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He rang her while I was away

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Yorkiegirl Sat 04-Jun-05 12:53:22

Message withdrawn

darlingbud Sat 04-Jun-05 12:57:57

oh my god YG. how did you find out? did he say why he contected her if she hadn't contacted him?

tammybear Sat 04-Jun-05 12:59:21

sorry YG but whats been happening?

that sounds a bit stupid if you got a new number to avoid her, it would be like me ringing xdp after changing my number because of him! but maybe he rang her withheld number?

coppertop Sat 04-Jun-05 13:00:10

YG What on earth did he think he was doing?????

darlingbud Sat 04-Jun-05 13:05:23

YG power has gone off so she can't reply. I have run her and I'm going round in a bit.

moozoboozo Sat 04-Jun-05 13:09:03

Send my love to her xxxx

Hope everything is ok. Why are men so stupid sometimes?

Yorkiegirl Sat 04-Jun-05 13:45:17

Message withdrawn

Chandra Sat 04-Jun-05 13:54:46

Oh! what he was thinking about???? is he really serious about stoping contact with her???

roisin Sat 04-Jun-05 13:56:40

I'm really sorry to hear this YG

lou33 Sat 04-Jun-05 14:29:23

misdee Sat 04-Jun-05 14:30:13

Yorkiegirl Sat 04-Jun-05 16:44:47

Message withdrawn

trefusis Sat 04-Jun-05 16:49:26

Message withdrawn

Yorkiegirl Sat 04-Jun-05 16:50:56

Message withdrawn

swiperfox Sat 04-Jun-05 16:54:13


trefusis Sat 04-Jun-05 16:54:28

Message withdrawn

pixiefish Sat 04-Jun-05 16:54:53

Thinking of you YG.

noddyholder Sat 04-Jun-05 16:55:16

i followed this thread before and feel so for you that he has shown you so little respect I think you need to think of yourself now and ask him some serious questions

Yorkiegirl Sat 04-Jun-05 16:55:35

Message withdrawn

noddyholder Sat 04-Jun-05 16:56:44

why did he ring her back?

pixiefish Sat 04-Jun-05 16:56:54

I spose if you ignored it he would think everything was ok wouldn't he? Men- they're so bl@@@y unreasonable and thick sometimes

trefusis Sat 04-Jun-05 16:57:49

Message withdrawn

docket Sat 04-Jun-05 16:57:49

YG, am sorry to hear this. I don't really know much about your situation but I think that if my partner was behaving like this I would feel compelled to give him an ultimatum. He sounds like he has behaved really badly and I'm giving him a big cyberpunch.

hunkermunker Sat 04-Jun-05 16:59:05

YG, have you asked him how he'd feel if it was you doing this with a man he didn't like?

I'm sure you have, btw - can't he see that if it's upsetting you so badly, it's not worth it?

Hugs for you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

noddyholder Sat 04-Jun-05 16:59:25

could/would you call his bluff and ask for a break for a while?He may then realise what he is risking Also can't believe she is still contacting him Do they need to be in touch for work?

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