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December 2011 babiesnet!

(160 Posts)
babyseven Sat 14-Apr-12 18:01:03

Me and mummy liked the idea of babiesnet!

So today I went to nanny and grandad's house, where I kept being sick on mummy and nanny. I screamed loudly for aaages to stop grandad being able to hear the football, then I had a bottle and used mummy as a pillow for an hour and a half.

I just made mummy my milk fetcher and sick mopper think I wanted a bottle, then made sure I was asleep by the time it arrived, result!

KateM77 Sun 15-Apr-12 19:24:26

I like exposing Mummy in public too. My method of choice is to feed for a couple of minutes and then gaze around to see what's going on. When Mummy gets annoyed I give her most winning smile, but I'm not sure how well that's working any more. She keeps muttering something about 'bottles' and 'formula'.

Mummy calls me Daniel-son quite often, and tells me to 'wax on, wax off'. What's that all about then? Crazy woman!

Rashkakeller Sun 15-Apr-12 20:03:58

My mum calls me ''lovespud'' ....nuff said.

LittleMissFlustered Sun 15-Apr-12 20:37:29

I'm apparently a pootle, but considering the elder entertainer is a squidgy I'm not going to push the matter in case the milk victim decides to get inventive.

NorthernChinchilla Sun 15-Apr-12 21:50:56

Mini-chinnie checking in here, after a long day visiting Feeding Unit 1 (FU1)'s relatives.
Started the day by toying with FU1; I let her have over three hours unbroken sleep at the beginning of the night, but then woke three-quarters of an hour early grin.

I was, as is required, worshipped by the relatives, to the extent that I forgot to embarrass the FUs, although I did get a half hour of wailing in before we left for good measure.
They took me on another freezing walk strapped to FU2- what is it with their obsession?!

Oh, and FU1 refers to me as 'Mummy's Little Pickle'.
I am not amused.

aethelfleda Mon 16-Apr-12 05:26:02



KateM77 Mon 16-Apr-12 08:21:09

I pullled an excellent trick on Mummy last night. I slept for much longer than expected, until 6am. Of course Mummy was awake from 4.30 and kept peering at me - the power I have over that woman grin. There is a downside in that it gives Mummy time to fill the milk bags to the brim and it comes squirting out a bit fast, but you can get revenge by vomming all over her clean pyjamas and the rocking chair. The you complete the trick by being wide awake and ready to play just when Mummy wants to crawl back into bed.

BJR Mon 16-Apr-12 08:29:50

Good work on the nightshift check in there AethelSpawn!

I seem to be Monkey most of the time, but when there is no one else around Mummy does call me her snuggle monster, hope she doesn't start doing that in public.

Surpassed myself yesterday, giant poosplostion so good Mummy had to throw my clothes away. Then managed to wee in Mummys hair when she tried to get the poo clothes off me grin

OiMissus Mon 16-Apr-12 08:36:39

Maximum points! Good work.

NorthernChinchilla Mon 16-Apr-12 10:06:03

Wow BabyBJR, that's good.

LittleMissFlustered Mon 16-Apr-12 11:31:12

The milk victim has started calling me her polar bearhmm I knew letting her buy the white fluffy snowsuit would backfire on me.

I'm refusing to wake up right now because I know that she wants to put the carrycot onto the pram. Can't let her win two battles in a months can I now?grin

Excellent work on the p&p front babyBJR, I think that deserves a half-chewed pompom toogrin

aethelfleda Mon 16-Apr-12 16:33:44

Wow BJR, I am in awe. That's a hard act to follow

<intense look of concentration>

BeeMyBaby Mon 16-Apr-12 20:47:57

BeeMyMama checking in. I can't wait till I can crawl as I intend to exact my revenge on my sister and beep her nose until she cries.

OiMissus Tue 17-Apr-12 07:59:58

Didn't really fancy sleeping last night. Don't much fancy it now either.
Mum wants to take me to be weighed this morning, but I hope she changes her mind, she looks rough. She'll show me up.

DeterminedandSpecialMum Tue 17-Apr-12 08:07:38

<Waves> I'm Sky. The person called 'Mummy' calls me Little Lady Moo Moos!

