Could you give me some inspiration for this floor plan please?

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diynotsomuch Wed 02-Sep-20 10:57:35

After -what feels like a lifetime of property searching we have found one that is perfect for us in terms of location, large south facing garden, long driveway etc.

It is going to closing tomorrow and I am crossing all fingers and toes in the hope we get it.

Maybe I am getting a bit ahead of myself but WWYD with this floor plan to get a 3rd bedroom or a small study room and a WC down stairs?

We were thinking bed2 for the master due to the possibility of being able to add a balcony as there is a flat roof above the porch/sunroom and would make the cupboard the ensuite.

Bed1 is a lovely large room and I wondered if I could make that into a decent sized double (guest room) and maybe a small study but the window is right bang in the centre of the room.

The kitchen is brand new due to a recent fire so won't be changing that ASAP.

The sitting/dining room with the sun room is the selling point for us as the floor to ceiling windows let lots of light in and overlooks the large garden.

Ok enough of me rambling, can you tell I'm nervous for tomorrow?

Any inspiration very much welcome!!!

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Persipan Wed 02-Sep-20 11:39:01

What's going on with the porch bit? That seems like an actual room, rather than a porch - is there scope that it could be used as a study/occasional guest room, or is it not built in a way that would work for that?

candycane222 Wed 02-Sep-20 11:47:12

What's ith the funny little recess next to the kitchen. This would be the obvious place to connect plumbing I would have thought - depending where the soil pipe is from the bathroom. You'd probably need to remov the kitchen cupboard at least temporarily, but perhaps you could take a bit out of the lunge then for a downstairs 'ensuite' for a downstairs guest room/study?

candycane222 Wed 02-Sep-20 11:48:30

...but of course if the wall of the recess is structural, then no! (can't quite work out how that recess relates to upstairs without a photo of that side, so don't mind me if that's not going to work!

candycane222 Wed 02-Sep-20 11:49:32

...ooops still posting too soon - I meant fill in the recess and make it the 'back' of an ensuite, with the front taken out of the 'lounge'

bisousbisous Wed 02-Sep-20 11:59:48

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

bisousbisous Wed 02-Sep-20 12:05:48

Message withdrawn at poster's request.


ivfbeenbusy Wed 02-Sep-20 12:19:41

It's only a 2 bed so why do you need a bathroom AND an en-suite? You'd be better off finding a place for a downstairs WC

If you wanted a study you could partition off Bed 1 just next to the window and have the entrance to bed 1 from the study - study would have 1 window and bed 2 the big window on the side

bisousbisous Wed 02-Sep-20 12:38:03

arrrrgh, forgot to bloody NC!! oh well, hopefully this isn't too outing!

@ivfbeenbusy Personal preference I guess. Yes we are trying to find a place for a downstairs WC but not sure where exactly.
Thanks for the idea re partitioning off Bed 1, can't think exactly how big it would be but going back today so will have a look!

Whatthebloodyell Wed 02-Sep-20 12:48:33

Could you move bedroom 1s door to opposite bedroom 2s, and then have a bathroom at the end of the landing by removing the cupboard? Then The wall between 2 and the bathroom
Could be shifted to make 2 bedrooms. Or the bathroom could
Become the study.

Bedroom 1 looks pretty big just to be used as a guest bedroom though.

ApolloandDaphne Wed 02-Sep-20 12:59:09

Could the lounge downstairs not be used as a guest bedroom/study/additional sitting room if you put a lovely sofa bed in and a nice desk? You still have the other sitting room and sun room as living space downstairs. The porch could be repurposed as a utility and downstairs loo or shower room? I would leave the upstairs as it is and not add an en suite at all.

bisousbisous Wed 02-Sep-20 13:50:18

Really like your idea @whatthebloodyell. The upstairs bathroom needs to be ripped out anyway as it is a lovely peachy salmon 1960's bathroom with an avocado carpet!!!!

Excuse my amateur photoshopping skills but have added an ensuite to bedroom 1 as it seems a more sensible way to use that space - any thoughts?

bigbradford Wed 02-Sep-20 17:13:17

Will they be two shower rooms? If so, I’m not sure that’s a good idea. Can you get a bath in the family “shower” room that serves beds 1 and 2? En suite Shower room looks small. What size is it?

