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Cost of gutter clearing?

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museumum Mon 17-Oct-16 10:37:52

Does anybody know what it costs to have someone clear your gutters?
I don't really want to get a load of people round to quote for such a small job without some idea of what it should cost.

fluffikins Mon 17-Oct-16 10:39:29

Can you not just get ladders and do it yourself?

ImAMoving Mon 17-Oct-16 10:40:51

I'm interested as well, our ladders would only reach the first floor, our gutters are 3 stories up, would rather someone who knew what they were doing

museumum Mon 17-Oct-16 11:52:48

"Get ladders?" - where do you just get ladders that reach to the top of a two story house? And where do you then store such things?

Bagina Mon 17-Oct-16 11:56:08

Ha ha! We borrow the man's over the road.

Our neighbours got theirs done for £60. Our friend did ours for £20 and had to use a jet wash. No idea what a normal price is though. I thought 60 was pretty steep.

Purplehonesty Mon 17-Oct-16 11:56:57

I wouldn't have thought more than a 50-70 pounds?

It's not really too dissimilar from window cleaning albeit slightly higher

I did mine and the garage in less than half an hour and we live in a big long barn (which is only one storey)

So it should take a guy with long ladders no longer than an hour if he is really thorough.

Purplehonesty Mon 17-Oct-16 11:58:20

I wouldn't have thought a jet wash is ideal. All the leaves and muck in mine had to be scooped out by hand otherwise it would have blocked the down pipes and drains.

But afterwards a hose would be good to rinse it out

mintthins Mon 17-Oct-16 11:58:57

We are on three stories, and with gutters on two floors. It took a guy with a very long hoover attachment about an hour to do it all, and cost £80. The first quote I got was £150! We're in SW London.

museumum Mon 17-Oct-16 12:01:23

Thanks! Useful to have a ball park to start with (we had a flat before this house).

Bagina Mon 17-Oct-16 12:02:29

Yeah he cleaned it all out first and found loads of tools in there and all sorts. He's a perfectionist and wanted them shiny.

Murphysgirl Mon 17-Oct-16 12:03:22

Our window cleaner used to don't for £20. Then I had a rip off company who did a poor job and charged £140. Last year I had a man who did a great job and charged me £35.

gillybeanz Mon 17-Oct-16 12:06:08

My lads do ours, dh used to do them.
We have had gypsy odd job men come and knock to ask if we wanted them doing and quoted us £25.
It's only stapping a bucket to a ladder and pulling all the junk out/ putting it in bucket.
I'd wait a while until all leaves have fallen or it will be blocked again.

HandbagFan Mon 17-Oct-16 15:13:33

I paid £75 for ours. Man with a long pole/camera did it. Complicated by us having a conservatory, a gutter guard, and our side path blocked off so I didn't think the price was that bad! Not something we could have done ourselves.

Diamogs Mon 17-Oct-16 16:44:41

Our window cleaner charged £30 to do ours - normal window clean is around a tenner IIRC if you want a comparison.

Enidblyton1 Mon 17-Oct-16 16:47:34

We recently paid £60 for our gutters - 3 storey property. (For comparison, our windows cost £80 to clean).

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