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Did anyone put a young baby in their own room?

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BellaCB Thu 08-Mar-12 15:37:02

DD is 6 weeks old and we're wondering about moving her into her own room in the next few weeks. Partly this is because she will soon be too big for her moses basket, as she's a long baby, and we can't fit the cot into our room. But it is also partly because she is so incredibly noisy! DP and I are struggling to get decent sleep even though DD is (blissfully) at the moment sleeping from 8pm-3.30am. She's not too noisy when we go to bed, but after her 3.30 feed she snorts and grunts and does this really odd stretching manouevre complete with enormous groans, even though she is asleep - which keeps us awake! We've tried all different ways and times to settle her after this feed but nothing has altered the noises, its obviously just something she does. Also, DP and I go to bed and wake up at different times most nights so I wonder if we are disturbing her.

Anyway, because we don't have a spare room, or room for a spare bed in the nursery, I'm starting to wonder about moving her into her own room. The doors with be open so we will hear her when she gets unsettled (as opposed to just snorting!). Has anyone else moved their LO over at 8-10 weeks-ish?

ilovedjasondonovan Fri 09-Mar-12 12:50:35

DD1 was 7 days old when she went in her own room.

DD2 was given only 6 days due to her snuffling (would snuffle for 5 mins before crying for food).

Doors were left open so we could hear them. Never a problem and at least it meant we could get back to sleep inbetween feeds.

ilovedjasondonovan Fri 09-Mar-12 12:52:42

Oh, and earplugs didn't work for me, I could still here them.
Infact, I still wear them and you can hear them if they call out in the night now (5 and 3).

hazeyjane Fri 09-Mar-12 12:54:24

The advice wrt sids is there for a good reason, but it is up to the individual whether you follow the advice. The sleeping on there tummy advice is also there fore very good reasons, so would be wary to do that also.

I suppose it just seems to me that it is for a relatively short time, and in most cases there are ways around any inconveniences.

As far as the sleep deprivation goes, despite periods of appalling sleep (dh and I are taking it in turns to sit up with ds atm, half a night each -it is a killer!), I don't think I have ever been so tired that I didn't wake up when one of the dcs did.

Wheresmycaffeinedrip Fri 09-Mar-12 13:01:12

Would help if the babies new the rules too!! And slept quietly/ on their backs/ thru anything and everything grin

notso Fri 09-Mar-12 13:07:28

I agree with you Wheresmycaffinedrip in that we can all only do what we think is best. A lot of aspects of parenting are down to using your common sense and trusting your instincts.
I know what it is like to be sleep deprived, I have 3 DC and am due to have DC4 next month.
I just feel that it is important not to rely on anecdotal evidence with reguard to a choice like this.

DottyDot Fri 09-Mar-12 13:09:04

oh yes - ds1 at 6 weeks and ds2 at 2 weeks, which I'm a bit blush about but honestly, it probably saved my sanity as ds2 in particular snored like a train and there was no getting any sleep until we put him in his own room. So, no regrets at all as it meant at least between feeds we were getting some relatively decent sleep...

Wheresmycaffeinedrip Fri 09-Mar-12 14:07:47

Congratulations on dc 4 notso!!!! smile

notso Fri 09-Mar-12 15:11:34

Thanks smile

Op hope you get some sleep soon , whatever you decide to do.

BellaCB Fri 09-Mar-12 16:13:25

Thanks notso. I do appreciate your advice, but I think I am going to go with putting her in her own room soon. I guess I just wanted some reassurance that I wouldn't be the first person to do it. I am on my own a lot as DP works long shifts, and DD doesn't nap during the day so I can sleep, so being tired is a real issue for me - getting more sleep during the night will be a big help.

choccybox Fri 09-Mar-12 16:27:05

I couldn't as SIDS advice, your breathing regulating theirs but think you have to do what is right for family. At 6 weeks it's so tiny I'd want them right next to me.

