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The best places to Ski with kids

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HLxxx Thu 29-Nov-07 22:14:06

Thought I would start a new thread on the best places to ski with kids. We like to go somewhere new each year normally but its very easy to stick with the same resort now we have kids. We have only been twice with the kids and went to Tremblant in Canada - We stayed in the "village" and it's was, the ski school is fantastic (all english speaking) and Tremblant is only 1.5 hrs from Montreal which is only a 6 hr flight. (Easier journey than some European resorts.) We did not have to carry any skis around as we had a free valet ski service (collect skis next to lift/ski school each day). We stayed at the Ermitage du lac which was a 5* condo resort with fantastic hot tub and free breakfast. Lots of great restaurant and shops aswell in the village. (Tremblant mountain and village is owned by Interwest who also own Whistler). Be warned it is very cold. AS long as you are prepared it is no problem but you need lots of layers. Kids didn't moan at all about the cold (we did a little on the day it was -30). Next year we are off to Lake Tahoe in the US, cant wait. We have skied there before(with no kids) any advice on Skiing in Tahoe with kids will be appreciated. We have booked flights already but no hotel yet. Thinking of Embassy suites!?!. Has anyone else been to any great ski resort? tell us about them. HLx

soapbox Thu 29-Nov-07 22:17:55

We went to Beaver creek in Colorado last year and loved it - so many great facilities and skiing was so easy with the children.

We liked it so much, we are off there again this yeargrin

scarymamma Mon 03-Dec-07 13:49:20

We love (the kids esp) La Rosiere in France. This will be our 3rd trip there with Esprit. It's a small and friendly resort and perfect for beginner and intermediate skiers with families. Esprit have super child care and have a supervised early dinner for the kids - giving you time for a soak in the bath/quick drink in the village.

expatinengland Mon 03-Dec-07 17:05:57

Yes, Beaver Creek is awesome. I've not skied in Tahoe, but almost all ski resorts in the US are child-friendly...just check to make sure the resort you're staying has adequate accommodations for kids. Most places have ski programs for those over 3 and many have day care beginning from 6 mos. on.

Park City, UT is also good and lots of nice lodging without breaking the bank. Park City is an old western silver mining city and neat to explore too.

Austria..Innsbruck..was also great, but that was before kids.

My recommendation is to do a ski-in/ski-out if they're old enough to ski, or stay somewhere you can get on a shuttle bus easily

Favorite resort is Jackson Hole, WY but that's going to be harder to get to from the direct flights...even hard to get to with you're in the US. Colorado, Canada or Utah are probably the easiest.

MrsGuyOfGisbourne Fri 07-Dec-07 18:48:13

HLxxx - Very interested to hear about Tremblant as it is on my list, specifically becuase of the easy journey!!! Coul u ski-in, ski-out? Love the idea of ski-valeting!
my ideal is ski-in, ski-out, with fantastic food, and balcony where I can sit when the lifts shut, watching the kids play in the snow below...

noonar Fri 07-Dec-07 18:52:57

puy st vincent, with snowbizz, looks superb. cheap , by skiing standards. excellent reviews, creche, kids' club, award winning family resort...

am off to saas fee in feb, which also is supposed to be v good for families.

PestohohohoMonster Fri 07-Dec-07 18:55:19

Dh & I have skiied in Tahoe, but the only thing I would say is that the drive up there from San Francisco is really really knackering after the flight and with the time change aswell. We ended up driving up in a blizzard (had to put snow chains on) and arriving in the early hours of the morning. My tip would therefore be, to have a night's rest in SF first and sacrifice a day's skiing for both you and your dcs' safety.

HLxxx Fri 07-Dec-07 22:42:47

We have booked 3 nights in SFO before we head off to Tahoe, didnt think the kids could cope with jetlag and the long journey. Thanks for advice. Great to hear about other ski resorts to try in the future. HLx

LizP Sat 08-Dec-07 09:30:22

We skied Tremblant last Feb and stayed at Sommet de Neige which is ski in ski out, the ski room doors open right where ski school meets and we had a balcony overlooking the slopes. It was self catering but there were lots of good places to eat out. And it was so cold we never sat on the balcony - but did have large floor length windows so could sit inside.

