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What features would you consider more important in a home??

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Luv2chat2U Thu 21-Apr-16 16:32:45

Hi all contemplating a move...

Whats features are more important?

A large beautiful Victorian conversion flat in a very sought after area, with communal/shared main entrance and shared garden, neighbours above


B. A small pretty maisonette, newish look, less desirable location (not dreadful but not sought after either), own private entrance, own garden and internal stairs so house feel, neighbour above.

Basically in your opinion is space more important than having your own personal entrance and own garden

Many thanks

Luv2chat2U Thu 21-Apr-16 16:34:43


badaboom Thu 21-Apr-16 16:37:42

I'm having a sense of deja vu. Didn't this question be posed before? BRB need to google maisonette

ChipsandGuac Thu 21-Apr-16 16:43:12

Which has the best light? It's all about the light for me!

Luv2chat2U Thu 21-Apr-16 17:36:19

lol..yes badaboom I did post similar comment...i'm soon indecisive

Luv2chat2U Thu 21-Apr-16 17:36:50

typo sorry *so

alwayseatinglollies Thu 21-Apr-16 17:41:45

It's all about how much you use your garden. If a lot, then go for the more modern one. If you're not interested in a garden, go for the other one. If you have small children they will probably use the garden a lot, and of course those sharing it may change - you may or may not get on with them.

Luv2chat2U Thu 21-Apr-16 21:35:30

Thank you all for your comments

lavenderpekins Fri 22-Apr-16 09:30:48

Surely it depends whether you have children or not?

No children = definitely the desirable Victorian conversion

Children = definitely the maisonette (unless schools were appalling)

Luv2chat2U Fri 22-Apr-16 16:57:49

Thanks Lavender i'm further confused lol. I like the appeal of both lol

alwayseatinglollies Fri 22-Apr-16 18:00:47

Then stop worrying - you'll be happy in either.

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