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Am I entitled to my money back for a puppy I can't keep?

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cordonbleugh Tue 17-Nov-09 15:22:06

basically, I have a puppy I can't keep, he is 13 weeks old, and has done exeptionally well with training etc, knows quite a few commands already, is very clever etc, apart from one issue - the biting, it's not just normal biting and rough play, but is actually very agressive.

Before you say anything, I have tried EVERYTHING to train him out of this, no techniques work, and when his agression is directed at my 3yo DD, I just cant take the risk that he will grow out of it.

It's not fair on her, DD can't be a normal 3yo, do anything she norally does for fear of getting attacked!

So, the breeder has agreed to have him back, but says she has no money to refund to me!

I'm assuming that she used the money for the sale of the puppies to pay off a large debt, because 8 puppies at £250 each is a lot of money!!

He is not purebred by the way, so he is not kennel club registered or anything like that.

I have asked her to have him back asap, otherwise he will go to dogs trust or somewhere similar, but now she is getting a bit nasty towards me (via text!) about the whole situation.

I made a mistake in getting the puppy and fully admit to that, now i just want him gone before he hurts DD again. I did a LOT of research, and waited months before getting him btw, so it was definately not and impulse decision, it just hasn't worked out sad

Anyone got any advice?

livinginadreamworld Tue 17-Nov-09 15:27:53

unless she can sell the pup on i can sort of see where the breeder is coming from.

We just sold on a litter of Siamese kittens at £350 a go, and didn't make a penny, in fact are hundreds of pounds out of pocket. This was similar when we bred dogs, you don't breed to make money, the money you get pays for their keep and the mums keep.

It must be awful for you and you must get the pup out asap, but unfortunately i don't think you can expect money back from the breeder.

I hope it all works out for you and your DD.

ShinyAndNew Tue 17-Nov-09 15:28:06

I doubt very much taht you are entitled to your money back.

Puupies do bite, it's their nature. That's how they play. A firm NO and taking them away from the situation they are excited by should suffice. Though some breeds require a really firm hand and an experienced own. I kept my SBT on her leash, while the dd's were playing and she wasn't allowed off untill she was beahving calmly. As soon as she started again, she was back on her leash.

You could get a trainer in to asses her. I doubt very much that it is actuial agressiveness and not just an over excited puppy thing.

MrsJohnDeere Tue 17-Nov-09 15:35:27

Any half decent breeder will take a puppy back (it is quite common to do so) but I've never heard of one refunding the money.

cordonbleugh Tue 17-Nov-09 15:45:14

thanks, well, doesn't look like I'll get any oney back anyway!

Shineyandnew - I'm well aware that puppies bite, I tried everything, ignoring, firm no, spraying with water, separation, putting toys in his mouth to bite instead, all the while remaining calm and assertive, but NOTHING works! And it is more than just play biting - he will really go for me and my DD, growling, barking, he is very persistant! He is definately agressive, and nothing I have tried has worked.

I don't want a trainer to come in, in fact, I can;t stand to look at him! I just want him out of my house where he can;t hurt my DD again.

Have arranged to take him back on friday.

BellaBonJovi Tue 17-Nov-09 15:59:28

13 week old pups don't do aggression.

He is play fighting.

Breeders don't usually give money back, and don't usually make a lot of money once they have paid the stud fee, fed and cared for the bitch and puppies, paid for scans,etc. And that's if it all goes smoothly.

What kind of dog is he?

cordonbleugh Tue 17-Nov-09 16:03:42

he is 3/4 lab 1/4 rottweiler.

I can assure you, this is more than play fighting! None of the other puppies have been this bad, and the breeder even agrees with me that his behaviour is agressive. If I try to give him any kind of correction, he just continuously barks at me, my daughter will be sat on the sofa watching tv, and he will jump on her and try and bite her face.

I'm sorry, but he is aggressive, and I don't want him near us anymore!

QueenOfFlamingEverything Tue 17-Nov-09 16:14:28

Well if you feel like that about him then take him back, of course. I wouldn't expect your money back though and doubt you are entitled to it.

I have to say, I don't understand why you'd buy what is essentially a mongrel for £250 from an unregistered breeder tbh.

ShinyAndNew Tue 17-Nov-09 16:16:47

here T'will be the rottie in her. They are stubborn dogs and require a firm hand with training. Try the leash trick and be consistant.

more training tips, breed specific this time

Also both breeds need HEAPS of exercise. If you are unsure of letting her off leash, try jogging/running/cycling with her to make sure she is getting sufficent running time.

If you are really that unhappy, then going back to the breeder now will be better than later. But I'd think long and hard about getting another puppy.

cordonbleugh Tue 17-Nov-09 16:27:08

thanks shiny, Thats just it though, he's so clever, and been very quick to learn all his commands etc. I've been very firm with him, its just this one area that he just does not respond to, no matter what I try.

To be honest, after what he did to my DD I really don't trust him around her, and have slready made the decision that he is going sad

cordonbleugh Tue 17-Nov-09 16:30:52

"I have to say, I don't understand why you'd buy what is essentially a mongrel for £250 from an unregistered breeder tbh."