We have also been to Smugglers notch with the kids - which they loved - but it had poor snow when we were there and the choice of places to eat was limited.

olliepolly Sat 08-Dec-07 14:40:20

Any recommendations for accommodation in Beaver creek,
Thinking about BC for next year as a side trip if we go to visit my brother in chicago.

pralinegirl Fri 11-Jan-08 17:48:07

Big White in Canada is meant to be great for kids, good child care and facilities. Check it out.

Rantmum Fri 11-Jan-08 17:51:03

Went to Andorra a while back and there were lots of families because it is affordable. If that is less of an issue, then colarado. Also believe Italy is quite good for kids, partly just cos they love kids so much there.

pralinegirl Fri 11-Jan-08 19:14:01

We went to tahoe before we had DS. Also spent 5 days in SF. Great place. When at tahoe would recommend squaw valley for skiing too. Watch out for the weekends, there can be big lift queues like in europe but the weather and snow was fantastic. So was the tuition. Food on the monntain is typically american, lots of burgers. In SF check out McArthur Park for posh ribs, fantastic meal!Avoid the Horizon hotel in Heavenly, its tacky and charmless and so busy you can never get breakfat without wasting skiing time, long waits for tables. Can't get near hot tubs either and lots of floors down. The cable cars in SF are great fun and take lots of cash if possible for shopping - we bought loads of clothes. The transfer is a pain though, its busy and long.Have a great time.envy

soapbox Fri 11-Jan-08 19:21:33

Olliepollie - we stay at beavercreek lodge as the rooms are like mini suites with a small kitchenette which is handy for making snacks etc.

The ski valet there is brilliant too

Crunchie Sat 12-Jan-08 20:48:45

soay, that looks fab, we went to Vail for our honeymoon and swore we weould go to Bearver Creek when we could. Please tell me who did you book with and roughly ££££

soapbox Sun 13-Jan-08 15:41:13

Crunchie, we booked with Ski Safari (after shopping around a bit on prices) and with flights in the half term for 9 nights (at hotel) plus one night flying, it is £6000 for four of us. Lift passes and equipment hire and lessons are on top of that. It would be a fair bit cheaper if we weren't going to be there over President's weekend, when the hotel room costs have tripled for those nights - but we can't shift half term unfortunately!

ernest Mon 14-Jan-08 07:29:22

We've had great experiences in a couple of different Kinderhotels in Serfaus, Austria. SKi school great, village lovely, kids well looked after, hotel really great. but did put on tons of weight. food just too good

Louise2004 Mon 14-Jan-08 08:44:24

Whistler (Canada) is great for skiing with children and the slopes are fantastic - we've been there twice now and love it. It's not far from Vancouver, which is also worth a visit. In Europe we tend to go to different resorts with Club Med, as they have a great set up for children - very easy.

Ellora Mon 08-Sep-08 12:32:52

Husband and I are very big skiers but introduced his sister and law and 3 small kids to skiing over the last 5 years which has now become a family obession. Personally having been to us, canada, france, italy I think the world class place for kids is Austria. St Anton and Obertauern are fabulous for a white christmas and good conditions. But the ski schools have to be the most experienced I have ever been on. I would probaly choose Obertauern for it's skiing nurseries and for older kids and experienced!

I found Les Arcs very good and Courcheval as well.

Worst palce I've been to for kids is Chamonix. Not very beginner friendly apart from at the top of the valley and you have to get buses everywhere as its so spread out.

annasmami Thu 11-Sep-08 10:51:10

Another vote for Austria!

We've been to various Kinderhotels (Serfaus, Lermoos, St Johann) and they are really fab. But even 'normal' hotels are child friendly (often have a playroom, childs menue etc.) and the ski schools are excellent too, in my experience.

We're going to Obertauern next March for the first time, so nice to read your comment, Ellora.

Ellora Thu 11-Sep-08 21:42:35


Have a wonderful time, great snow reliability due to the height and hope the kids love it. I learnt to ski there as a kid about 25 years ago and still have very fond memories. They just have these huge wide pistes which the kids love.

I'll be honest am half Austrian so maybe am biased!!

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