ItWasThePenguins Fri 09-Mar-12 16:40:07

We did at 4.5 weeks. To start with moses basket inside cot. It helped us sleep better, and he shortly slept through.
Good luck

omama Fri 09-Mar-12 22:46:38

We did at 3 months, up to then he was in moses basket at side of my bed. My DS was also a very noisy sleeper, grunting & squirming & it disturbed me a lot.

In all honesty though, my main reason for holding off moving him out was for the night feeds. Whilst he was in the room next to me, I would hear him start to stir, & could see him starting to root & so could prepare his bottle ready for when he woke, whereas if he had been in the next room, I'd only have been woken by his crying, by which point he was already very hungry. And of course I could sit in bed to feed him which is better when you are still doing 3x NF's.

Once he got a bit older and was sleeping a good long stretch at night & waking only once for a feed at 5/6am, then I was happy to move him. I'd probably do the same again with any future dc's.

I say if it suits you & your family & will help you all get some better sleep then its the right thing to do.xx

smackapacca Fri 09-Mar-12 22:50:50

Mine were in with us for about a day. They survived!

They were too noisy. Dh couldn't risk broken sleep as he's a driver. I liked going into the dcs bedroom to feed and then going back to my own bed.

smackapacca Fri 09-Mar-12 22:51:19

Oh should say they both had angel care monitor which was very reassuring.

OctopusSting Fri 09-Mar-12 22:55:06

We did at 6 weeks as we had a 'squeaky' baby - she is still called squeaks now grin

Your baby. Your choice. You are aware of SIDs guidance (as we were), so you are making an informed decision based on what is best for your family smile

Meglet Fri 09-Mar-12 22:56:43

yes, both dc's at 2 months. Yes, I worried but they were too big for the moses basket so had to move them.

However, I kept the nursery room cool and well ventilated, they had gro-bags, no blankets / cot bumpers or toys in the cot and the bedroom and nursery doors were wide open. It was 'only' 10 steps from my side of the bed to the cot in the other room. I'm not sure I'd have been as ok with it if I had a big house, although if I had a big house I would have been able to fit a cot in the main bedroom.

I didn't use a monitor as I could hear the snuffling noises and even noisy thumb sucking if I listened carefully.

It still worked even when I was bf at night, I just had to bring them into my bed to feed then pop them back.

nappymaestro Sat 10-Mar-12 07:45:32

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Avantia Sat 10-Mar-12 07:59:54

Both went in their own room at 8 weeks .

They we weaned at 4 months - that was the advice then - 10/11 yrs ago .

Advice will change constantly over how we deal with our babies / children.

TheGreatHunt Sat 10-Mar-12 08:11:47

Advice does not constantly change. It changes when more compelling evidence arises that suggests it needs to change.

If you want to put your baby in a separate room, or wean early or whatever, then go for it - your choice. It doesn't matter what other people did or do - assess the risks for yourself and own your decision.

hazeyjane Sat 10-Mar-12 08:17:10

It does change, but it doesn't just change randomly, if there are new findings wrt SIDS or weaning age etc, then they change the guidelines accordingly.

I guess it is then up to the individual to weigh up whether they follow the guidelines or whether they don't think the risk is worth worrying about.

To me it seemed like a guideline worth following.

hazeyjane Sat 10-Mar-12 08:18:05

ha,it took an age to write that post (multi-tasking!) so cross posted with you TheGreatHunt!

Gigondas Sat 10-Mar-12 08:19:13

Agree with great hunt that need to assess
Risk for yourself. Also afaik being in own room is a risk factor but so are a lot of other things (bedding, temperature, parental smoking etc) .
And completely agree that i don't think it is stupid to want some sleep ESP if it is getting to the point it affects parents ability to work properly or their wellbeing.

RedHotPokers Sat 10-Mar-12 08:24:20

Follow your instinct. My sister died of sids as a baby, and I always thought i would follow every piece of advice to the letter.

But at 4 months ds was in his own room. None of us were sleeping, and we just had to do it.

spicyorange Sat 10-Mar-12 08:28:38

I have done this my first dd was 6 weeks old when we put her in her own room and my second dd was 4 weeks old when we did it, they both slept so much better when we did it.

FannyFifer Sat 10-Mar-12 08:34:06

Absolutely not.

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