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Help me choose curtains? Choice of 4

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notafanofwinter Thu 19-Nov-15 21:08:20

Living room with beige walls and beige floor and duck egg sofa. Nicer than it sounds. It's an old house too.
I can't decide but I need something that won't date because we won't be having new ones for a very long time.

Bearbehind Thu 19-Nov-15 21:13:16

It's a very personal choice.

I wouldn't pick any of them but if I had to put them in order I'd choose the 2nd one first, then the 3rd, then the 1st and the 4th one (really don't like those)

notafanofwinter Thu 19-Nov-15 21:16:28

Thanks Bear, I've done so much choosing for the house that I've rather lost my way. Do you think they're all awful?

MartinRohdesBellybuttonFluff Thu 19-Nov-15 21:16:52

I think the third ones are lovely smile

Lolimax Thu 19-Nov-15 21:17:28

I like the 3rd best smile

Bearbehind Thu 19-Nov-15 21:20:05

I don't think they're all awful. I really do dislike the spotty ones but the other 3 are nice if they suit the room.

I prefer bolder/ brighter styles but it would be a boring world if we all liked the same thing.

dodobookends Thu 19-Nov-15 21:20:19

I like 2 best

NashvilleQueen Thu 19-Nov-15 21:20:20

Hard to tell without seeing the room but they all seem a bit dull. What length will they be? Floor to ceiling or to window ledge?

notafanofwinter Thu 19-Nov-15 21:22:58

Thanks for the comments. They're for 2 big windows, floor length.
I'm not sure what suits the room.
Although it's a very old house I don't want velvet DH's choice but equally nothing too modern.

NashvilleQueen Thu 19-Nov-15 21:23:18

But then this is more my type of thing grin

notafanofwinter Thu 19-Nov-15 21:27:42

Yes Nashville gorgeous. I've already discounted Designer Guild and Nina Campbell when I was the cost.
I need 35 meters shock

UnderTheGreenwoodTree Thu 19-Nov-15 21:31:30

I like 2 best.

NashvilleQueen Thu 19-Nov-15 21:40:24

Could you try an outlet place? I got lovely Sanderson fabric for £10 per metre when should have been £30+ (10 years ago). I needed a lot as well so you can sometimes get lucky.

NashvilleQueen Thu 19-Nov-15 21:45:42

Something like this? £9.50 pm and 30m in stock

RomComPhooey Thu 19-Nov-15 21:46:44

#3, definitely. The first one (stripes) is awfully busy.

NashvilleQueen Thu 19-Nov-15 21:47:38

40m in stock that should have said!

Bearbehind Thu 19-Nov-15 21:49:23

Personal taste is a funny thing isn't it as I love the first ones you posted nashville but I think the one with the horses is horrendous.

Go with your instinct OP.

cashewnutty Thu 19-Nov-15 21:54:02

I love the stripes and on big windows that pattern would love fab.

IMurderedStampyLongnose Thu 19-Nov-15 21:56:44

I love these,they are beautiful IRL.

What style of curtain heading are you going for?

LittleBearPad Thu 19-Nov-15 22:00:40

I like the second ones or then the third. I don't like the spots.

MoonlightandMusic Thu 19-Nov-15 22:06:36

If it's an old house, plain velvet (about two shades darker than your sofa) could look really good. Or, depending on the beige, would a gold in a sort of rough silk work?

I really like the stripes you posted, but probably only in a room with a dark wood floor.

7to25 Thu 19-Nov-15 22:09:03

I like 3 best.
The spotty one would just be a blur when made up into large curtains.
I think it is possible to be stifled by the worry that curtains will "date" and end up choosing something you don't love.

roseandgrey Thu 19-Nov-15 22:18:14

Not keen on the spots, but love the others smile

Karcheer Thu 19-Nov-15 22:30:15

If you like the O&L one, do you like this?

IShouldBeSoLurky Thu 19-Nov-15 23:22:59

None of them are to my taste but if I were you I would definitely avoid the spots - they are too bedroomy. I'd go for number 3.

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