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When meeting up take sensible precautions. Meet in a public place and let others know where you are going. You can also meet mums on your local site here.

Calling all Big MoFo's, Calling all Big MoFo's

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Kewcumber Wed 11-Jun-08 10:20:03

I need a kick start, I need to bond with my lovely big MOFo's, I need to eat, drink and be merry in person.

Who's up for a meet in July/August?

Eve34 Wed 11-Jun-08 10:45:25

I would love to meet up with some new people, but know one wnats to in Hants. Where are you?

Kewcumber Wed 11-Jun-08 13:56:08

I'm in SW London but I was trying to round up a specific group of BigMoFo's (its another thread) grin.

However you're always welcome to meet me if you get up to London!

JackieNo Wed 11-Jun-08 13:57:28

Me me megrin. I've just negotiated time off in August, so obviously that would suit me bestgrin.

Kewcumber Wed 11-Jun-08 14:01:19

if you see anyone else point then ths way I really need some real hands to hold rather than virtual! And some real arse kicking!

TigerFeet Wed 11-Jun-08 14:02:48

mememememememe grin

<resolves to lose a stone pre meetup wink>

JackieNo Wed 11-Jun-08 14:03:45

I know - I've been slipping gradually but inexorably into the old habits, and putting on everything I've lost. I'm feeling a bit more positive the last couple of days, but who knows how long that will last.

Kewcumber Wed 11-Jun-08 14:05:10

perhaps we should be really anal and arrange to do little presentations like AA - you know

"my name is Kewcumber and I'm a food aholic, its been 3 seconds since I scarfed down a snickers bar"

JackieNo Wed 11-Jun-08 14:07:05

If we were on our own, maybe, but not with the DCs around.

You're all extremely welcome to come to mine again, but I know Littlefish was talking about us going to hers, a while ago. Anywhere I can get to by train is fine by me (well, within reason - I'm not doing a French meet-up, although....)

schneebly Wed 11-Jun-08 14:09:22

might manage one in august smile

Kewcumber Wed 11-Jun-08 14:09:50

ooh really schneebly? grin

JackieNo Wed 11-Jun-08 14:10:54

Wow - that would be fab schneebly - would love to meet up with you grin.

schneebly Wed 11-Jun-08 14:11:16

maybe - would be nice but depends on dates/locations and my funds! Finish working when the school hols start and becoming a poor student!

Kewcumber Wed 11-Jun-08 14:12:04

schneebly I can give you a lift from London if necessary. You can even stay the night at mine if you like (how mad offering someone you've never met a bed in your house! But I feel like I know you!)

schneebly Wed 11-Jun-08 14:12:40

Yes I would really love to meet up with you guys.

Kewcumber Wed 11-Jun-08 14:13:04

I can't do the ewek bofre the August bank holidays (unless you all want to come to Rye and see our rented caravan!)

But I can do any other Friday or Saturday in August.

Kewcumber Wed 11-Jun-08 14:13:41

Would you bring the boys or too expensive?

schneebly Wed 11-Jun-08 14:14:17

Kew that is a very sweet offer - I am all touched! However would have to get to London first grin Can get cheap trains sometimes if booking in advance so will look into it if we get a date sorted.

Kewcumber Wed 11-Jun-08 14:15:40

I just thought if it were cheaper for you to get train/bus/plane to london, then I'm on a tube line and can drive you where ever we end up.

schneebly Wed 11-Jun-08 14:16:28

Yes that might well be the case Kew - thanks smile

TigerFeet Wed 11-Jun-08 14:22:29

Place your orders ladies for:

Coleslaws/potato salads/assorted dressed salads
Salad dressings

(oh and I can get veg from dh but we want the lardy stuff don't we wink)

Schneebly it would be lovely to meet you, I've already met most of the rabble MoFo's so it would be nice to have another face to put to the name

Kewcumber Wed 11-Jun-08 14:26:15

post me the veg - I'll make something fattening from them and bring them with me!

Kewcumber Wed 11-Jun-08 14:28:13

Lets start with Fridays in Aug

August 1

August 8

August 15

August 22 (bank hol weekend)

August 29

schneebly Wed 11-Jun-08 14:28:13

Never met up with any MNetters apart from Lulumama who was a godsend when we relocated and I now see her a lot. Would love to meet the MoFo's grin

schneebly Wed 11-Jun-08 14:28:59

August 1

August 8

August 15

August 22 (bank hol weekend)

August 29

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