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Any peeps pregnant who have had a premmie baby previously

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HalleLouja Thu 10-Feb-11 19:56:50

DS was born at 34 weeks and apart from being small was fine. He was in SCBU for 11 days.

Was wondering if anyone else would like to come and hold my had this time. Am 21 weeks and its all getting a bit close. Fingers crossed it should all be fine this time (even if its premmie). Am under the care of the doctor so get a scan at 28 weeks to measure my cervix. Plus as GTT (glucose tolerance test). Then as my placenta is slightly low I get a scan at 32 weeks.

It sounds silly but would be nice to have a proper cuddle this time rather than baby being taken away quickly - though as I say he is all fine so should count my blessings.

backintraining Thu 10-Feb-11 20:28:14

Hi there (waves), I will gladly hold your hand as I am currently 9wks pg with my second and totally pooing myself!!

DS was born at 33 weeks due to pre-eclampsia, he was 3lb 9oz and spent 4 weeks in SCBU..... he is now a lively, healthy, fabulous 2 year old but those memories kind of stick around don't they?

You don't sound silly at all. DS was literally pulled out of me (EMCS) and then taken to SCBU, I got to see and hold him when he was 14 hours old, which to some doesn't sound a lot, but to me it was a lifetime.

I'm already a bit worried because my BP is high and I have been put on meds for it, I also had a bit of protein in my wee the other day but Doc said that it could be down to my body fighting the cold I've got. Do you find that you can't totally relax and enjoy your pregnancy because the niggle is always there in the back of your mind?

I'd just love to go "the whole hog" this time, get the massive bump, have the newborn firsts.... everything I didn't get with DS. I know I should also count my blessings like you say, but I can't help praying for these things.

It's good that you are being consultant led by the sounds of it so you get extra monitoring, I hope that's helped ease the worry a bit. How are you feeling otherwise? I still have the nausea, particularly from 5pm onwards. I never had that with DS so am praying this is a different pregnancy in more ways than one!

Wow, I wrote an essay, sorry.

harrygracejessica Thu 10-Feb-11 20:49:46

Can i join you both too!! I had twins at 33 weeks who were 3lb 15 and 4lb 4 and spent 3 weeks in special care, we didn't get to hold them for 4 days due to one couldn't regulate their temp at all. I'm currently 27 weeks pregnant with twin boys so getting closer and closer and I'm papping it as had a rough pregnancy and a mega bad feeling from day 1 that they will be here earlier than the girls were.

LiegeAndLief Thu 10-Feb-11 21:17:20

Backintraining, just chanced across this thread and really wanted to reply to you as I have been in exactly the same boat! Ds born at 34 weeks by emcs due to PET, in SCBU for 8 weeks. I understand exactly how you felt as it was 11 hrs until I saw (but didn't touch) him and 5 days before I got my first cuddle.

Are you planning to take aspirin? My consultant recommended it from 12 to 36 weeks in my second pg (have to stop at 36 weeks due to increased risk of bleeding should you go into labour) and I'm sure it made a difference. My bp started to go up and PET symptoms appear just after I finished taking it, but it was quite mild, and I held on to have a spontaneous VBAC at 39+6 (with cs booked for 40+3, so just in time!). It was absolutely wonderful and I couldn't believe how lucky I was actually taking dd home with me! I think I was in shock, as I had convinced myself all through the pg that I was having another prem cs. Hope this cheers you a bit! Best of luck.

Sorry for thread hijack, lots of luck to everyone else as well. Wishing you all a lengthy post birth cuddle!

HalleLouja Thu 10-Feb-11 21:55:33

Thanks for holding hands. Am on phone so message is short will catch up later

GoodVibrations Thu 10-Feb-11 22:31:21

Me! DD born at 35 weeks. Now 25 weeks pg and have spent most of the pg utterly convinced that this one will be even earlier. Every niggle that is the same as the last pg I think "it's happening again". Fortunately I've now finished work and relaxing has helped me relax a little.

I also have scans booked for 28 and 32 weeks.

L&L - thanks for the good news story, I love hearing about full term babies after premmies, gives me hope smile

GoodVibrations Thu 10-Feb-11 22:32:17

Sorry that should read "finishing work has helped me relax a little" confused!!

LoopyLoopsPoopaScoop Thu 10-Feb-11 22:36:45

I'm 21 weeks. Was pregnant with twins in 2009, one stillborn , the other 4lb 2 at 32 weeks, 13 days in NICU and a week in TCU. Singleton pregnancy this time, so very different, but absolutely terrified. Unfortunately I'm finding that the midwives and doctors aren't all that sensitive, but pregnancy is going well I think. Scan tomorrow.

HalleLouja Fri 11-Feb-11 07:36:38

Loopy when is your due date? Mine is 21st June. Fingers crossed with the scan.

LoopyLoopsPoopaScoop Fri 11-Feb-11 09:44:46

26th June. Same as DTDs bday, which makes things a little more stressful I think, I really don't want to be in there going through the same thing on the same day.
Thanks, really excited about scan! Do you know if you're having a boy or girl?

midori1999 Fri 11-Feb-11 09:46:54

I'll be 20 weeks on Sunday and am just hoping like mad I can get to at least 24 weeks to start with so I can relax a little. I am doing everyting I can to ensure the pregnancy isn't put at risk, on asprin and clexane and trying to relax!

