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Really fed up........15 weeks to go!

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Pontypine Fri 18-Jul-08 15:55:51

I am feeling really "blah" today!

yes i know i am lucky to be pregnant, yes i know it's a blessing not a god given right to have a child etc etc but today i just feel generall sorry for myself and wish i could remove my bump for for 24hrs and eat normally, have a bottle of wine, go for a run and wear normal clothes - oh and sleep normally!!

I am 23 weeks gone and am having my C section in 15 weeks so i know i have a looooooooong way to go!

I am fed up of being told i am like a 3yr old - stroppy and incontinent

I am tired of achey ribs and being breathless

I am tired of waking up at 5.30 EVERY morning for a drink and a wee

I am tired of cooking a fab meal every night only to not fancy it

I am tired of people telling me not to drink cherry coke or eat sweets - bugger off! it's my one pleasure!

And i am tired of the shops being full of nice things i can't fit in to!!

sorry, i just fancied a moan!! (I'm also really tired of this crappy weather but that's not pregnancy related!)

Please, post your moan here and lets all feel rubbish together - i promise i am leaving my moans at the door though and will be smiling and pleasant (or snappy) to everyone i meet!!! grin

madmouse Fri 18-Jul-08 16:40:15

well done for getting it out of your system.

any chance of indulging yourself with things that are possible?

Before you know it you will have your little one in your arms. at least you know you won't go two weeks overdue grin

dinkystinky Fri 18-Jul-08 16:43:05

Look - if you cant moan when full of hormones and baby and the size of a bus, when can you?

For what its worth, felt like that too at 23 weeks when pregnant with DS (will doubtless be like that with no2 when get to that stage too - currently only at 9 weeks) - pregnancy yoga helped with the achey ribs/breathlessness (and gets better when baby engages as you get more space); waking at 5.30 every morning turned out to be good practice for when DS arrived (sorry, probably not what you wanted to hear); gave up on cooking meals and made my DH do it instead when he was around, and when he wasnt invested heavily in local takeaways (made me happy at least!) or lots of different toasted sandwiches and fruit; ignored all the idiots telling me what I can and cant eat - my body, my baby - and when couldnt ignore them (e.g. my mum) I just threatened to sit on them if they didnt stop (soon shut them up).

gem1981 Fri 18-Jul-08 20:40:53


I am glad someone out there is at a similar stage to me and feeling as though this is really dragging on and on and.....on!!!

I am 27 weeks this weekend and I know I have another 13 weeks to go and its driving me loopy - I can't stop thinking about my pregnancy and it is making my days drag even more.

I am losing energy fast and I am starting to panic as I didn't feel like this with DS until at least 32 weeks and then i could see the light at the end of the tunnel (no pun intended!)

I am hoping that when I get past 30 weeks i will feel better pyshcologically (sp?) as I know I will be on the home straight but its the 20-30 week bit that tends to drag.

I am FAT, HOT, TIRED and BORED but also scared witless about the birth that I am thundering towards - there is just no pleasing me at the moment !

there .... that feels so much better

<goes off to practise deep breathing>

PS - glad I am not an elephant aren't they pregnant for 24 months or something? (poor sods)

Kezza7779 Sun 20-Jul-08 00:00:51

im 36 weeks and FED RIGHT UP!

My back aches constantly, the babies movements are really uncomfortable, i cant move, getting in and out of bed and turning over is hard work, started to feel sicky again - impatient to meet my baby girl!

Pontypine Sun 20-Jul-08 08:20:00

Thanks everyone, i am so glad it's not just me!!

After a good sulk on Friday night, i made my OH take me to Pizza hut last night! it's amazing how much better you feel after that! ha ha!

I am still VERY tired! I feel sick because i am tired and i am tired because i feel so sick i can't sleep!

Kezza - lucky you, your baby will be here soon!!

babylove123 Sun 20-Jul-08 14:11:24

Can i join in?!

Im 22 weeks pregnant and although i love walking outside my house and feeling proud of my bump, when im trying to walk to the co op for a pint of milk and im feeling fat, frumpy, heavy and out of breath - i hate it!

I cant say i've enjoyed being pregnant - in fact it was only this weekend that i have actually considered having another baby in the future (i wanted 5 originally!)

Pontypine Sun 20-Jul-08 22:35:23

I'm going to add another moan now - this is my moaning thread!!!

I am DYING of heartburn! seriously! i have tried rennie, milk, refreshers......ARGH!!!

I am also feeling what i can only describe as premenstral!!! I have been tearful and very "woe is me" today! i dounbt the 5hrs sleep last night helped and the fact i got up at 5.30 am and started doing some accounts for someone!