Why not queen? I didn't want a pedigree dog, and couldn't afford one anyway! I thought £250 was a reasonable price for a dog that looks pretty much completely chocolate lab anyway. She isn't a registered breeder because she's not breeding purebred puppies, they were advertised as cross breeds.

I accept now that I wont get my money back, but in all honesty, my DD's safety and well being is worth more than £250!!

ShinyAndNew Tue 17-Nov-09 16:35:18

I paid £170 for my purebred SBT, whose parents were both KC registered.

If you after a Mutt get one from a rescue. An adult that has already been proven with children.

MrsMorgan Tue 17-Nov-09 16:35:48

Unfortunatly I think that if you have decided you can't keep the dog then you have to be prepared to lose the money too.

About 4 years ago we got a Jack Russell puppy. He was absolutly nuts and ds who was 3 at the time, could not even move with the dog jumping all over him and trying to nip him. We perservered for a while but it became too much and so we rehomed the dog, with my dad for free. We lost £150 but tbh I was more concerned that the dog go to a good home as I felt we'd let the dog down.

We made the right desicion as the dog is still very over excitable and takes alot of controlling, but at the end of the day it didn't even occur to me that I'd get my money back.

QueenOfFlamingEverything Tue 17-Nov-09 16:40:44

I am shock that anyone would ever pay anything for a mutt!

cordonbleugh Tue 17-Nov-09 16:42:43

well, I went to several rescues first but didnt find one that was suitable to be homed with children.

I don't want another dog now, if I do, it will be when DD is a lot older.

I was only asking about a refund as I'm sure I've read on here before that people have got their money back. nevermind.

I don't feel like I've let the dog down, I've put a lot of effort into training him and socialising him, and generally caring for him, but at the end of the day, my DD is the one who is losing out as she can't do any of the things a normal 3 year old does without being attacked.

I totally feel I am making the right decision. I have tried so hard with the puppy to teach him that what he does is not acceptable but nothing is working for me. And its not fair on him to be kept in a house where nobody likes him sad

cordonbleugh Tue 17-Nov-09 16:44:04

again.........why queen?! A dog is a dog, you think non purebreds should be free?!!!

Mutt Tue 17-Nov-09 16:47:43

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

piratecat Tue 17-Nov-09 16:51:35

well it hasn't worked out, and you've tried hard by the sounds of it.

Dogs are hard to come by these days, refering to the comment about not paying anything for a mutt. Yrs back farmers used to practically give them away,but nowadays people do see them as an earner, wether or not they recoup their outgoings or not.

Any 'mutt' form a rescue centre will cost you £150.

Do what you feel is best op. good luck.

and get a cat wink

cordonbleugh Tue 17-Nov-09 16:55:26

mutt, when i said a lot of effort, i meant that I am at home pretty much all day every day with him and have spent a lot of time training.

He IS aggressive, you haven't seen him so you can't comment, everybody who has met him and seen him in action, so to speak has said the same thing.

I cant bear to look at him because he hurt my 3yo DD! he terrorises her and she cant do anything without being attacked!

What would you have me do, keep him and keep my DD in a potentially dangerous situation, in her own home? No thankyou! I am acting in the best interests of my child, there is no way I am putting a dog before her needs!

cordonbleugh Tue 17-Nov-09 16:57:17

lol cheers pirate, have already got a cat actually! Although she's started going bald since the puppy arrived hmm

piratecat Tue 17-Nov-09 17:02:16

stressed cat

Northernlurker Tue 17-Nov-09 17:05:04

Of course you can't get your money back and you shouldn't expect to just because you've made an error of judgement. I can't think why a puppy that would grow in to a big powerful dog seemed like a good idea in the first place when you have a toddler and a cat already in the house. Seems pretty obvious to me that conflict would ensue hmm

mooseloose Tue 17-Nov-09 17:10:48

my friend had an english bull terrier pup, and he was very agressive from a puppy. He went for my friend a few times, and they gave him back- he was very young i remember. I have no idea if they got money back?

I remember they didn't want to sell him because they wre worried he would be sold and used for fighting, and they wouldn't wish that on him.

cordonbleugh Tue 17-Nov-09 17:11:58

northernlurker - I never said I expected to get my money back, I was just asking if I was entitled to have it back at all, just wondering, you know?

And obviously i never expected the puppy to tun out like this, and wouldn't have got one in the first place if i had thought there would be any major issues. Like I said before, I did a LOT of research, asked lots and lots of questions and waited for months before actually getting a puppy. Why can't big dogs, children and cats get along in normal circumstances?

It just happens that this is one of those tim where it hasn't worked out, and so I am rectifying the situation.

Several others that bought puppies from the same litter have young children and other animals and have no problems.

I wanted a big dog all along, personal preference, I dont like small dogs.

Anyway, I wasn't asking for judgement on my decision to get a puppy in the first place, if you read my OP and the thread title that is clear.

ABetaDad Tue 17-Nov-09 17:12:25

My parents bred dogs for many years. They always told everyne that bouht a puppy they coudl brng them back at any time and no questions asked and they would find a good home. They never gave money back. No one in the dog breeding world that I know of ever did.

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