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February 2013?

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KeepTryin Wed 13-Feb-13 00:09:26

Is there a born in February 2013 group yet? I didn't manage to keep up with the antenatal threads so thought I'd get a head start on the postnatal threads before I've even had baby! wink

ImGoingToCountToThree Mon 11-Mar-13 18:16:16

Alan that's a lot of feeding- is he using you for comfort, like dummy do you think?
My DD does this if I let her, she finishes feeding and stays latched whilst asleep but not swallowing so I usually pop my little finger into the corner of her mouth to release myself and then wind her and put her back in her crib smile

DD doing well she is 25 days old today nearly 4 weeks! I really can't comprehend how quickly it has flown.
She was weighed this morning by the health visitor and now weight 9.5lbs and has a lovely little double chin grin

NAR yes DH does majority of cleaning, cooking and also changes lots of nappies and has taken charge of bath time.
I asked the question as he said he doesn't feel that he has fallen head over heels with her like he was expecting to and like other dads have said he would do and I think it's worrying him.
He loves her obviously but I think he was expecting some kind of switch to be flicked and feel overwhelmed with love for her, I have read up about it now and it seems that sometimes it takes some men a little while longer to properly bond with their baby rather than it being straight from birth.
He gives her lots of cuddles, talks to her and is very natural with her.
I was just wondering if anyone else's DH has taken a little longer to bond with their baby?

Aldan Mon 11-Mar-13 18:18:20

Yes I think I am being used as a dummy he's crying as soon as put back in his cot though. Is anyone co-sleeping? Midwives said how dangerous it is and scared me but I fell asleep with DS1 loads???

NAR4 Tue 12-Mar-13 13:19:48

Sorry counttothree I misunderstood your question. My DH bonded with all of my DC straight away, but he is very broody for a man. Like you I have heard that it often takes men a little longer to form a bond and tends to be more of a gradual thing.

Want2bSupermum Fri 15-Mar-13 01:23:53

Well I have been driving since Tuesday lunchtime and it has been great to be getting out and about. I have been walking a fair bit. My godmother is visiting and is awesome. Totally great to have her here. DD has been home from daycare yesterday and today so we did a nature tour yesterday. I am going to miss her when she leaves on Sunday morning.

aldan We cosleep with DS when he doesn't settle. He falls asleep on my stomach and we put him in the middle of us on his back. We have a king so neither of us are anywhere near him. We have a tempurpedic topper which is 4" thick so our movements don't affect him at all. If you are worried you can get little sleepers for the baby to sleep in.

counttothree I think it helped to have DH feed DD and DS do one feed a day. For me feeding my DC strengthens the bond. FWIW it took me a little while to fully bond with DD. It was much quicker this time with DS.

NAR4 Sun 17-Mar-13 08:56:38

How is everyone doing. Are you all managing with the tiredness caused by night feeds? Any of you with toddlers, how is the jealousy.

My new DS has just turned 3 weeks and has decided he likes to be held all the time. My DD is good with him but does keep trying to pick him up if he has finally gone down and has become very demanding of my time (a bit jealous). DS is a very pooey and sicky baby and can easily go through 6 changes of clothes a day, not to mention all the bedding. Completely underestimated how much he would add to the washing, so early on. I should know better by now.

DH has already admitted that his heart would like another DC (so would I, but not yet,) but is worried that his head says that would be crazy.

Lots of people keep asking when we will be having the next one. I think the assumption is that looking after a baby will put you off wanting more. Does anyone else get asked this?

Aldan Sun 17-Mar-13 09:49:36

Night feeds are starting to hurt! Left DS with DH last night (we have separate rooms because of his snoring!) so I managed to sleep better than I have in days. DH brought DS in when he needed feeding but I still slept so much better. DS grunts a lot. I'm thinking he has reflux. He's fine during the day but starting from 10 pm he's feeding every hour and grunting and crying, this goes on until about 5am. He's also sick a lot both posseting and projectile vomiting, washing machine is on all the time grin. DH is back at work tomorrow so he won't be doing the nights again until the weekend. Let's hope DS grows out of his nocturnal habits soon!

Still in bed watching superman with DS1 who's 5 cuddling DS2. No jealousy here DS1 loves his little brother so much grin

CackleALot Sun 17-Mar-13 16:03:50

Hi All, struggling with night feeds here too. Have had terrible couple of nights where DD has been up sucking pretty much constantly from 1.30am - 5.30am n with a toddler to deal with during the day I'm exhausted! Tried her with dummy after a full feed but she won't take it.