I found the fruit and nut bar i had earlier (don't anyone DARE lecture me on the nuts) helped and maybe the fish fingers and beans on toast cheered me up slightly - so did the cuddle with my friends' 6lb newborn who is only 5days old!!

If my other half says ONE MORE TIME that it's hard for him too....well, we definately won't be ABLE to have anymore children as i will remove his genitals with my nail file! Of course it's the same for him! because i wake him up too when i wake up (difference is he goes straight back to sleep) and because i snap at him so he feels he is going through it too, and he has a bad back this week - try carrying a STONE of extra weight round on your front love!!!

And, to top it all, earlier on he said "i feel you are nagging me to do more..." (i'd like to point out i am nagging him to get our bedroom painted before baby arrives) and " are not doing much cleaning at the moment..." (are you being SERIOUS! I cleaned the entire house, did 4 loads of washing, ironed for an hour, dusted and rearranged all the shelves, sorted the kids rooms, washed all the bedding, hoovered the stairs and dragged the hoover upstairs to hoover the bedrooms 24hrs after being told by the midwife i need total rest due to low BP...i know it was very silly but the house was a mess)

sigh now i feel slightly better!!! Tomorrow i am going to make a trifle and then lay on the sofa all day with my 4yr old and watch friends DVDs!

do you think that if i went to see the midwife at 34weeks and had a complete mental breakdown in front of her she would let me have my baby at 36 weeks?? If not, i amy cut him out myself.......hmm

How are we all feeling now? Are we all still being grumbleweeds??


ElizabethCM Mon 21-Jul-08 02:35:03

i am 36 weeks. my baby is NEVER quiet. she kicks me night and day, elbows me in the ribs, headbutts my bladder and generally makes me desperately uncomfortable. i have horrible heartburn, sore hips, recurring cold-sores and aching shoulders.

i am so tired of reading reports on "research" which make broad statements minus any actual figures! about how junk food/a glass of wine/ coffee/ nuts/ not enough nuts/ cheese/ not enough cheese etc is damaging the baby. a man i work with actually stopped at my desk the other day, pointed to my SMALL takeaway coffee and said "you shouldn't be drinking that".angry if i wasn't already close to tears i would have informed him that my baby was lucky i hadn't taken to shooting up, such was my state.

still working, waddling around the office in ill-fitting and absurd maternity outfits.
women i work with tell me my bump is "too small", has "dropped very early", and looks "very hard". i've been told i'm "crazy" for wanting to try re-usable nappies, that it "won't last", been asked umpteen times if i have brought a pram, (i have not) to which i get the standard "you better hurry up!". i am a thirty year old woman!! with a law degree! and a bachelor of arts! i handle upwards of 130 open cases at any one time! why am i suddenly treated like a nincampoop??

and i am becoming unbearable to live with. am either completely withdrawn or horrfyingly needy. and i can't get through more than two pages of "baby and child" by penelope leach because i cry at all the pictures of newborn babies.

does that rant help grin. helped me!

MiniMarmite Mon 21-Jul-08 08:43:41

Thanks everyone for ranting...can I join in?

I'm fed up too, 36 weeks, stinking cold, not sleeping very well, dh is simulataneously laying oak floor in whole of downstairs, building a wall/cupboard, regrouting and flooring bathroom,...obviously the house looks like a building site and I'm starting to panic that it won't be finished in time and that the baby will have to sleep in a drawer (I love him to bits for wanting to do all this but it is very stressful...starting to think it would be better to go back to work for a few weeks).

Added to this everyone keeps asking me if I am expecting twins (NO, angry).

On the other hand we have lovely friends and family who come to visit us to see how we're going and lend a hand with a bit of the DIY...all of which makes me cry in a messy hormonal state of course grin

Thanks for listening!!!!

MiniMarmite Mon 21-Jul-08 08:43:43

Thanks everyone for ranting...can I join in?

I'm fed up too, 36 weeks, stinking cold, not sleeping very well, dh is simulataneously laying oak floor in whole of downstairs, building a wall/cupboard, regrouting and flooring bathroom,...obviously the house looks like a building site and I'm starting to panic that it won't be finished in time and that the baby will have to sleep in a drawer (I love him to bits for wanting to do all this but it is very stressful...starting to think it would be better to go back to work for a few weeks).

Added to this everyone keeps asking me if I am expecting twins (NO, angry).

On the other hand we have lovely friends and family who come to visit us to see how we're going and lend a hand with a bit of the DIY...all of which makes me cry in a messy hormonal state of course grin

Thanks for listening!!!!

coolkat Mon 21-Jul-08 08:52:47

Over here, can I grumble.

