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The Health Care Professionals' Lounge: if you've had a bad day, are sick of your job and need to vent, the lounge is open!

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Jacksmama Tue 05-May-09 16:12:47

On another thread, a few of us who work as health care providers (of any sort) were talking about having days at work that make a career as a waitress or grocery cashier sound very appealing... so, patterned on the One-Child Tea Room (which, btw, is open to anyone regardless of how many children you may have), here is The Health Care Professionals' Lounge.

Being something of a Room of Requirement, The Lounge has squashy sofas, a bar stocked with booze of all kinds, an Aga for tea, coffee or hot choc, and a pantry/ fridge for nibblies or full meals. Calories don't count here, neither does trans-fat, or food allergies, and there are no hangovers the next day.

Come on in and relax. There is only one rule here: no fisticuffs. We are here to vent and talk about the assorted difficulties of our jobs. If you're a patient, please remember that we give large amounts of our time and of ourselves to health care, and work within the limitations and the frustrations of the health care system (wherever we may live). Our jobs are rewarding but also exhausting, and we frequently question not only the system but also ourselves. If you've received bad care, please speak to the person responsible, or start another thread - this is not the place for it. We're here with our hair down (or up in curlers, or slathered in a masque) and our feet up. If necessary, we will borrow Mellors from the Tea Room to have trouble-makers firmly and politely ejected.

<grabs bottle of Bolly from fridge, pops cork, pours a glass>

AnyFucker Tue 05-May-09 16:17:34

lovely idea jacksmama

but going off some of my previous experiences on here, I think this will end in tears

Jacksmama Tue 05-May-09 16:19:21

Well, if it does, I will just go back and hide in the tea room.

Here's hoping, though!
<remains firmly positive despite slight tremors of anxiety>

AnyFucker Tue 05-May-09 16:22:13

sorry to bring it down immediately

best of British!

Jacksmama Tue 05-May-09 16:23:51

I'll take that, and add some "best of Canadian" grin

AnyFucker Tue 05-May-09 16:25:55

oh yes, that too

thumbwitch Tue 05-May-09 16:31:42

ooh, now why would it end in tears?

Anyhoo - I'll add mine in to the mix, today I had a lucky escape - overslept (crap night) and I'd forgotten to check my diary to see if I had any clients this morning - so, I toddled downstairs at 9:10 to discover that I did indeed have a client booked - for 9am! He hadn't turned up, so I phoned him to check whether he had come, knocked on the door and gone away - but no! He had the day wrong in his diary, he thought it was tomorrow. PHEW! for me.

I don't think I'll need to do too much venting, JM - all of my clients are lovely people. The unlovely ones never came back.... grin

MadBadandDangerousToKnow Tue 05-May-09 16:37:48

Here's a lemon drizzle cake, a housewarming gift from the One Child Tea Room. Well, they do say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery! wink

Jacksmama Tue 05-May-09 17:04:32

In that case, I will shameless continue to imitate wink

pramspotter Tue 05-May-09 17:20:38

Just finished 3 14 hour night shifts in a row as one of two staff nurses on a 30 bed medical ward. Kill me now. I cannot wait until dh comes home and takes over with the dc so I can get some sleep.

I'm just on mumsnet trying to stay awake.

treedelivery Tue 05-May-09 18:50:18

Hello people, I brought dips.

By way of coversation, how long before you outed yourself as a hp?

Think I lasted a week.

ProstetnicVogonJeltz Tue 05-May-09 18:53:35

I have giant chocolate buttons.
I did a bank shift yesterday afternoon. Was lovely. Breezed in. looked after some patients. went home. No management shite. No staffing bollocks. No bitching and in fighting and power struggles.

treedelivery Tue 05-May-09 18:58:24

Was it a dream and then you woke up and went to work?

ProstetnicVogonJeltz Tue 05-May-09 19:01:01

No. It was really very nice. I left nursing full time a couple of monhs ago and am now a student midwife. only do occasional nursey bank shifts and thoroughly enjoy them. No more management shite. hurrah.

treedelivery Tue 05-May-09 19:10:30

......student midwife.......

<<faints>> I'm a midwife. How are you? My training was awgul - hope yours better!

<<pats hand>>

corblimeymadam Tue 05-May-09 19:10:32

Message withdrawn

Jacksmama Tue 05-May-09 19:23:35

Hi, I'm back! I'm glad to see this seems to have taken off [hopeful emoticon].

<raises a glass of whatever to all you lovely people>

I have a fairly varied health care background - did one year of pre-med, then got a university degree as a nurse, then, a few years later, switched careers and became a chiropractor. Which I mostly love. Mostly. grin But unlike you, thumb, I have some patients I'd gladly get rid of... all the wishing in the world still hasn't made them leave my practice!

As far as training was concerned, it wasn't too bad in chiro college, but when I was a student nurse, god, it sucked sideways.

Here's a funny story for you: when I was in hospital after having had Jackbaby, I had one of those hallucinatory middle of the night conversations (the painkillers had worn off) with one of my nurses, and I mentioned I'd graduated from <fill in Canadian university> in 1993, and she gasped, "that's where I graduated from last year!!" (which would have been 2007). Next thing that came out of my mouth was "OMG, is that bitch Cheryl P------ still there???" and she shouted "yes!!!"


treedelivery Tue 05-May-09 19:27:43

Have cat you smile

Ah chiros. You saved my dd1 from 3 years of constipation by a simple wringing of the neck. Marvellous.

lal123 Tue 05-May-09 19:34:08

Are us management lot allowed in here too? As long as we don't start talking about performance management/savings/efficiencies etc???

treedelivery Tue 05-May-09 19:36:25

<<passes a slice of cake to lal123, and not the smallest either>>

lal123 Tue 05-May-09 19:41:24


treedelivery Tue 05-May-09 19:42:39

How was your day?

I'm on mat leave, but generally dreading the return. Well, not yet dreading - but I will.

Habbibu Tue 05-May-09 19:43:24

<dashes in, hugs lovely hcps, runs away>

stanausauruswrecks Tue 05-May-09 19:45:21

Thought I'd have a nosey as I heard the rustle of cake wrapper - am another nurse, but currently on mat leave - baby no 2 due in 1 week 6 days,not that I'm counting or anything! Hello grin

treedelivery Tue 05-May-09 19:47:44

Hello! May we call you stan?

And a baby due in our lounge! lovely! Mine's 3 months.

<<Gives bouncy chair a nudge with foot>>

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