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Worst Christmas gift FROM dh/dp?

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notlob Sun 26-Oct-03 20:10:00

One Christmas, before we were married, DH got me a stapler, a file box thing ( to keep my bills in) and a hole punch!!!
can you beat that?

Angeliz Sun 26-Oct-03 20:19:46

last year for some strange unknown reason dp got me (among other things) a magnifying glass!!!!!!!!?????????LOL at your hubby notlob!

Eowyn Sun 26-Oct-03 20:24:54

Surely this should be the longest thread ever. Mine doesn't sound so bad, it was getting 2 Oasis CDs, but then again, I did hate Oasis.

lalaa Sun 26-Oct-03 20:37:17

What about a right hand front tyre for the car?? Last Xmas, dd was 6 weeks old and we were v. short of money. I got him the left one.

codswallop Sun 26-Oct-03 20:38:06

a frying pan

notlob Sun 26-Oct-03 20:38:49


sobernow Sun 26-Oct-03 20:39:47

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

SueW Sun 26-Oct-03 22:15:42

An ice-cream maker and a breadmaker - so I could spend less time in the kitchen. Except I had never spent time making either of these things....

You're going to think I'm odd but last year's laminator was fab!!!

Beccarollo Sun 26-Oct-03 22:38:47

MY DP bought me some pyjamas in size 18-20 (Im a 12) when I asked him about it he said he thought it went by ages!! Stupid fool - even so, Im 22 so he still got it wrong!

mears Mon 27-Oct-03 00:06:11

having 4 children and being skint we stopped Xmas presents for a while. Anything I get is a bonus

nyc Mon 27-Oct-03 02:54:46

It was thoughtful, but right after DS was born, DH got me a beautiful bonsai tree. I was suffering from PND, and I was really upset that he got me something else I needed to "care for". The tree is still alive, but at the time, I really wanted to chuck it out the window.

Podmog Mon 27-Oct-03 06:21:32

Message withdrawn

SnoobyKat Mon 27-Oct-03 06:42:04

Excuses! Always have to end up going out to get it myself as he "never has the time", "I'm always with him when we shop", "didn't know what I wanted" (like I don't drop hints!), "didn't know my size", "didn't know we were doing presents this year"! (What!!!) "Better not give to each other or we'll have to get presents for everyone". (Everyone still got something to open if it wasn't big and there were 11 of us). So this is the first year since we got married that extended family is not going to be with us for Christmas, he can go out while DS has his afternoon nap with a list of items together with sizes, descriptions and specifications. So if I don't get at least ONE gorgeously wrapped, beribboned something on Christmas morning I'll....I'll....aaagh!

Grommit Mon 27-Oct-03 09:01:33

'What not to Wear' Trinny and Suzanna book!!! He said it was a joke but I am not sure....!

Twinkie Mon 27-Oct-03 09:14:25

Message withdrawn

handlemecarefully Mon 27-Oct-03 09:39:22

I tell my dh what to get for me - what it lacks in the surprise element, it compensates for because I get what I want!

I usually ask for vouchers for beauty treatments.

bobsmum Mon 27-Oct-03 09:41:46

A mincer

Girly Mon 27-Oct-03 09:58:44

My Step dad got my mum a dust buster! The following year he got her a George Foreman Grill, she was NOT pleased and kept wondering when her real expensive present was going to appear. He was in the dog house for weeks! Mind you they have both come in very handy!

ks Mon 27-Oct-03 10:14:55

Message withdrawn

CraftyCat Mon 27-Oct-03 10:21:41

Clothes hangers. He thought I needed (wanted?) some because I often asked him to bring some downstairs when I was doing the ironing. I despair!

lucy123 Mon 27-Oct-03 10:34:09

ROFL CraftyKat!

the thought's there though.

Me, I'm usually in the same boat as SnoobyKat (get nowt, or get something which has clearly come from the local convenience shop). But he's getting good now.

DebL Mon 27-Oct-03 11:04:41

Last year a Foot Spa!!!!

He said it was tongue in cheek, but I am not convinced.....

hoxtonchick Mon 27-Oct-03 11:07:43

dp always threatens to get my an ironing board cover. it hasn't happened YET.

suedonim Mon 27-Oct-03 11:32:38

My dh is pretty good at coming up with ideas, though I do have enough body lotions to moisturise the Sahara desert.

My boss got his dw a Le Creuset frying pan one year and gave his dil a spanner engaved with her initials!!!

miggy Mon 27-Oct-03 11:33:58

When I was 7mths pregnant with dd (remember how attractive and womanly you feel-not!) He bought me a coconut doormat and a pair of builders kneepads (for gardening!). I had to go into work and I cried all the way in Has worked wonders now-He is so careful about what he buys as I have never let him forget it

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