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Boy or Girl - was your woman's intuition/sixth sence right??

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rodeo1 Sun 29-May-05 19:29:46

Just wondered - a few of us on the Nov thread have an idea - but as to whether we're right or not is a different matter?!

Gobbledigook Sun 29-May-05 19:30:56

Nope - absolutely convinced with ds1 that I was having a girl!

DS2 - thought he was a boy and was right.

DS3 - thought he was a girl again - mainly because midwives were telling me I was small and had to go for a 'small for dates' scan later on. Boy again - 8lb 10oz so hardly small either!

kama Sun 29-May-05 19:30:58

Message withdrawn

rodeo1 Sun 29-May-05 19:31:03

How embarrassing, have spelt 'sense' wrong!

NomDePlume Sun 29-May-05 19:31:37

Absolutely not. I'd have put all 9 monthly mortgage payments on DD being a boy.

Libb Sun 29-May-05 19:32:31

Knew I was pregnant and it was a boy before doing the test - had a weird dream where I was chatting to a mini version of Ex-dp. He is now 1 years old!

bossykate Sun 29-May-05 19:32:46

nope, wrong both times!

oooggs Sun 29-May-05 19:32:53

Convinced I was having a girl but out popped DS. Lovely suprise.

Libb Sun 29-May-05 19:33:28

and ex-dp isn't far behind !

bakedpotato Sun 29-May-05 19:33:48

no idea both times

meggymoo Sun 29-May-05 19:33:57

Message withdrawn

woohoo42 Sun 29-May-05 19:34:24

Knew dd was a girl from I knew I was pg.
Have thought this one was a boy since concption - scan says yep, will let u know in about 2 mths!

angelcakeumm Sun 29-May-05 19:34:53

Yes i new with ds from the time i found out (at 5 weeks) i just had a feeling and it was right!
I am 7 weeks now and don't have any feeling what so ever what it is so watch this speace

jessicasmummy Sun 29-May-05 19:35:33

conviced i was having a boy.... turned out to be a little jessica!

this time.... due october and getting boy feelings again.... maybe because pregnancy is so different this time! We will see....

rodeo1 Sun 29-May-05 19:36:34

Wow meggymoo that's amazing!! My friend was convinced she was carring a boy, told everyone who asked it was a boy and she was right too. She didn't go as far as to only buy blue things though! That's brill!

SPARKLER1 Sun 29-May-05 19:40:32

I have always thought even before I fell pregnant that I would be the sort of person to have girls. I know the sex of a child is determined by the male but with the amount of female relatives on my side it just made me feel it couldn't be any other way. Went on to have two dds. I think I would have another girl too if dh would give in and let us have another.

kama Sun 29-May-05 19:41:38

Message withdrawn

meggymoo Sun 29-May-05 19:42:15

Message withdrawn

Windermere Sun 29-May-05 19:42:59

I always thought I would have a girl first as I did not really have any boys in the family. Though as soon as I found out I was pregnant I just knew that he was a boy and he was!

meggymoo Sun 29-May-05 19:43:22

Message withdrawn

meggymoo Sun 29-May-05 19:44:11

Message withdrawn

Hulababy Sun 29-May-05 20:07:07

No. Throughout my whole pg I was convinced I was having a boy. Infact almost everyone was. Only two people were adamant I was having a girl - DH and his grandad. Sure enough, I know have a lovely 3yo DD.

MRSflamesparrow Sun 29-May-05 20:11:10

I always said that I had no idea (and believed it), but from about 6 months I kept seeing this dress and saying that I would buy it for the baby for the wedding we had when it would be about 8 weeks. I was convinced we'd need the dress.

And DD looked beautiful in it at the wedding

paolosgirl Sun 29-May-05 20:12:52

Yep - right both times, although was more convinced with DS. Knew from the minute I found out I was pregnant it was a boy. With DD, I was pretty sure.

charleepeters Sun 29-May-05 20:47:26

yes i was convinced ds was a boy even after my scan wheni was told he was more likley to be a girl, oi was told this untill several times at scans as i had them every 2 weeks, but i always saidhe was a boy. it wasnt untill i was 37 weeks that they said oh no thats defantly a large scrotum in there! i was right all along. and i already know my next one when i fall pg will be a boy to.

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