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Please advise a soon-to-be-single-parent You Lovely Wise MNers.....

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JeremyVile Fri 06-Jul-07 10:35:39

I seem to be going round in circles here so anyone with experience of this pleeeeease share your wisdom!
The situation is;
Dp and I have agreed to split after almost 7 years (ok, he hasn't technically agreed but hey).
We currently are still under the same roof - this house is owned by his parents.
I am SAHM.
Our finances have always been controlled by him (by mutual consent)and i dont have any savings/assets at all.

OK, so now i need to know what to do next.
I realise i will need to take some sort of benefits at first until i get things sorted and can then return to work, but which ones?
Im not sure what to do re somewhere to live, is it just the case that i find somewhere to rent, that will accept housing benefit? But do i need to apply for the HB first? Would i even be entitled to it?
I'm giving myself a headache even trying to work out which things i might need to think about
I just dont know where to start, I have not been in this situation before and the longer this goes on (partly due to me dragging my feet as im in some kind of mental fug about becoming a single parent)the harder i think its going to be as DP/XDP (?) is using the proximity to make me question myself and my motives for leaving (fair enough as all he wants is for us to remain a family), its already starting to get to me a bit, the guilt is kicking in but i do still know that this is the right thing for me and DS, its also the best thing for him in the end too (he just doesn't realise yet).
The bottom line is, i need to get this sorted but right now i cant see the wood for the trees.
Any advice/inspiration would so gratefully received.

onechild Fri 06-Jul-07 10:50:46

if you become homles you can be place in hostel the get council place retaher than private! dont go private renting housing associations or council and you should e able to get hb, call a few ha they will be ale to send you forms etc

Lolly68 Fri 06-Jul-07 10:51:58

How old are your children?

I'm in a similar situation to you whereas I live in my DP's house which is in his name and he pays all the bills etc. If we split up then I would have to move out and I have no assets/savings either although I do work full-time.

We are not getting on that well either and I tried to find out if I would be entitled to anything from working tax credit and they said I would get about £400 per month so you must be entitled to something if you dont work at all.

If I was you I would pop down to the CAB. They will be able to tell you what you would be entitled to.

onechild Fri 06-Jul-07 10:52:37

sorry that not too clear DONT DO PRIVATE RENTING
ha and council ok though as you will sign contract that protects you/them with legislations
good luck

ShinyHappyPeopleHoldingHands Fri 06-Jul-07 10:56:45

Are you too far down the line for counselling JV? Even if it's you on your own, to help you organise your thoughts.. make sure it IS the "right thing" for you all..?

Speccy Fri 06-Jul-07 10:57:58

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Speccy Fri 06-Jul-07 10:59:35

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

JeremyVile Fri 06-Jul-07 11:02:17

Onechild - do you mean that i would only get HB if i was in social housing?
Because otherwise I wouldn't personally go down the homelessness/hostel route - if only because my ds (15mths) has a safe secure home here and i would not take that security away from him only to end up somewhere that couldn't be our home.
I also think i'd feel a bit helpless if i went down that route, i've spent so long being 'led' i just want to take charge of my own life now as much as possible.
Lolly68 - yes, i think CAB has to be my next stop.

JeremyVile Fri 06-Jul-07 11:06:51

ShinyHappy - Sadly i think that we are too far gone for counselling, too much burying my head in th sand for too long

Speccy - thankyou for the link, glad to hear it ^can all be down!

JeremyVile Fri 06-Jul-07 11:07:18


onechild Fri 06-Jul-07 11:12:32

lots of privte dont take hb, we had low income and was in huse rented through agent dp worked for he wasnt paying dp as much as he originally stated we couldnt aford the rent food nothing so applied for hb he laughed and said no i dont accept hb lots landlords dont as hb are not too reliable when it comes down to independant landlords.
Housing assossiation are really clean and tidy cheaper than private easier to get into than council accept hb your cab will be able to give you list of them

Tinkerbel5 Fri 06-Jul-07 11:19:36

JeremyVile you need to claim Income Support and Child Tax credits as a lone parent, but if you are still in the house when you claim you have to prove that you arent together as a couple, you can go out and privately rent, but a lot of agents now wont rent without a guarantor and at least 1 months rent as a deposit and another 1 months rent in advance, you can go to the council but you will only be offered a hostel, but they might loan you the money for a private rent.

JeremyVile Fri 06-Jul-07 11:20:26

Oh ok.
Thanks for that i'll have a look at housing associations as well then.
Btw, that landlord sounds like a right B'stard.

onechild Fri 06-Jul-07 11:22:14

yep h also followed us out then went to change the locks but a good friend stopped him!

JeremyVile Fri 06-Jul-07 11:22:37

AH, thats a big part of my confusion Tinkerbell, i didn't know if i could apply for these things whilst still being here.
Thanks for that, very helpful.

Tinkerbel5 Fri 06-Jul-07 11:38:26

definately go down to the CAB or welfare rights at your council, they will sit down with you and go through your options, you do have to be in a property before you claim the housing benefit, but if you see one you want the council can do a calculation for you to show you how much rent you will get, dont rent anything bigger than a 2 bedroomed property as you will only get the benefit that suits your needs.

JeremyVile Fri 06-Jul-07 11:50:16

OK, i'm going to CAB on Monday [scaredy-cat emoticon]!

lulumama Fri 06-Jul-07 12:03:00

no advice, but just wanted to say i am sorry you are going through this and i hope it works out in the end x

Speccy Fri 06-Jul-07 12:06:33

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

JeremyVile Fri 06-Jul-07 12:10:35

Thank you Lulu x
Yes, i've made an appt Speccy - the wheels are in motion!

Speccy Fri 06-Jul-07 12:15:02

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

allgonebellyup Fri 06-Jul-07 12:15:04

dont be scared about going to CAB, they are usually lovely and v helpful.

Whereabout do you live?

JeremyVile Fri 06-Jul-07 12:16:35

West London AGBU. Glad to hear they're not ogres!

Tinkerbel5 Fri 06-Jul-07 12:24:10

the CAB are online see if its a help

Lolly68 Fri 06-Jul-07 12:33:28

Good luck. Let us know how you get on. I dont know what I would do if we split up. Dont think would be entitled to anything as I work full time - very scary!

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