loubous that i have tried have have always felt absolutely perfect and i did have a pair of beautiful R&B stuart weitzmans that were nearly as comfy as L K Bennett.

For every day I think you can't go wrong with LK B or R&B in my view. Cheap shoes = sore feet in my book. Though there is a special case for Kurt Geiger which make shoes to die for but cripple my feet. sigh

AintMissBeehiving Sun 06-Feb-11 15:00:21

My Guccis are comfy. My JCs are not.

TheAllNewOoooh Sun 06-Feb-11 16:07:47

Another vote for Stuart Weismann @ Russell & Bromley. His shoes are so classic but are the my work workhorses and very comfortable. Also less slippy underfoot than LKB.

My Jimmy Choos are surprisingly comfortable but more delicate.

Umnitsa Sun 06-Feb-11 16:41:23

For me it's Salvatore Ferragamo - always perfectly comfortable from day one, classical styles and last forever.

Chanel heels are good as well I think.

Wore Jimmy Choos on my wedding day, from noon to midnight and was very comfortable.

whoneedssleepanyway Sun 06-Feb-11 18:48:51

My jimmy choos are fairly comfy for shoes that high. Have another lower pair which feel lovely such soft leather. All my lk Bennett heels are just as comfy though and a third of the price...

jonicomelately Sun 06-Feb-11 18:52:36

I've a pair of Vivienne Westwood heels. Look painful. Actually vv comfy smile

jonicomelately Sun 06-Feb-11 18:52:36

I've a pair of Vivienne Westwood heels. Look painful. Actually vv comfy smile

Biscuitscoco Sun 06-Feb-11 20:07:40

Chie Mihara - every time.

Emo76 Sun 06-Feb-11 20:39:44

thanks everybody. I guess it is a matter of trying on a few of the mentioned makes. I have tried Stuart Weismann in the past but found them a bit narrow? I have LK Bennetts and agree they are pretty good. Sort of wondered whether the next price band up was worth it! Thanks again.

Emo76 Sun 06-Feb-11 20:41:01

by the way, how cr*p is the R&B website?!!

thinkingaboutschools Sun 06-Feb-11 20:47:07

I find L K Bennett shoes very comfortable and generally I am one of those people who only find shoes really good when they are really "worn in"

southeastastra Sun 06-Feb-11 20:48:25

i have some clarks shoes and they are really trendy and fashionable! you have to look online though shops don't generally have the more nicer styles though i quite like the 40s type styles

RedwingWinter Sun 06-Feb-11 20:50:29

I like Stuart Weitzman, Cole Haan and Chie Mihara too. Of these, Chie is the most comfortable as the shape of the shoe seems really designed to fit the foot. I do have to go down half a size in Chie Mihara shoes though. I also really love the styles - something out of the ordinary - and the way they come with a spare heel for when you've worn them down.

I really hate when shoes interfere with walking so I also like it when shoes have some grip on the soles! (I know - I have to have some practicality too and I am not one of those who can run a mile in three inch heels!!!).

Changeisagoodthing Sun 06-Feb-11 20:52:55

Oohh not lk Bennett- broke my toe just walking down the street and I am an everyday heels wearer. I have about 40 pairs of lk Bennett and they are not comfy.

Agent provocateur or todds or Paul smith or cole haans that I have are all much better.

Hate jimmy choo and manolos- have a few pairs of each and can't run in them.

southeastastra Sun 06-Feb-11 20:53:55

oh sorry ob clarks not designer - but they do have some fab designs

CHOOGIRL Sun 06-Feb-11 20:54:31

change why has it taken you 40 pairs of LKB to realise they are not comfortable?

mamatomany Sun 06-Feb-11 21:03:59

Who runs in Manolos, unless being chased by a lion i'd be inclined to not run personally.

HotchpotchHoney Sun 06-Feb-11 21:38:07

I have one pair of classic black Lou outins and if I could afford to buy more pairs I would wear them to death as they are so comfy for heels that they don't hurt after a day at work.
Jimmy choos can be v narrow and not very comfy at all now my shoe of choice is miu miu and I've picked up a fair few pairs in the sales etc now and I'd recommend them every time.

Changeisagoodthing Mon 07-Feb-11 19:49:44

Choogirl- they are gorgeous shoes. - all very glam but def not comfy. The op wants comfy heels - I think lk Bennett although gorgeous are not comfy.

I wear heels everyday- of course I need to run at times.

SarahGarden80 Mon 14-Jan-13 10:06:59

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