The fact the kitchen has been redone in that position is a shame. The “porch” has better views and no access from the kitchen. Having a loo and utility there is wasting the view. Assuming the porch and sun room have the garden Views(?). I would have had the porch and most of the kitchen as the new kitchen and shaved a bit off the existing kitchen for the utility snd downstairs loo. However I do understand the issue is that you cannot move the kitchen as it’s new but it limits the house.

SingingBabooshkaBadly Wed 02-Sep-20 17:19:57

I was going to suggest the same as Ivebeenbusy, partition bedroom one so you go in to the bedroom via the study.

Without knowing how big the window we can’t know exactly how big a bedroom it would leave, but best guess is it would still be a little bigger than bedroom two. If the window is exactly in the middle then the mid point of the window is at 8 and a half feet. So, if the window is say, five feet wide (just going by measuring on of our bedroom windows!) then you know the bedroom would be 11 feet wide and 13 feet long. Allowing six inches for a partition wall then you’d have a study 13 feet long and 5 and a half feet wide. Narrow but doable maybe? Obviously depending on the size of the window these dimensions would change.

The problem with putting a shower room in where the cupboard currently is would be all the pipe work. It would be on the opposite side of the house to the soil stack, existing bathroom and kitchen. I’m sure it could probably be done but I imagine it could be a costly and awkward job.

I’d be inclined to keep the bathroom where it is, forget about having an en-suite and divide bedroom one to get your study. Having said that I think I missed a deleted post where you explained why an en suite is important.

I’m currently having the same sort of thoughts about my house so may be posting a similar thread myself later!

Dilbertian Wed 02-Sep-20 17:40:10

This is what I would do - If you can install plumbing at that side of the house.

bisousbisous Wed 02-Sep-20 18:17:58

Went back to view the house one final time with all possible floor plans considered.

Ok so..

- @Dilbertian Unfortunately there is not enough space either side of the property to put a study/bedroom 3 above otherwise this is exactly what I would do!

- The house is long and thin with a large garden so I guess you could only really do a full width extension at the back of the house.

- Very close to having a breakdown as DMIL is disagreeing with any ideas I have and is spouting her ideas left, right, and centre. I love her to bits and appreciate her enthusiasm but sometimes I feel like saying this is not your house DMIL, anyway I guess moaning about that is for another thread.

- DMIL is hell bent on having a large 4 piece ensuite so has suggested making the family bathroom the ensuite and making bed 2 the master bedroom. I'm just worried that a house without an upstairs family bathroom will seriously bring down the value of the house? Obviously would need to put a shower room downstairs in that case and at the moment can't find where it's possible. Not really sure whether I want to compromise with the smaller bedroom either - I'd be happy taking bed 1 with a small ensuite in the cupboard but I appreciate that might be expensive to do and a pain in the ass to run all pipes to the other side of the house.

After the final viewing today I think that going forward initially we might just keep the upstairs as it is, (4 piece bathroom and 2 bedrooms) and put a bathroom in downstairs ASAP.. where exactly I'm not sure.

Was thinking if it's too big a job to put the ensuite into the cupboard knocking that out and making that an open study just at the top of the stairs.

@SingingBabooshkaBadly The reason for wanting an ensuite is not wanting to share a toilet with visitors (OCD tendencies about cleanliness) so I guess if a bath/shower room can go in down stairs then the family bathroom upstairs can be used exclusively by us - albeit not ensuite.

@bigbradford Absolutely agree with you here that the placement of the kitchen is far from ideal, the kitchen window looks into the neighbours house and could've been so much nicer if it was shifted along slightly to the porch with the views overlooking the garden. This would then leave room for a downstairs bathroom in the existing space where the kitchen is. Aaaaargh!!!!

bisousbisous Thu 03-Sep-20 15:14:40

Property went to closing today at 12pm, really thought we’d have heard by now but we haven’t. Starting to think we haven’t been successful but then again no news is better than bad news. Keep checking my phone incase I’ve missed a call from my solicitor. Why is this so stressful!

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