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Calling all mums of DDs

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snowysam Thu 18-Dec-03 11:26:22

Don't quite know how to word this BUT....

I have 2 DSs, they have willys.

What does my DD have? The words I use aren't really suitable for kids and the general phrase at my mums and toddlers group is 'mini' which just seems odd. DD is 6 weeks old, and DSs are starting to be curious when I change her nappy as to what she has if she doesn't have the same as them.

Incidently, me and my sister had a brainstorming session and came up with 'twinkle' but when DH just heard me use it (I was changing her whilst on the phone to him) his immediate response was to tell me to ask you lot!! I think he's finally got the idea about Mumsnet

Mummysurfer Thu 18-Dec-03 11:27:41

We call them 'bits'

MincePie Thu 18-Dec-03 11:28:18

we call it a fanny

ghengis Thu 18-Dec-03 11:28:38

We have trouble with this too. We have reverted to saying DD doesn't have a willy - "her bits are inside so you can't see them!" DS usually refers to her now having 'just a bottom' or a 'front bottom'. I'm no help, am I?!!!

Bozza Thu 18-Dec-03 11:28:41

I think if you do a search there is a previous thread on this.

Only have DS so dunno what to suggest.

WiShuaMerryXmas Thu 18-Dec-03 11:29:17

In our house DD has a 'Twinkle'. I also have 2 DS's (11 & 10), 'Twinkle' works for us....

Twinkie Thu 18-Dec-03 11:31:37

Message withdrawn

dsw Thu 18-Dec-03 11:33:38

Sorry about this Twinkie - But we call it a Twinkie

KaySleighBells Thu 18-Dec-03 11:33:54

My ds1 & ds2 have willies and mummy has a noony (sp?). (oh yeah, dh has a willy too)

baublebundle Thu 18-Dec-03 11:34:37

dd calls hers her bottom, i asked her was it her front/back bottom (what we called ours as kids) and she said, no, it's just a bottom.

whymummy Thu 18-Dec-03 11:37:51


sandyballs Thu 18-Dec-03 11:41:58

Snowysam - my two girls (2.9) call theirs a winkie woo! Not really sure how that started!
It sounds sweet though.

motherinfestivemood Thu 18-Dec-03 11:42:23

I call it a fanny, but dd1 thinks this a 'funny'

sandyballs Thu 18-Dec-03 11:43:15

Snowysam - my two girls (2.9) call theirs a winkie woo! Not really sure how that started!
It sounds sweet though.

sandyballs Thu 18-Dec-03 11:44:01

Snowysam - my two girls (2.9) call theirs a winkie woo! Not really sure how that started!
It sounds sweet though.

Yawn Thu 18-Dec-03 11:44:27

"Mimi" in our house

sandyballs Thu 18-Dec-03 11:44:42

Whoops! Sorry.

MistletoeandWine Thu 18-Dec-03 11:47:14

Where does the word "Fanny" come from?

WiShuaMerryXmas Thu 18-Dec-03 11:54:48

I think i would be quite taken aback if a little girl referred to her bits as her 'fanny'. Perhaps that's because I associate the use of that word with teenagers and adults as coarse slang.

Jenie Thu 18-Dec-03 11:58:18

It's a front bottom in our house, ds has a willy though.

WideWebWitch Thu 18-Dec-03 12:00:32

We discovered we don't know what to call it either. Sorry, not very helpful is it? I might go and find the previous thread, read it and post a link but I can't think that there's anything I'm entirely happy with. Maybe front bottom, which is what it was when I was a child.

KaySleighBells Thu 18-Dec-03 12:04:43

I don't think I'd be happy with my child calling it something that wasn't instantly recognisable by others. If a child at nursery had a pain in her "Twinkle" would anyone know what she meant ?
Whereas "front bottom" needs no explaining.

MincePie Thu 18-Dec-03 12:06:48

WSM...I take it you wouldn't approve of punani then??

Angeliz Thu 18-Dec-03 12:08:43

i have no idea and asked this a while back on a thread about something else My dd 2.8 calls hers bum?? Everything is bum and dp and i have said she'll have to learn a different word for it to explain but have no idea! Sorry, no help but i'll follow this for some ideas!

Katherine Thu 18-Dec-03 12:22:21

Girls in our house have twinkles too. Quite like the idea of a nooney though

Think its quite a common name so don't think there would be any problem with people knowing what she was referring to

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