No jealousy as such here but DS playing up so much more, he will kill her with kindness! constantly have to watch him for cuddling her & kissing her! His tantrums have increased & intensified!

Slightly anxious as next week will be my first full week on my own with them both. How do others deal with an early rising toddler?

Also, just curious - do you ladies bf during the night in bed or do you get up into another room? just wondering as I've noticed other MNtters get up n watch TV etc, wondering if this would make it easier or harder...

Aldan Sun 17-Mar-13 20:34:24

Sounds very similar to our nighttimes cackle it's not fun is it hmm. I feed DS in bed either lying down or if I feel awake enough I'll sit up with a few pillows. Got a tv in my room and an iPad so I can always find something to watch if I need it. Wouldnt want to go to another room it's too cold!

NAR4 Sun 17-Mar-13 20:50:59

Cackle there is no way I would get up and watch the tv whilst doing a night feed. That would leave me a lot more tired in the morning. I just put DS in bed next to me and feed him lying down. Sometimes I put him back into his moses basket (next to the bed) when he has finished, but most of the time I fall back to sleep while he is feeding and simply swap him onto the other side when he wakes up for his next feed.

CackleALot Sun 17-Mar-13 22:19:31

Thanks Aldan & Nar that's what i've been doing with a bit of the nodding dog syndrome when propped with pillows! grin Frightened I squash her if I fall asleep with her lying feeding or OH elbowing her in face!

Aldan Mon 18-Mar-13 16:51:14

Health visitor came out today and DS does have Tongue tie. He has been having trouble latching on so I'm not surprised at all. She said he can have it snipped to make BF easier but I'm not sure has anyone had any experience with Tongue tie?

CackleALot Mon 18-Mar-13 20:45:32

Sorry to hear that Aldan, sorry don't have experience of it but I'm sure someone will be along soon!

NAR4 Tue 19-Mar-13 10:08:04

Aldan my DD didn't need hers snipped as only really mild, but I know the midwifes at my hospital are trained to do it and it only takes seconds.

ImGoingToCountToThree Tue 19-Mar-13 10:51:23

Hello everyone

Yes finding night feeds hard too, DD has a cold at the moment so she is a lot more unsettled...although saying that she didn't sleep all evening until 11pm and then slept until 3.40 smile I think it was random good-ish night because after that she was grumbling until 6am.
I don't think I could get up and watch TV in the night either, or go into another room. I think that would possibly disturb us both too much and I would be more tired the next day.
I just prop myself up on cushion with a very low watt light on and try not to snooze.

I have no experience of tongue tie sorry. Sorry to hear your LO is struggling with it.

How are everyone's emotion at the moment? I had a emotional day yesterday but feeling a bit brighter today, I'm presume its just the accumulation of lack of sleep.

NAR4 Tue 19-Mar-13 14:46:56

CountToThree I would say the emotions are due to tiredness.

Got put back on AB again today as temperature has gone back up and I had retained membranes. Hope this sorts it as DS gets really bad upset tummy when I am taking AB. Feeling pretty crap but know I will feel much better in a day or two, once the AB have had time to start working. Other than that I have been feeling rather good since the birth and seem to have made a super speedy recovery. Hard to believe I had a baby only three weeks ago. How is everyone else recovering?

Aldan Tue 19-Mar-13 18:27:45

Poor you nar4, hope the ab's don't affect your DS too much. I'm feeling great now even did some walking the last couple of days. I feel I've recovered from this CS much faster than last time.

DS2 has been referred to the hospital for his tongue tie, apparently it's about a 6 week wait so theres enough time to see if the BF gets better without the op. He feeds fine but latching on is terrible and is starting to hurt a lot now, not enough to stop though.

NAR4 Wed 20-Mar-13 07:29:32

Aldan My DD gave me a badly cracked nipple from poor latching on, due to mild tongue tie. I got an infection bevause of it. 6 weeks seems a ridiculously long time to wait. Our hospital just let you go to the maternity ward and the midwife will do it there and then. Hope breastfeeding goes alright for you in the mean time.

Aldan Wed 20-Mar-13 11:03:01

My hospital doesn't deal with tongue tie I think that's why there's more of a wait (and a long drive to the childrens hospital). I won't give up BF though I'm sure it will work out smile.

