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Fake tan in pregnancy - anyone know if it's OK?

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franch Thu 30-Jun-05 14:58:32

Seem to remember reading something last time round about unknown risks etc. I know it's full of nasty chemicals and I def wouldn't do a spray tan but need something for holiday/wedding in the States.

Will start a thread on body makeup if it looks like it's a no-no, just wondered if anyone had any info.

I'll be 33 weeks.

jessicasmummy Thu 30-Jun-05 14:59:33

as far as i know, its fine.

dramaqueen72 Thu 30-Jun-05 15:21:34

theres actually a few recommended in 'pregnancy, baby and you' magazine so it has got to be 'officially' fine.

franch Thu 30-Jun-05 15:22:51

Oh, that's good. Can't be too bad at 33w anyway I'm sure. Thanks

dramaqueen72 Thu 30-Jun-05 15:25:44

well you need something to feel good about dont you? being 33wks is sometimes abit depressing, iykwim! no offence...

MandM Thu 30-Jun-05 15:34:01

As far as I know from things I have read it is fine.
I can highly, highly, highly recommend the new Johnsons Holiday Skin Body Lotion! It is the most fab product I have discovered for years. I have only been using it for about 10 days and already have all my colleagues, friends and family addicted to it. Basically it is a body lotion with a small amount of fake tan in it. You use it everyday, just like you do with your usual body lotion, and it gradually builds up a lovely, real looking tan.
There are no streaks whatsoever, it doesn't smell and is so cheap - normal price £4.99 (but got soem in Wilkinsons at weekend for £2.45!)

franch Thu 30-Jun-05 15:37:21

Hmm, MandM, I'm interested ...... just how pasty are you? I'm a bluer shade of pale.

franch Thu 30-Jun-05 15:43:02

Popping out now so will probably buy the Johnsons stuff, nothing to lose - thanks MandM. Thinking of getting a St Tropez while I'm out there but will test the Johnsons stuff first

Ameriscot2005 Thu 30-Jun-05 15:44:34

I don't know what you mean about it being full of nasty chemicals. A self-tanner is basically ordinary body lotion with the active ingredient, dihydroxyacetone. DHA reacts with your dead skin cells and causes them to change colour.

DHA would only be of concern in pregnancy if you absorbed it in meaningful amounts into your bloodstream, and then if it were harmful to the foetus. It's been around since 1960.

cupcakes Thu 30-Jun-05 15:46:44

I used a fake tan when I was pregnant with ds - it was one I had used loads before (Clarins) but when I was pregnant it reacted strangely and went very blotchy.
Maybe do a patch test first!

franch Thu 30-Jun-05 15:47:55

Very knowledgeable, Ameriscot DHA is quite nasty and can cause horrible allergies - but I've no idea how much would be absorbed into one's bloodstream. Do you? Certainly some externally-applied substances (vitamin A acne creams etc) are strongly contraindicated in pregnancy, hence my question.

Ameriscot2005 Thu 30-Jun-05 16:04:18

I haven't really heard of it as being nasty before. It's really quite a simple sugar. Because it reacts quickly with the outer layer of skin, the amount that can be absorbed is reduced. You'd have to ask a biologist about what happens to any that is absorbed.

The problem with any chemical is that they haven't been tested on pregnant women for ethical reasons, so they never actually get an approval or a cast iron guaranteed that it is 100% safe.

As for allergies - there is always someone who is going to be allergic to any given substance, but the record for DHA and contact dermatitis is very good. As with anything, a susceptible person should do a small test area first.

expatinscotland Thu 30-Jun-05 16:18:16

I've been using the Johnson's stuff and it's brilliant! Covers up all the spider veins on the back of my knees that I've gotten w/this pregnancy.

expatinscotland Thu 30-Jun-05 16:18:59

Oh, I'm nearly 16 weeks pregnant as well.

franch Thu 30-Jun-05 19:52:15

Is the Johnsons stuff good for truly ghostly white types like me?

expatinscotland Thu 30-Jun-05 21:12:19

It's brilliant, franch, and totally idiot proof! And only a fiver a bottle. Just be sure to exfoliate before putting it on and wash hands afterwards. Go for the fair skinned one.

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