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Hyperemesis Support

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LucindaE Wed 09-Jan-13 18:32:37

We need a new thread.

I hope everyone suffering from the Horrors of Hyperemesis will find this thread useful as a source of support and information.

There's no TMI on here - can't be by definition - and nobody should feel ashamed of moaning as much as they feel the need to.

I used to include extracts from MOH's wonderful website
but I think that makes this link less visible so am merely putting the link. The information on this site is invaluable.

I would like to thank MOH MOP Ovaltine Caramellokoalalover (I think she's changed her nickname) Fluffy, Horsey Kali and Everyone who has given such invaluable support and advice on previous threads.

Remember when you are at your worst, 'This Too Shall Pass'. It really will.

Reebok Fri 18-Jan-13 20:09:33

Thank you Room. Unfortunately stupid hospital is just as bad. They only give cyclizine, Metaclophamide and buccustom. Have tried all 3 and doesn't work. I had to tell them about zofran but they say it's unsafe in pregnancy. No gp in my area is hG friendly. Seems like I'm destined to suffer. Wish I had support at home...

LittleMissSnowShine Fri 18-Jan-13 20:39:14

Reebok - Really feel for you sad sad i remember getting to my lowest ebb with ds and just literally curled up on bathroom floor crying. This time round it's still v tough going and the guilt of not being a good mum to ds def doesnt help but weirdly cos I was expecting to haveHG this time i am a bit calmer. Tho ask me again in 3 weeks cos im only 10+6 and i've already been in the depths of illness for 3 weeks so by the time im 13+4 i will prob be thoroughly miserable and fed up too ((hugs))

MotherofPearl Fri 18-Jan-13 20:44:45

Reebok, I'm concerned about how low you are. It doesn't sound like you're getting the support you need at all. Might it be worth requesting support from the pregnancy sickness support network (details on MOH's website: Depending on where you live, they have volunteers who can give you a ring or even call in to have a chat. I know Kali, who had her baby in November, also found counselling sessions really helpful to discuss all the negative feelings you've mentioned (the hospital where she was admitted organised these for her). Whatever you decide to do, be assured that your feelings are completely normal, and here on the thread, we all really do know just how horrendous HG is. Hugs.

Reebok Fri 18-Jan-13 21:41:37

Thanks Littlemiss and Mop. I know I'm not feeling right...possibly hitting depression but scared to talk to gp or midwife in case I get labelled as unfit to be a mother and have problems post birth. Will look into it Mop. Just had a good cry which resulted in more vomiting...seems stress induces the sickness. Thank you for your support ladies. Helps to have it virtually even if I can't have it in the real world. X

RoomForALittleOne Fri 18-Jan-13 21:43:07

Could you afford a private prescription for ondansetron? I don't know how much the prescription would cost you but it costs the NHS £40 for 30 tablets (10 days at full dose but you may not need the full dose). I know it would be expensive to keep getting it but maybe worth it? Alternatively, could you bear to go and stay with a friend/relative who live near a different hospital? It's very regional the attitude to ondansetron. As I said, it's used all the time in America and considered safe there. You could come and stay with us if you want, they give out ondansetron at my hospital! (I am allergic to cyclizine and metoclopramide though so it was fairly easy for me!)

Reebok Fri 18-Jan-13 21:50:31

Couldnt afford it. My pay will be cut soon as doubt I will be returning to work for a while. DH doesn't earn enough to keep us afloat plus pay for meds. Thank you Room. That's really kind of you but I'd rather stay at home. Really appreciate the thought though.

RoomForALittleOne Fri 18-Jan-13 22:04:04

Totally understand. Just trying to work out options for you because it's hard to think things through when you're so sick.

BelleEtLaBete Sat 19-Jan-13 00:30:48

Reebok, I'm not sure if this helps but you have the legal right to be seen at any hospital in the uk for treatment. Travelling is so hard when you feel like this but if you can get to a more sympathetic hospital you might be able to get the drugs you need. Is anyone supporting you - your dp needs to fight for you on this one. Get him to call every gp and hospital in the area until you find one which will listen?

