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God, why are some mums so bloody dull??

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meandmyflyingmachine Wed 13-Jun-07 16:16:17


Girlie holidays in Ibiza


That kind of weighty topic...

littlelapin Wed 13-Jun-07 16:15:47

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

cupcakes Wed 13-Jun-07 16:15:44

Sounds completely normal to me. I apologise if you find it dull.

It's small talk. It is by nature meaningless.

allgonebellyup Wed 13-Jun-07 16:14:50

i want to discuss hangovers too!!!!

allgonebellyup Wed 13-Jun-07 16:14:17

This is SO TRUE about the middle class school thing! you are so right!

Also i am younger than a lot of them and would rather be discussing my girlie holiday in ibiza, and the tunes i listen to, and the clubs we will go to , and the careers im interested in...
not day to day drudgery

some of these mums i would call friends (sort of)although i do keep my distance at times when the dullness of the conversations make me wanna fall asleep.

there are a couple of dads there i really get on with, they are a good laugh, but they are like outcasts at the school!!

meandmyflyingmachine Wed 13-Jun-07 16:13:51

Yes. In that five minutes snatched first thing in the morning, what weighty topics do you want to debate?

littlelapin Wed 13-Jun-07 16:13:46

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

JeremyVile Wed 13-Jun-07 16:12:13

AGBU, Just out of interest...
Ideally what would you like to discuss with other mums at the school gates?

bobsyouruncle Wed 13-Jun-07 16:07:43

Ah see the mistake you've made is sending your dc to a school popular with middle class families. We live in a far less desirable area and discussed nights out on the drink & the worst hangover we've ever had today in the playground - I'll spare you the details...

NormaStiltonFletcher Wed 13-Jun-07 16:06:24

I met a lovely mum at local mums and tots. I knew the face but had never really had time to talk to her much before then.

Her second sentence to me was 'I am quite worried as I have this op coming up, I am having vaginal reconstructive surgery'. I said something like it will be nice to get a new shiney one.
I knew at that point that we would get along fine...

Desiderata Wed 13-Jun-07 16:06:13

"no jobs to go to"

Cammelia Wed 13-Jun-07 16:06:08

You've told us now though UCM

Dior Wed 13-Jun-07 16:05:39

Message withdrawn

PrincessPeaNips Wed 13-Jun-07 16:05:23

no wonder your fanjo smells of fish UCM

Aloha Wed 13-Jun-07 16:04:39

Well, it's friendly small talk. Trying to find common ground with you. When and if you get to know them better they would probably talk about other things. If you find it dull, why not introduce topics of interest to you.

Lucycat Wed 13-Jun-07 16:04:32

Of course some people do!

Maybe it's just that the playground isn't the right place to discuss world politics with people who they only know on a caual nodding aquaintance basis?

What do you talk about then? or don't you?

UCM Wed 13-Jun-07 16:04:31

NormaStiltonFletcher Wed 13-Jun-07 16:04:18

Do you UCM? - how interesting

UCM Wed 13-Jun-07 16:03:26

Well, you tend to talk to people at the school gates about the reason you are there I spose, which is children.

I would not walk into my local toddler group and tell them that I like anal sex on Sunday mornings, with kippers afterwards IYKWIM.

Dior Wed 13-Jun-07 16:03:10

Message withdrawn

JeremyVile Wed 13-Jun-07 16:02:58

Have you not tried to engage them in more interesting topics.
You obviously have charm - use it

Cammelia Wed 13-Jun-07 16:02:47

allgonebellyup Wed 13-Jun-07 16:01:34

Just need to rant..all the playground/toddler grp conversations seem to revolve around:

- washing,washing machines breaking etc
- does my daughter love ballet, or would she rather do modern? or tap? Oh its so hard to decide, i dont know what to choose,hmm, oh its such a rush after school getting to all these places, blardy blah..
- are you preparing recipes for the school cook book? (er, no)
- OOh are you going to the PTA meeting after school, theyre talking about the new fences that are being put up (yeah like i care!)
-my husband thinks our new 4X4 isnt big enough for the kids, we only have one child but oh we really do need more we have to buy the hugest fukking land rover we can find in london
-we tried to get ds to sleep at 7.15 last night but he was cranky and didnt drop off til 7.30 so i didnt have time to get all my ironing done..blardy blaardy bores...

Does my head in!! dont they have any interests? any ideas of what is happening in the rest of the world? no jobs to go to, or issues to focus on????

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