I slept incredibly well last night even in the small basket mummy keeps insisting I sleep in hmm woke her at 6am tho by chatting until she chatted back! Then my big Sis came in and started singing to me whilst I was fed some milk.

This Mummy person is talking about something called swimming today - so won't what type if play that will be?

NorthernChinchilla Tue 17-Apr-12 08:19:40

Hmmmm.... I sense a plot. I think FU1 may be trying to poison me.
Last night, she tried to feed me from bottles in the middle of the night, and the stuff was cold and virtually choked me.
Naturally I spluttered until she fed me properly. To reward her, I did deign to sleep all night in the big bed without her.

I am not sure about this progression from being able to feed from FU1 all night to just one feed.

I may seek to exact some revenge today, but sadly I did my enormo-poo yesterday.
<dons thinking cap>

neverenoughsleeportea Tue 17-Apr-12 09:00:31

Ha ha I slept like total shit last night. Thought it was unfair to keep it to myself so I yelled a bit and got mummy up several times. Fortunately I went straight back to sleep after a snack. Not so sure about ma though. Heard some fruity language that I've filed away for my first words.

aethelfleda Tue 17-Apr-12 10:03:57

Morning... It's strangely quiet around here. Where did the big noisy sisters go? Hellloooo???

In other news, Mother cheered me up by singing the most peculiar song about a Funky Gibbon. She's fun, if perhaps a little unhinged... I plan to reward her later, though I haven't planned quite how yet.

OiMissus Tue 17-Apr-12 12:14:48

Stand firm nabychinchilla! my mummy tried to give me a bottle this morning. What are they trying to pull? I refused, of course. Solidarity!

DeterminedandSpecialMum Tue 17-Apr-12 12:58:43

Hey Babies,

Well I found out what this swimming lark was - being dunked underneath the water is NOT fun the first time, slightly panicky the second time and not to bad the third time!

Went to a class where there was a lot of other mummy's singing and making weird hand gestures - think they were all slightly unhinged....

Then some lady stuck me with a sharp thingy 3 times and it hurt so much I paid mummy back with a lot of screaming then she fed me and now i'm home about to have a nap because i'm soooooo tired!

OiMissus Tue 17-Apr-12 13:38:25

Sleep. Ha! Sleeping is for girls.
Today I am hungry! Big time.
This place is a mess, there's a pile of paperwork to be done, but I come first! Feed me, feed me now while I wriggle about. Farting.

neverenoughsleeportea Tue 17-Apr-12 15:52:23

Today I am channeling a very noisy dolphin making some totally wierd noises.

Rashkakeller Tue 17-Apr-12 16:50:35

I've not pooed for 2 days < evil grin> Going to have fun with that later!

I went swimming today too, Sky, my mum has tried that dunking thing with me before but wasn't brave enough today. She did throw me in the air while singing about a broken egg...totally off key mind

I only woke once last night. My plan is to do this for a few nights so the milk lady gets used to it then wake 3 times so she feels like the living dead!

NorthernChinchilla Tue 17-Apr-12 20:37:15

Indeed solidarity BOi! My farts were so warm and fulsome that FU1 had to check her jeans during my evening feed, and that was through a body suit and gro-bag!

You will have to share these special words farleychops, so that we can simultaneously delight our FUs with them. Need to wait until there's an appropriate audience mind, such as the HV, or our GPs.

I like your thinking, offspring of Rashka (I will not call you Lovespud, what is your self-given name?), raise their hopes....

I fear that yet again I will be banished to the bed with bars....

aethelfleda Tue 17-Apr-12 23:20:11

I got some of these from a £1 shop, misree, and they lasted forever! If yours are good go back and buy several, as once past weaning the small sizes are great for snacks like raising, mini biscuits, half grapes, and home-made jelly and desserts.

We used "weaning cubes" (get them from NCT shop or ebay.) though a normal ice cube tray works Ok too- just bash out the food cubes into a tupperware container with a lid once they are frozen.

Past my bedtime! Night all...

aethelfleda Tue 17-Apr-12 23:35:33

Aarg, the mother used my login!! Sorry about that.

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