Suffering with pelvis and back, Physio no good, exercise limited, feel like a house, if one more person says are you sure they have got your dates right I will swing for them as I have 15 weeks left. DD was a 9lb baby and pregnancy was a breeze, this time Bahhhh, horrid horrid horrid.

My legs and pelvis hurt that much the other night DH had to roll me in over in bed! I want to feel fit and healthy again.

At least baby weight not gone to my bum.....YET, then I will be back to moan some more!

gem1981 Mon 21-Jul-08 08:59:08

oooo it is great to have a good moan isn' it?

Pontypine - hearburn has kicked in with me also - blardy uncomfortable.

- i have not slept very well over the weekend and DS has just gone into a bed so he has discovered the DELIGHT of coming into mummy and daddy's room when he wakes up at 6am angry !!!!

feel a bit of a fraud being so moany so soon - you girls on here in your very last stages have much more of a case than me

the only thing that is keeping me sane is the thought of having a good old drink of wine and scoffing all the stuff i can't eat now when the baby comes !!!!!!

How sad is this ?? - I have already started crossing off the days on my calendar 90 DAYS TO GO (and counting)


Tinkerisdead Mon 21-Jul-08 09:24:57

Oh please can i just release all mine on here, ive tried to refrain from venting at DH by saying "i feel out of sorts"

I'm 23 weeks and whilst the baby has started really strong movements, I hate the worry when they stop just for an hour! So im always tuned in to my tummy unnecessarily!

I want the frigging Magners DH keeps drinking in front of me! And I want a gooey stinking brie a massive one!!

Im sick of being on crutches as ive torn ligament in bump. I wanted to walk round the shops smiley blooming pregnant lady proud of my bump not hobble in agony like a hunched up old woman!

And im sick of all the people who tell me how they will be coming to help when the baby comes(uninvited) and yet no F*ker will help me now im on crutches.

When this baby comes out im having pink champagne, with a selection of blue and mould ripened cheeses and a massive bag of dry roasted peanuts! Its on my list for my "hospital bag".

Rant over, ahh thank youuuuu so much better now

Mimsy2000 Mon 21-Jul-08 09:27:17

must be something in the air b/c i am really at my limit as well.

i'm 25 weeks and keep reading that i should be feeling great at this stage of my pregnacy. as if. i am getting winded walking my ds to nursery, which drives me mad. i feel so fat and ugly. fat belly, thighs, etc are one thing but my face is looking fat and there's no hinding that. if one more person says that i'm going to have a big baby i'm going to punch them. how fecking rude?

what's really bothering me in all this is that i feel i have absolutely no control over anyting. obv i have no control over when and how the baby is born. i know this. but i hate that i'm going to a hospital where everyone tells horror stories of not being allowed a bed or not being given an epidural. i hate the fact that i think my MIL is an idiot but i have to rely on her to look after my ds whilst i'm having the baby.

sleep is nonexistent. my ds (26 mos) still does not sleep through the night and wanders into our bed only to kick and fuss me awake when my bladder doesn't. i'm constantly exhausted. and clearly a bit grumpy.

why is there this myth of pregnancy being beautiful and wonderful? it's bloody awful.

thank you

coolkat Mon 21-Jul-08 09:29:21

Hi Doctors wife, feels better after a rant! How long are you on crutches for? They have been recommended to me but I am dubious. Tomorrow taking DD to seaside and no idea how going to manage it let alone the discomfort I will have on weds! Its times like this when you need a drink!

Tinkerisdead Mon 21-Jul-08 11:26:38

Hi CoolKat, physio gave me crutches saying that usually for ligament damage its six weeks however with the growing weight of baby it may not heal and i could well use them for entire pregnancy. the swelling is pressing on a nerve too which gives constant burning sensation. the crutches help for small distances like walking round supermarket but for long distance like round the zoo for example, my Dh nicked his granddads wheelchair. I would never have managed without it. I feel so restricted its horrible. just hope im better after the birth so i can push my pram lovingly not wail down the street!!

cheerfulvicky Mon 21-Jul-08 12:28:07

Arrggh, I'm right there with you all. I'm 36 weeks and finally admitted to myself last night that I'm heartily sick of being pregnant. I'm also terrified of the birth, so can't win really! I alternate between terrible visions of what labour will be like, and feeling like I can't go on as I am now either.
I feel sick, have horrible heartburn, leg cramps and painful back/pelvis that makes walking horrible, I'm so tired of waking up multiple times a night to pee and I just want to see my baby! Knowing that he's getting fairly hefty (I can feel it!) is frustrating, because I find myself secretly wanting him to come early, and then feeling really guilty because I know its not time yet and he'll arrive when he needs to.
I'm also a hormonal mess and can't talk myself out of it. Just want a hug and kiss from DP but he's now avoiding me fearfully because he thinks I'm an irrational sobbing loony who hates him.
Hurry up baby... sigh

