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Can we move to London.

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TwinSetAndPearls Sat 23-Jul-05 23:23:53

I hate were we are living now with a passion, I am so miserable that it is starting to affect my relationship with dp.

WE live in Lancashire and have been looking at Yorkshire, but I just can't find anywhere that I like and the reason is that I want to go back to London. I have finally ground dp down and he is willing to look at London - but now is the hard bit - finance!

I don't see how we can do it, our present house is worth about £145,000, our mortgage is about £100,000. Our household income is about £40-45K.

I have enquired about shared ownership and key worker schemes as I am teacher so should be eligble but of course I couldn't get a teaching job in London without somewhere to live, and I am not eligible for any of the schemes without a job.

Am I going to be stuck living in a place I hate forever ?

Is there a way out? Is there a way for us to buy in London?

moondog Sat 23-Jul-05 23:25:49

Why London in particular?

WestCountryLass Sat 23-Jul-05 23:25:58

Perhaos the answer might be to rent somewhere while you get a job? Just for 6-12 months or so?

Flossam Sat 23-Jul-05 23:26:03

Short term let whilest you start at job and sort out a key worker scheme? Sorry not more helpful but me and Dp haven't managed to benefit from these schemes either. There is a web site for teachers on this which looks helpful - have you seen the one I mean?

Aniles Sat 23-Jul-05 23:31:18

I have two friends who have both recently got teaching jobs in london without having somewhere to live first

TwinSetAndPearls Sat 23-Jul-05 23:31:49

Because that is where I have always lived apart from a year in Leeds, most of which was spent sulking as I missed London so much. I only moved up here after l left husband as I was broke and had to live with my mum. It was never meant to be a permanent arrangement.

I miss my friends, I miss the theatre,getting a decent coffee, museums, walking along the river... I could go on but I am depressing myself

Dp and I are just rowing incessently because I am so unhappy here.

TwinSetAndPearls Sat 23-Jul-05 23:32:31

which site are you looking at flossam?

TwinSetAndPearls Sat 23-Jul-05 23:35:31

In the past before I have got teaching jobs without somewhere to love, but that was before I had a family so could live anywhere.

I will have to look into the cost of renting, are teachers guaranteed to get onto a scheme? Would be in a pickle if I got a job sold our house but then couldn't get another house.

I have noticed as well that a lot of the shared ownership properties are meant for single people , not really fanilies.

Flossam Sat 23-Jul-05 23:47:28

TS&P website here

TwinSetAndPearls Sat 23-Jul-05 23:49:26


TwinSetAndPearls Sun 24-Jul-05 00:06:45

Does anyone know anything about Plumstead. We could afford there without any scheme.

TwinSetAndPearls Sun 24-Jul-05 14:42:04


hunkermunker Sun 24-Jul-05 14:43:37

Used to live just down the road in Woolwich. Wouldn't live in Plumstead (or Woolwich again). Too scary for my liking.

mummylonglegs Sun 24-Jul-05 14:59:25

Message deleted

hunkermunker Sun 24-Jul-05 15:01:03

Am not HMC, am HM

I described it as scary because that's what it was like when I lived there ten years ago. Not sure what it's like now - and even then, Blackheath was lovely.

A man was raped outside where I used to live, someone I know was beaten up by drug dealers on one of the estates, I could go on...

Caligula Sun 24-Jul-05 15:08:49

Yes you could afford to live in Plumstead, but yes it is very rough. You can afford to live in London on that income and downpayment, but it will have to be one of the much cheaper areas and probably, in a very small house. Bits of Lewisham, Plumstead, Woolwich, Grove Park, Sidcup, Eltham, might be affordable. Possibly Harringey if you want North of the river? It used to be quite cheap and has a bit of a nice atmosphere in the Greek and Turkish bits. I think it might have got more expensive compared to Sarf of the river though.

Caligula Sun 24-Jul-05 15:09:22

Oh and lots of the schools in those areas are really piss-poor.

lewislewis Sun 24-Jul-05 15:20:19

Isn't Grove Park near Chiswick? Isn't it expensive?

dinny Sun 24-Jul-05 15:20:23

Well we live in Tooting/Mitcham and sounds like you could live in Mitcham. But it's really scruffy and not much happening really. Feels safe enough though. And is near lovely bits like Wimbleon.

Caligula Sun 24-Jul-05 15:36:57

No that's the posh Grove Park! The one in SE is sort of between Bromley and Catford, and bits of it are reasonably cheap. But we are talking very small houses.

TwinSetAndPearls Sun 24-Jul-05 15:49:04

piss.. poo and vomit.

I want to move ...

CountessDracula Sun 24-Jul-05 15:55:28

Why not rent until you have a job? In the meantime the property market may have slipped and you could afford more

Janh Sun 24-Jul-05 15:55:50

Does it have to be London? Wouldn't somewhere in the general SE area do?

TwinSetAndPearls Sun 24-Jul-05 16:00:24

We keep moving and I keep being miserable and it is driving a real wedge between dp and I. Things have got worse since dd has been having access with her dad as dp and I then have time to ourselves which consists of us having nothing to do as there is nothing here, us having a row and me spending the night in a room on my own in tears. South East may be our only option, but wouldn't have a clue where to start.

blossom2 Sun 24-Jul-05 16:03:16

as rough as lewisham and surrounding areas are, house prices are quite high. 2 bedroom flats on our street (hither green) are going for £150,000+

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