I know it seems like a fight you might not have the energy for. Is your dp helpful/supportive? Xx

Reebok Sat 19-Jan-13 10:42:13

Traveling is difficult as we don't drive so the further away a hospital is, the harder it will be. Gp wise, Moh was kind enough to research for me... No options unfortunately. It's not even just the meds though DH is not supportive and helpful. He refuses to understand the severity of hG so I'm pretty much alone in fighting this battle. HG has taken its toll on our relationship and I'm pretty scared we won't get it back. He's not a has person. Just unsupportive right now.

Reebok Sat 19-Jan-13 10:42:53

Bad person*

LucindaE Sat 19-Jan-13 12:28:01

Reebok You poor thing, you are suffering horribly. Sending hugs and sympathy. I'm trying to think of something too, you'll end up in hospital again if you are that sick even though on meds. There must be a way round this. Try and hang on. The chances of it's continuing this bad are very low.

Reebok Sat 19-Jan-13 15:35:32

Thanks Lucinda and everyone else for trying to help. So far, today has not been awful but again I don't want to jinx it as I've had many days which start ok and end up being dreadful. Your support means everything everyone. X

BelleEtLaBete Sat 19-Jan-13 15:54:33

Hang on in there, Reebok. Are you managing any fluids at all? Xxx

LittleMissSnowShine Sat 19-Jan-13 18:49:48

To sound like my mum, god love you reebok, you're having such a terrible time. To put your DH in context i dont think any men really understand what it's like, even the most sympathetic of women dont really get it unless they've had it. Wish you could be getting some proper sympathy and support tho, def worth considering coynselling - no one will think you are unfit mother and hg sufferers are more at risk of postnatal depression so its worthbeing on their radar so you can access any support you need when baby arrives.

You're not alone, we're all here!!! Hope you've been able to keep some fluids down this afternoon and get a good long sleep tonight so you have a bit more energy tomorrow

Reebok Sat 19-Jan-13 19:09:26

Thanks Belle, Im managing to drink tepid water on sips and back to ice to keep me hydrated.

Thanks Lucinda. He seemed slightly more concerned today when he saw how little I managed to eat and reacted with 'is that it?' erm yeh! This is how I've eaten for the last couple of months and now you choose to say something?? Will talk to my midwife at my next appointment. No point in going to my gp as well he's an idiot!

Have slept most of the day away which has helped a bit. Can't seem to sleep at night with the pain in my back and legs.

I honestly don't think I would have survived it this far without terminating without all of your support so thank you. You remind me it's possible to get thought it. Here's hoping tomorrow is a better day...for all of us. X

hopeful92 Sun 20-Jan-13 09:55:40

Reebok So sorry to hear you're still suffering. How many weeks are you now? Please make sure you stay hydrated, you really don't wanna end up as dehydrated as I was when I was hospitalised, it's really not good for baby, Stay strong, just remember that it will all be worth it in the end. Just think, there are people on these threads who are on their 3rd hyperemesis pregnancy, so it must all be worth it in the end (easy to say now eh!!).

How's everyone doing today? I went to a friends birthday at their house last night, was so tired but managed to stay til 11.30 then the lads I was giving a lift to had the cheek to whinge I was leaving too early - erm if you want a lift in my car you will bloody well leave when I say so!! Cheeky gits!! Had a good mind to tell them to pay for a taxi! Took myself a bottle of fizzy vimto for a bit of sugar, managed a couple of glasses of it but it decided to make a reappearence when I got home - don't think my belly liked the bubbles so much (and I forgot to take my cyclizine with me... doh!)

hopeful92 Sun 20-Jan-13 10:09:50

Sorry I just read my post back through and realised it sounded a tad patronising, it wasn't intended that way Reebok x

