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What do you call a girls 'bits'

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twofishes Sat 23-Dec-06 18:59:38

okay this might be a bit of a wierd thread but what do you call a DD 'bits'?
All suggestions & DP can't agree!!

averymerrymonkeymooXmastoyou Sat 23-Dec-06 19:03:03

Ah this old chestnut

Not decided yet, DD is 10mths old and we are trying to decide what to call 'it'. Might stick with good old fashioned vagina.

Steppy1 Sat 23-Dec-06 19:14:06

foo foo !

lulumama Sat 23-Dec-06 19:15:29

vagina...or vergana, if you are DS!

twofishes Sat 23-Dec-06 19:23:29

yep you see this is where me & DP are divided he says 'vagina' and I'm more of a 'Tuppence' kinda girl ( although 'FooFoo' appeals too!)...this 'straight to the point' approach from my DP the man who christened my DS's bits 'Winkie', try explaining the whole 'Wee Willie Winkie runs thru' the town...' rhyme!!

hunkermunker Sat 23-Dec-06 19:26:20

It's not a vagina though, strictly speaking. It's a vulva.

Don't go for something vom-inducingly twee though (unless you call it a twee, perhaps? That might be fun!).

SpicymulledSheraz Sat 23-Dec-06 19:27:37

front bottom?

Pruni Sat 23-Dec-06 19:27:52

Message withdrawn

hunkermunker Sat 23-Dec-06 19:28:56

It's not a bottom though, is it? Poo comes out of bottoms (a waste product) - babies (well, OK, and wee) come out of vulvas. Plus boys have bottoms too - I think it's nice and womanly to have a name for it that boys don't have.

<<gets off thread since I only have sons >>

hunkermunker Sat 23-Dec-06 19:29:24

<<rejoins thread, since I have one and the DSs are sure to notice at some point>>

averymerrymonkeymooXmastoyou Sat 23-Dec-06 19:30:15

HM - it might not be a vagina, technically butu it is common parlance amongst most adults and any GP or other adult would understand what she is referring too. PLus vulva is toooooo clinical for my liking, I use vagina so have no issue with DD doing the same.

For something more collquial I like the MN term fanjo or foofah (close friend is a theatre nurse in the gynae theatre and they call it a foofah!?).

shiningstar Sat 23-Dec-06 19:31:13

fairy bits in our house and winky for a boys bits!!

hunkermunker Sat 23-Dec-06 19:32:07

That's true, anyone would understand what she meant. Unlike "lily" or "twinklyglitterydoodahfoof" or whatever godawful euphemism people use.

SpicymulledSheraz Sat 23-Dec-06 19:32:44


Ceolas Sat 23-Dec-06 19:34:35

I did teach them about babies coming from your vagina. DD2 thought she'd won a prize as she had something she didn't know she had before. Went around chanting "I've got a vagina..."

I just loathe the word vulva though. Don't know why. We say bottom for the moment...

lulumama Sat 23-Dec-06 19:37:15

fanjo........yes, twill be a fanjo, when dd old enough to appreciate the magic of that word

Stockingsofdinosaurs Sat 23-Dec-06 19:51:18

Front bottom - to most under 10s it's just where you wee from, so I'd categorise that with bottoms. The actual bit where the baby comes out is practically impossible to find at that age and the whole concept seems so far-fetched as to be mythical.

I know a midwife whose dd told me all about her baby sister coming out of her mum's daisy. FGS!

NappiesGalooooooooooooria Sat 23-Dec-06 20:02:37

front bottom is just awful!! its not an arse!! it is an entirely different thing! i hate front bottom. if youre too uptight to call it what it is, use something a bit less... evocative of crap, frankly.

i like fanois (pron fanwah) but only tonge in cheek. fanny is pretty clear, though i always felt uncomfortable saying it between the ages of about 10 to 30... fanjo better than bloody awful front bottom or lilly or any of that crap...

sorkycake Sat 23-Dec-06 20:04:03


averymerrymonkeymooXmastoyou Sat 23-Dec-06 20:13:02

Fanny is ok for older children IMO but would have trouble using it with littl'uns

NappiesGalooooooooooooria Sat 23-Dec-06 20:22:05

why? is there something dirty about fanny? sounds very babyish to me...

wickedwinterwitch Sat 23-Dec-06 20:23:20

Fanjo in our house

wickedwinterwitch Sat 23-Dec-06 20:23:47

Fanjo is courtesy of enid btw

averymerrymonkeymooXmastoyou Sat 23-Dec-06 20:24:08

I guess to me it sounds a bit sexual and a bit 'adult', but that might be just me

averymerrymonkeymooXmastoyou Sat 23-Dec-06 20:24:10

I guess to me it sounds a bit sexual and a bit 'adult', but that might be just me

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