RIBS Mon 21-Jul-08 13:23:45

Can I join too. Im 32 weeks and want my life back. I want to buy fitted tops and tight skirts and jeans and go out drinking with my friends on a weekend.
I've had to stop going to the gym cos my hips are killin. The baby is constantly kicking the crap out of me and its new game is jabbing item of itself into my cervix. Ouch. No sleep cos up peeing all night and then having to go to work.
I think that im in denial about having to give birth, just dont wanna go there!!
Had a glass of wine last night with my Indian, it was heaven!! Im stocking up for the bottles im gonna drink after the event!!

Briwish Mon 21-Jul-08 14:12:44

Dear All

How lovely to hear others feel exactly the wa I do - no beautiful blooming pregnant woman here! Also those of you who are not on their 1st pregnancies,found that they are much bigger with subsequent pregnancies. I am 36 weeks and was looking at a photo of myself the day I gave birth to DD1 and am bigger already (confirmed by a mate at the weekend.) Added to that I also have the issue of this baby still doing what feels like somersaults inside and then punching head down on top of my cervix (excruciating!). By now DD1 was engaged and kicking me basically in one place only (even iif it was in the ribs.

My poor bosses - they are all getting the evil eye if they me to do any work (motivation has completely disappeared!) I am sitting here at lunch having had ryevitas with avocado and a yoghurt and the heartburn has started already!

The office has already decided the dates are wrong and though I am due on Aug 19 the bet is DD2 is due to arrive the 10th (I can only hope!)

Right so confirmed waking every 2 hours at least with heartburn/needing loo/DD1 crying/ sore back. DH complaining that he is not getting good sleep because alongside the fact that I am snoring (apparently!) I am now also moaning in my sleep!

Can't wait for first meal after giving birth - No ..... heartburn!

Pontypine Mon 21-Jul-08 15:52:40

I'm so glad i am not alone!! all i keep getting off my mum is "just get on with it, stop moaning" so the only person i dare to moan at is my OH!!

I am still waiting for the lovely blooming part to come - along with the insatiable desire to shag OH's brains out!! maybe i don't feel like that because i KNOW that is exactly the reason i feel so rubbish now!!! wink

Out of interest, do any of you know what you are having? wouldn't it be funny if all of us pregzillas were having the same!! I'm having a boy!

One good thing they do say is if you have a horrid pregnancy you will have an easy labour (does such thing exist?!)

Mimsy2000 Mon 21-Jul-08 16:08:01

pontypine i'm having a[nother!] boy too. and i sort of do believe in the horrid pregnancy=easier birth, but then again i would have to. my pregnancies have always been horrific.

i have started looking for a doula after realising part of the reason i am feeling so shit about everyting is that i don't feel like i'm getting any say in things. the doula seems like a good first step. i'm not particulalry into natural birth stuff. i am looking at the doula as someone who will advocate for me on all fronts, particulalry inside the hospital.

gem1981 Mon 21-Jul-08 19:50:34

having a second boy as well !! Do I see a theory developing?

ellideb Mon 21-Jul-08 20:00:52

Oh great, been wanting a moan for aaaaaaaaaggggeeeeesssss! I'm 32 weeks and counting the days till i start on maternity leave cos my back is sore, i can't walk far due to spd, can never get to sleep/stay asleep amd always wake with the 'dawn chorus' (bloody seagulls).

getting painful kicks under my sore ribs and getting up countless times for a wee, can't eat a proper sized meal and have constant heartburn!

I ate feeling so fat and have stretch marks in the strangest of places, i can't wait to get my body back!

But... I do love being preggers despite all of this, i really do and am so looking forwards to meeting my little man!

suiledonn Mon 21-Jul-08 20:03:53

Another moaner here. I am 24 weeks and have a long list of complaints. We moved 26 month old dd to her own room recently, mostly dh's decision but he isn't the one who has to drag himself out to settle her everytime she wakes up so I am totally sleep deprived. Last week I had a huge back tooth taken out on Monday followed rapidly by a cold sore and a horrible cold that I still can't get rid of. I am tortured by heartburn and really fancy something to eat but I just can't work out WHAT. As I result I go around all day eating everything I see which doesn't help with the heartburn or the weight gain.

I feel better already thanks.

By the way I had a really horrible pregnancy last time. 9 months of vomiting and general misery and I had dd within a couple of hours of first twinge with only manageble contractions, no tearing and didn't need any pain relief so maybe there is some truth in the 'horrid pregnancy, easy labour' thing.

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