LucindaE Sun 20-Jan-13 10:20:25

Reebok I am so glad you are managing sips of water and that OH actually noticed shock that you are not eating.These men! How are you today? Did you say ice lollies had become sickening, that's awful. I am just keeping my fingers crossed that it eases off massively in the next few weeks, as everyone says, it will be worth it, I've never come across anyone on these threads who didn't say that. I agree with others about counselling, they offered it to Kali and nobody said anything about being an 'unfit mother' (aren't we all?)
Hopeful You managed to go OUT and drive and give lazy people lifts?! How did you do it?
Waves to lovely MOP Room Littlemiss and everyone and hope everyone's coping.

Reebok Sun 20-Jan-13 11:37:31

Thanks Hopeful. Don't worry your post wasn't patronizing. smile I don't know how you managed a party but well done. Must have been nice to actually get out and do something.

Thank you Lucinda. Still not feeling great so I think it will be another day in bed again....better in my own bed than in hospital though I suppose. Thank God for my iPhone or I'd be completely bored out of my mind. Ive gone off ice lollies. Tried one yesterday in the hope that I may like it again but in vain. Ended up sipping on guava juice which is quite nice so fr as less acidic than most juices and my body seems to want juice right now. Never surviving. 14 weeks tomorrow...pls God make this wretched illness go away for all of us.

Room, Littlemiss and belle, I hope you're better today?

LittleMissSnowShine Sun 20-Jan-13 11:39:04

Hopeful - Well done on making it out to the party!! I made it round to visit a friend yesterday who just had newborn twins a couple of weeks ago - getting cuddles with babies made me remember why I'm going through this...again! Hoping to make it to my mum and dad's this afternoon but feeling a bit wretched today confused

Reebok - Hope you are doing a bit better today?

Hope everyone is doing ok!

Reebok Sun 20-Jan-13 13:18:22

Feel rubbish Littlemiss...vomited bile again and the acid burns my stomach and throat. Know I need to eat something but can't find anything remotely appealing other than starburst.

LittleMissSnowShine Sun 20-Jan-13 14:35:08

Starburst! For a while i was into coloured licorice but last week or two i've been all about the sour haribo, so I can def understand that. Im sure the bile is awful sad do fizzy drinks help at all? Really cold sparkling water or fizzy orange weirdly helps me if i sip it. My nausea isnt so bad today but energy levels are bottoming out, been in bed all day. Cant wait til booking scan next fri so i can see the baby and remind myself why i'm going through all of this!!!

Reebok Sun 20-Jan-13 14:47:59

How far along are you? I've started liking coke again. Went off it for a whole but problem is leaves me feeling dehydrated because I get so addicted to the sugar and drink less water. Can't drink orangey fizz or sparkling water...comes straight back up. Very little choice about what to eat/drink at the moment.

Yeh must admit scan did help for a bit but now I'm back to forgetting and feeling like I have a 24/7 stomach flu that won't go away.

hopeful92 Sun 20-Jan-13 15:02:02

Earlier on all I could eat was wine gums and fruit pastilles - not exactly nutrition central! Now I am managing to stomach bits of actual "real" food like toast and pasta, but it's about bloody time as I'm nearly 22 weeks now...

Still feeling like absolute crap, and really don't know how I managed the party. It was ok though as I just sorta chilled in the corner talking to one of my friends whose wife is also pregnant, due a week ahead of me. Feel like rubbish today though, it absolutely wiped me out - think I look like I'm the one with the hangover rather and OH - hardly seems fair that he gets drunk yet I'm the one puking the next day... Oh the joys of hg sad

Reebok Sun 20-Jan-13 16:37:49

That sucks about feeling it today Hopeful but glad you can stomach more food now.

I've been drinking a can of Pepsi all day and living off starburst which is so far helping with the nausea THANK GOD! Hopefully I will feel ok all day!! Don't want to jinx it though... How many cans of Pepsi/coke can you have a day?

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