Are you feeling any better nar4?

Want2bSupermum Thu 21-Mar-13 14:38:14

Aldan sorry to hear you have a six week wait for tongue tie. DD had a mild case of it and we bottle fed as my milk didn't come in so it wasn't an issue. If my milk had come in I would have had that snipped right away! My nipples were badly cracked.

DS is off the charts weight and height wise. He will be 4 weeks (where did the last month go!) on Monday and we are opening up the 6 months box of clothes. He is still Up Chuck Phil and we call him King Toot. The paediatrician offered us the option of giving him medication but said the only true cure is time. She also said a thicker formula helped her children and she said we should try the ready mixed formula before trying the spitup one as she wasn't keen on DS having rice starch so young.

Doing 3 loads of laundry a day and I have called a plumber about getting a 2nd washing machine installed. I go back to work in a couple of weeks and I am up for promotion. Can't wait for the 2nd week of June when DH will be finished his last set of MBA exams. After that the only thing left will be his group project.

irismom Thu 21-Mar-13 15:20:13

Can I join You lot, please. I was going on to the other thread(sleepless nights and stitches) every other day and was wondering where is everyone. Glad I found this today!
Me too had sore and bleeding nipples and it is better now, and then had very bad case of Urinary infection and high fever for a week. was on AB and it just finished today. other than that, I think the recovery was perfect.
DS 25 days old today is good sleeper compared to my DD. but he vomits, both possetting and curddled a lot after every feed. went to GP, on Colief now. was ok for 3-4 days, now back to square 1 think sad
Read all the posts today, while LO was sleeping, though I was nodding thro out. Love to have u all to go thro this wonderful yet strainful journey. brewbiscuit

Aldan Thu 21-Mar-13 18:14:33

Glad others have vomiting babies too it reassures me! We also have the washing machine on 3 times a day had the foresight to replace our old leaky machine just after Christmas I'm so glad grin

Want2bSupermum Fri 22-Mar-13 15:17:04

Welcome irismom. With the vomiting the dr we saw sounded like she knew what she was doing. She advised us to burp every oz, have him sit upright for 20mins after a feed and to use gripe water after his last burp. She then suggested we try the thicker feed. I think in the UK it is the 'hungry baby' formula but here in the US she suggested we try the ready mixed similac formula as it is a little thicker than formula made from powder and if that doesn't work to try the spit up one (which has the rice starch in it). She did say that the medication rarely works. The other helpful thing she said was that we should get the waterproof underlay for a bed and put it under DS when feeding him. She said it helped to cut down on her laundry.

Aldan We were without power for 8 days after hurricane sandy. It took me two days to do 8 days of laundry. I don't think we would last 8 days now!

irismom Sat 23-Mar-13 09:50:13

thank you supermum. I was paranoid for first two weeks, every time he vomits. Now getting used to it. I am BFing, so dr asked me to stop taking diary. which is of no use, other than making me hungry. med is nt helping much, as u said. heard abt gripe water. will try that, if i can get it over the counter. I am using every other big cloth/towel/flannels as bedding for him. it prevents things going down to actual bedding..
regarding burping. I am keeping him upright, burping him for sometime, but he doesnt always burp sad tried shoulders, thighs.
keeping hime on his leftside now

Aldan Sat 23-Mar-13 14:23:06

We are the same irismom, I was laying DS on a muslin whilst feeding him but I kept needing to change me bedding when he vomited I've started lying him on a towel now much easier grin. It's not fun watching them be sick so often is it hmm

NAR4 Mon 25-Mar-13 15:58:57

Feeling much better now thanks Aldan, although still on the course of ABs. If I get a raised temp again after this course my DH has said I need to get a scan done privately, if GP still refuses, as he doesn't want to risk me becoming ill. (Had some membranes left after the birth).

irismom my eldest DS used to vomit A LOT. To be honest the only cure I found was to give them time to grow out of it. This tends to happen when their muscles get stronger, about the time they start sitting and crawling. Its a lot of washing but time really goes fast and it all seem a distant memory the moment they finally grow out of it.

Feel human again now and look fairly human (back in most of my old clothes, if with an overhang of belly), but my brain is mush, due to lack of sleep. I told my oldest DS how I nearly forgot to collect him from school (half day) and then before we got home, told him again. He said to me "whats even funnier is that you have told me that already". blush I should start a thread; silly things you have done or said, due to extreme tiredness.

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