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Today's the day building work starts

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Reastie Mon 08-Jul-13 07:43:45

I've been posting on here for months various questions ( thanks for all your help btw) and today finally is start day for building works. We're having work done on the kitchen and dining room.

Spent the whole week end clearing out both rooms and we are now living in a make shift kitchen and dining room which is in the playroom.

I'm rubbish with people in my house and am feeling sick with nerves for the month or so ahead where it will be mayhem. I'm very fussy but also not very assertive.

I'm excited for the end product but not the work to get there!

Any tips to get this to go well? Anyone else having building work done and need some fellow hand holding?

FayTality Thu 18-Jul-13 09:35:22

May I join the gang? We're about to start an extension (next Tuesday) so I am still in blissful ignorance of the stresses involved! I also have an exam to sit at the end of August, so my biggest concern just now is juggling studying and coping with the extension confused.

We're planning a full width, single storey extension across the back of the house to link together the current kitchen and dining room, and create a large, open plan kitchen/living/dining space with bifold doors out to the garden. The builders reckon it will take 14-16 weeks - we are planning to hold my husband's 50th birthday party in the house in 20 weeks' time, so hopefully things won't overrun too badly (or it will be a December garden party shock).

I'm nowhere near ready for this! AAARRRGGHH! <breathe>

On the plus side, our house used to be two flats, so we have a second kitchen upstairs, which means that we (hopefully) will retain a functioning kitchen throughout. The only issue is if they need to access under the floorboards there in order to hold up the back wall - we will have to wait and see.

Anyway, I love the idea of keeping a record of progress throughout, so will make sure I get lots of before/during/after photos.

Good luck to all!

Reastie Thu 18-Jul-13 14:31:41

Please do join fay . What exam are you studying for? <nosy>
. I keep telling myself it will be worth it in the end. Mind you, that's easy for me to say from the luxury of my holiday - I'll come crashing back to RL tomorrow when we get back to our tip of a house with still no kitchen confused

MummytoMog Thu 18-Jul-13 16:12:52

That kitchen diner sounds lovely! That was sort of what we were going to do, before we got all carried away (for which I am now kicking myself). Lots of in progress pictures please!

My bathroom ceiling has apparently developed new and exciting cracks. Builder says not to worry. Of course it's not his bloody ceiling, so he would say that.

Reastie Fri 19-Jul-13 19:23:14

mummy confused to the cracks in ceiling. How big are they?

fay that does sound amazing. We were originally going to move windows and doors and the wall between kitchen and dining room but all got too expensive so we plumped for a new kitchen and dining room storage.

Back from holiday. Progress is relatively good and thank goodness my cream carpet not too bad. 2 things wrong with the bespoke kitchen though (not builders fault) - we asked for units to ceiling and they aren't. Shop say they can do it but it'll take a month and will look too top heavy. We've decided to keep what we have but feel confused they didn't mention this when they agreed to do units to ceiling. Additionally we have a microwave unit in a wall cupboard to put our freestanding microwave (with the option of built in in future) and they've done it in oak veneer (same as inside the cupboards) but the kitchen is painted wood so looks really random so need to ring them to redo cupboard. Probably will take them a month to get that done and just want it done. The price we're paying I'm not settling for the oak veneer though. In other news it's great to be back and see it all in RL - it's going to look fab when it's finally finished.

Hoping to paint the kitchen this week end.

MummytoMog Fri 19-Jul-13 19:52:04

How irritating - you sort of expect that when you pay a premium for a personally designed kitchen, then the daft lumps and bumps you get with flat pack don't happen. Glad to hear your carpet is ok though!

Ceilings on first floor are fucked. Will all have to be reboarded and skimmed. DS cannot sleep in his room because of the idiot apprentice putting his foot through the ceiling and I am generally a bit pissed off. So was not amused by the builder buggering off to Madeira next week, and then getting an invoice from the contractor for this stage of the build. He can sod off if he thinks I'm paying that before Monday.

Reastie Mon 22-Jul-13 18:53:57

So how did everyones builders do this hot Monday?

Kitchen here progressing although it turns out our bespoke made to measure kitchen actually doesn't fit and builders have been having to tweak/use their skills to make it fit (although can blame the fact the rooms been plastered and they had to guess the plaster change in size). Rung up kitchen shop about the oak unit that should be painted cream and they don't want to know! They are ringing back tomorrow hopefully they will redo it but have said it will take a month - a month to make ONE WALL CUPBOARD?!!!!! We've said if that's the case they will have to put it up themselves as our builders will be finished by then (I hope!) angry <sigh>

In good news we've started painting the dining room and kitchen. The kitchen a sage green and the dining room a sort of teal ish colour like this

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