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head teachers sanctioning the disposal of children's workbooks

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bullethead Tue 03-Aug-10 23:16:07

There is no valid reason for this; so far on the TES forum, where I have put the question to head teachers about why they destroy the children's workbooks rather than give them out, none have come forward. The only replies I've had are from a TA who has to do it but disagrees with it, and a head who does not have a problem with letting the children take their books home.
Please ask your child's school's head why they weren't given the option of keeping their books if your child did not bring them home. Chances are you won't get a straight answer and they'll hope you forget about it.

duchesse Wed 25-Dec-13 11:51:36

Oh yes, just what children to grow up happy and healthy- a keen understanding of the balance sheet behind their education. Never mind keepsakes/memories, interested parents, etc. hmm

Every time I read a thread like in which teachers are justifying decisions that re horrible for children I want to remove my child even further from mainstream education.

mrz Wed 25-Dec-13 12:14:25

There isn't any need for teachers to justify decisions duchess, they are simply pointing out that you need to get your facts right have a merry Christmas

duchesse Wed 25-Dec-13 13:53:23

mrz- I am a flipping teacher!

mrz Wed 25-Dec-13 14:35:22

then I would expect you to know who employs headteachers

duchesse Wed 25-Dec-13 16:56:13

I should have thought it would have been perfectly obvious from the context that I meant "employed" in the sense of "appointed".

Feenie Wed 25-Dec-13 17:19:09

Not really, duchesse - to be fair, they both mean different things.

Wouldn't disposal of books be more to do with the day to day running of the school, anyway?

Nonie241419 Fri 27-Dec-13 11:20:41

The school I work at leaves it up to the individual teacher to decide whether to send books. My job share prefers not to, so we don't. We do send home books made up from their topic work, and they have a special writing book which has 4-5 pieces of writing in per year, which we save to send home in Year 6.
My sons bring their books home and I always find it a hassle to know what to do with them, as I feel mean throwing them away, but we really don't have the storage space to keep years worth of books.

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