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Insulating conservatory roof

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Strawberryjamlover Mon 30-Dec-13 19:09:45

Hi. Could I please pick your brains? We have a 4m by 4m conservatory and it is either too hot or too cold. We use an oil filled radiator but it feels like we are burning money as the heat escapes through the roof.
I have looked into insulating and plaster boarding the roof, my DH is keen but we both have a few questions. Will it create condensation and will it keep heat in? Has anyone done this and if so please could you let me know if you are happy.

TalkinPeace Mon 30-Dec-13 19:30:47

is it double glazed?

PigletJohn Mon 30-Dec-13 20:11:02

I am told that a double glazed glass conservatory roof loses about six times as much heat as an ordinary roof with 100mm of loft insulation, so yes, it will save a lot of heat and money (this is why conservatories are so wasteful of energy).

To prevent condensation in a roof you have an impermeable membrane on the warm (room) side of the insulation to seal out the warm water vapour. This is often done with modern foil-backed plasterboard with the joints taped. I would prefer to have ventilation of the cold upper surface as well, like insulating a loft, to ventilate out any water vapour that does get in.

Rigid foam insulation boards like Kinsgpan and Celotex have more insulation per thickness than mineral wool quilt, but are more expensive. There are grades available with a bonded plasterboard face but they are usually used on walls, don't know if they are OK on ceilings.

There are a few companies who specialise in lining conservatory roofs using a magic secret vaguely described process which they claim is patented, though on examination the patent refers only to one minor part of the process. They charge a specially high price due to the magic process.

TalkinPeace Mon 30-Dec-13 20:19:30

silly me - my conservatory is just for plants so is only heated to 12 degrees, so has been pretty cheap this winter!

Strawberryjamlover Mon 30-Dec-13 20:41:32

Thanks for your answer. So, could a carpenter do the same job as one of these specialist companies? I'm thinking of contacting my carpenter to see if he can but don't want to make a fool of myself!
It is fully double glazed, ipvc roof and a high wall on one side.
Would love to insulate as then we can use the room as it has under floor heating too.

PigletJohn Mon 30-Dec-13 20:50:32

probably, if he understands the need to ventilate the void.

Or you might consider just changing it to a standard construction near-flat or pitched roof, which all builders, roofers and carpenters know how to make and repair.

Strawberryjamlover Mon 30-Dec-13 21:08:33

I called the builder who built the conservatory 10 years ago and he told me that only one wall is ok to add the roof to. He recommended knocking it down and rebuilding at a cost of 14k. No way can we afford that.
The conservatory was used when kids were small and we were at home during the day but now we come in at 4 and it is either too cold or too hot.
Not sure if builder was trying to create work for himself.....
I think my DH should have a dog to see how deep foundations are, what do you think?

Jojay Mon 30-Dec-13 21:12:45

We had ours done by one if those specialist companies, Roof Revive. It's been fantastic, so much warmer/ cooler and rain noise much reduced. It cost about £2.5k for a similar sized room to yours (do haggle) and we'd do it again in a heartbeat. Ours is open plan to our living room now and it feels part of the house, it's fab.

Strawberryjamlover Mon 30-Dec-13 21:26:28

Fabulous jojay. It helps when you say you'd do it again. I think I will call my carpenter and ask him about it. If he can do it cheaper than 2.5k then I will go ahead, I've been quoted 3.5k for blinds, crazy.

Jojay Mon 30-Dec-13 22:03:28

Blinds are a complete rip off I agree, and ineffective for what you want. Hope your carpenter comes up trumps for you.

ellen2049 Tue 11-Mar-14 14:58:02

My friend has recently had a solid roof fitted to her conservatory. She says that she can now use it for a dining room. Beforehand it was mainly used for her plants and for storage and she had to keep the glass doors closed. Believe the company was rooms for life.

cristiang2012 Sat 01-Nov-14 22:59:54

I might have mine done by a company called conservatoryroofinsulations and has a plasterboard finish.

Can anyone please share any experience?

NK2d7e737aX124833c7de8 Sun 02-Nov-14 07:57:26

My mother had hers done a couple of years ago and underfloor heating at the same time. Really pleased with it. Makes the room usable summer and winter. Can't remember the name of the firm but can find out. She was quite dubious and went to see one that had been done first.

cristiang2012 Thu 06-Nov-14 20:43:12

Hi NK2...
would be great if you could let me know what company it was and whether it was a PVC or plasterboard finish.


Jengca122 Mon 18-May-15 22:23:39

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