My waters broke at 14+5 in my twin pregnancy earlier this year. I managed to hold on until 23+5 when an infection (choriamnionitis) made me go into labour. Megan, twin 1, was badly affected by the infection which had been undetectable but clearly there for some time, and died at 15 minutes old. Twin 2, Imogen went into NICU but we lost her after 9 days, she was just too premature.

Hopefully things will be OK this time, but it's so scary. My first 3 pregnancies went swimmingly, I wish I could be in the 'blissfully ignorant/optimistic' camp again. sad

midori1999 Fri 11-Feb-11 09:49:02

Loopyloops, just saw your scan is tomorrow. Good luck, I hope it goes well!

Mine is next week, but we paid for a private one a couple of weeks ago, partly for reassurrance (I kept having silly nightmares) and partly to find out the gender as our health trust won't tell us and partly as I was worried I'd feel a bit odd either way because of my girls.

LoopyLoopsPoopaScoop Fri 11-Feb-11 09:57:13

Thanks Midori, you must be as freaked out as me. So, what gender is it? I feel the same to be honest, I don't want it to be a girl, because of DTD1, but I do, because of DTD1. Does that make sense?
I would love to be blissfully ignorant too. To be honest, this one has been easier than I thought it would be, both emotionally and physically (turns out a singleton pregnancy is miles easier on your body than a twin one!) but the nightmares won't go away until the kids are grown up I think.
That's the other thing, with either having a prem baby or having dealt with infant death, you can never let yourself sleep, just in case. It is such a frightening time, even if they do arrive safely. I don't think that will change this time round, even if everything goes to plan.

Can I ask you all, how are you planning to deliver? I really would prefer CS with sedatives but the doctors don't seem to be able to give me any info...

HalleLouja Fri 11-Feb-11 10:04:28

As I say my situation was quite mild in the fact that DS was healthy but only 4 pounds 9 so needed to learn how to feed. But I did have some hypnotherapy with an ex midwife. I was able to talk through everything with her which really helped. Especially as the hospital I gave birth in didn't treat me well (I just went to the nearest hospital when my waters broke).

Welcome Midori fingers crossed you get to 37 weeks and are officially term.

midori1999 Fri 11-Feb-11 10:32:36


It's a girl. I felt the same way as you Loopyloops, tbh. Both wanted it to be and not to be a girl, because of my DTD's. As it happens, I have almost wished she was a boy as people's reactions to her being a girl have been annoying to say the least. Things like 'ooh, you'll finally get your girl after 3 boys' Umm, I've already had two daughters thanks! Or almost implyng that as I will have a girl it's less painful that I lost two. People will never understand though, I suppose.

I am hoping I can deliver naturally, a CS would be my worst nightmare tbh. I expect I will find it difficult, but my first three births went really well, in fact, my twins' birth went really well all things considered, so I just need to focus on that.

Hallelujah, obviously term would be great, but at the moment I feel like 28 weeks would be such a great improvement on last time, and any time after that is better still, I am just taking things as they come. Ridiculous situation where you feel 28 weeks is some sort of 'bonus', isn't it?! confused

HalleLouja Fri 11-Feb-11 10:41:00

My friend who got to 28 weeks was excited about 30 weeks and now 34. I am going to relax a bit more at 32 weeks. Not finding out the sex until after baby is born. But last time they even got that wrong telling me DS was a dd.

HalleLouja Sun 13-Feb-11 13:59:42

Loopy how was the scan? Fingers crossed it all went ok.

diddl Sun 13-Feb-11 14:27:26


I´m not pregnant, but can I just say that my first was a prem (pre 29 wks) & 2nd was born at 36wks.

I also had a low lying placenta with my second which fortunately had "moved" enough before I gave birth.

Good luck to you all!

pipoca Sun 13-Feb-11 19:15:35

not really prem but had DS at 36 weeks and hoping to go a little longer this time. now 25 weeks, will hve bag packed from about 32 wks this time tho!

midori1999 Sun 13-Feb-11 19:21:22

Loopy, hope the scan went well and you are OK?

HalleLouja Sun 13-Feb-11 19:41:58

Didn't manage to pack a bag last time. Think I might do it at 30 weeks, which is just over 8 weeks away.

Pip anything before 37 weeks is prem. Bet it was still a shock to the system.

cameli Sun 13-Feb-11 19:46:20

Hi. My DS was born at 31+2 almost 15 years ago when survival rates were nowhere near what they are now. I had a grade 4 placenta previa & thank god I don't have it this time but I do have a dew other complications. Am currently 25+2 and I am on tenterhooks already. Was very happy when I read 24 weeks & viability.

I'm sorry to hear about your twins midori. Btw I can't wait to have a midouri & lemonade!


MintChocAddict Mon 14-Feb-11 00:29:38

Hi All,

DS1 was born at 33 weeks and spent time in SCBU etc. I was so sure it was going to happen again.

DS2 was born at 41+5 shock

Hope that helps. smile

Best of luck to you all. x

pipoca Mon 14-Feb-11 10:15:08

Halle it certainly was a shock, first baby and all very quick indeed, 4 hours from waters exploding all over the floor breaking to giving birth, posterior presentation, ventouse, episiostomy and 2nd degree tear. phew.
Hoping for something a bit more normal and average and nearer due date this time. DS was fine tho, no time in SCBU or breathing problems, just small (4lb 12oz). I'm thankful for that.
When are people packing a bag this time?

pipoca Mon 14-Feb-11 10:15:40

I mean I'm thankful he was OK, not thankful he was small.

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