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When meeting up take sensible precautions. Meet in a public place and let others know where you are going. You can also meet mums on your local site here.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~SUMMER MUMSNET MEETUP LIVERPOOL SEFTON PARK PALM HOUSE~~Cmon all you northern girlies~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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stoppinattwo Mon 23-Apr-07 21:32:57

Well, following the wonderful success of our last meetup, lets try another park.....

Browny Wed 25-Apr-07 10:29:45

Hi Stoppin, just found this thread and thought I'd better add to it before you got a cob-on!!

When do you suggest? A weekend or during the week like last time?

Nemo2007 Wed 25-Apr-07 11:10:08

yep from me too we wont be going anywhere and A will have no playgroup..arghhhhh

stoppinattwo Wed 25-Apr-07 13:38:42

well during the taking every thursday and friday off, so preferably one of thos days if thats ok, C has footie tournaments over the weekends, but some weekends are flexible, was thinkin july time??

lol at cob on........i thought i was being quite patient

may have a look and see what events are arranged for july time.

they sometimes have good stuff going on

Browny Wed 25-Apr-07 14:59:53

Stoppin, dh is around the last week of July and first two of August, we are hoping to go away but we don't know when or where yet, but if I'm around you can count us all in . Thought you had been very patient, but when I saw you posted yesterday I thought I'd better post quick before you got upset and left MN, you know how touchy people can be!!

Browny Mon 30-Apr-07 09:37:54

Thought I'd bump us up a bit . How is everyone? My dd2 is in the wars... I had to take her to our local walk-in centre last week, she'd been complaining (as usual) about a sore heel, it turned out that she has damaged her ligaments in the foot , she's not happy at all because she's on a 'NO FOOTBALL', 'NO RUNNING' and 'NO RIDING YOUR BIKE' order from the doctor!

Then yesterday we took them to the deer park and she managed to get in the way of her brother playing 'toy golf' and got wacked in the eye , it looks awful today and she can hardly see out of it, it doesn't stop her playing her D.S. lite though and pinching the t.v. remote. Hope everyone else is fine and enjoying this lovely sunshine .

Biglips Thu 03-May-07 09:05:01

lol!!!!....sorry Browny!!....]grin] ive gotta laff....awwwww poor DD2 i can imagine she is freaky out with no FOOTBALL!!!! and a black eye to match - ouch!! - ive got no plans (as usual) so free at anytime!

JaamyBunny Thu 03-May-07 22:14:31

ooooh, just spotted this. Not been on MN much cos of the beautiful weather.

As usual, we'll be available most Thurs and Fris in June, July and Aug, except for one Fri in July when we're in Centerparcs but I can't remember what date! [stupid mummy emoticon]

Hope everyone ok. Have been scanning the other threads but not had time to post.

JaamyBunny Thu 03-May-07 22:16:04

at your poor DD2, Browny. But it doesn't sound like it's bothering her much!

Nemo2007 Sat 05-May-07 21:45:20

Ooooo Jaamy when are you going to centre parcs???? Just wondering as we might be at whinfell the weekend of the 20th july!!

Biglips Tue 08-May-07 16:20:48

hope u all had a nice bank holiday as we did as went swimming and also for a meal after...i was virtually ill!!! as usually have starters and meain meal but i had wine, heavy apple crumble with thick custard and had irish coffee!!

Browny Tue 08-May-07 19:21:53

Biglips, I bet you had a lovely snooze after putting away that lot!.

We went to the caravan for a long weekend, did a little bbq for our tea on Friday night and the kiddies loved the discos on Saturday and Sunday night . The gales started in the middle of the night on Saturday and the caravan was rocking a bit (due the the wind and nothing else I'll have you know {grin].

Lucky you Jammy and Nemo going off to Centre Parks, we've nothing booked for the summer hols yet, suppose we'd better get our skates on!

Biglips Wed 09-May-07 21:57:59

ooh yes..had a good meal

Anyone fancy grandmas next friday??

JaamyBunny Wed 09-May-07 23:57:29

Browny and BL - sounds like you had nice bank holidays.

After J went to her first ballet lesson [jaamy wipes away proud tear from eye], we went to visit my aunt in staffordshire and enjoyed the sunshine drinking wine in her back garden. Was a bit of a mad house as my sister and her brood and my mum were also there.

BL - I love the way you do something really healthy followed by something really naughty - gym and cream cakes, swimming and big meal and Irish coffee...yum!

Browny, wasn't even a little bit of the rocking caused by you? cheeky

Nemo - we are in CP a couple of weeks before you but don't worry, we we'll try not to wreck the place. Have a happy time tomorrow picking up your new car!

Would love to go to Grandmas next fri but can't sorry, BL. I have a very good excuse though...WE'RE ON HOLIDAY!!!

Yes, finally our holiday has arrived and we depart on sat for 2 whole weeks! Don't know what I'll do when it's over - has been keeping me going for the last 6 months

Busy trying to pack the whole house into 3 suitcases...unsucessfully.

Will go quiet now for a couple of weeks but will be back tanned and rested (or as rested as you can be after a fortnight chasing around 2 toddlers) and ready for our meet up at Farmer Ted's so you'd all better have decided a date...or else!

Take care all

JaamyBunny Thu 10-May-07 00:25:26

Nemo - have posted on your Mile for Maud thread. Hope it all goes well on sat and the rain stays away.

Browny Thu 10-May-07 09:37:08

Hi Jammy, have a wonderful holiday, I can't remmeber where you said you were going, but enjoy yourselves! Cheeky you hinting about the rocking caravan.... it's impossible to get up to any thing of the sort with four children in a space the size of a shoebox! It's ds2's birthday next Friday, can't believe he'll be 3! He's not well today, he was asking to go to bed yesterday afternoon (he hasn't asked for an afternoon sleep for months) and he fell asleep in his pram after the school run. He woke up early this morning with a temperature, so I've dosed him up and he's alseep now in our bed with dh .

Biglips, I can't make next Friday as it's ds2's birthday, I'll probably be dashing around tidying the house ready for visiting relatives. I could meet you any other day next week though, apart from Wednesday..

Biglips Thu 10-May-07 23:15:20

hiya everyone

yes Jaamy - awful arent I? as esp me being at the gym but i stuffed my face - never again!.

ok so everyone is busy next about Tues? as thats the only day im free next week x

anyway off to bed for an early nite

nite nite xx

Biglips Thu 10-May-07 23:16:55

oh browny - u not on msn anymore?? or not got the time?

rachfran Thu 10-May-07 23:27:53

Bowny what a coincidence - it's my DD 2nd birthday on friday.

Browny Fri 11-May-07 16:57:39

Rachfran, that is a coincidence , what have you got planned for her? I've got family coming for a tea party for him, maybe even a bbq too if the weather is nice.

Biglips, I can meet you on Tuesday if you like . Oh and since nearly losing everything on my computer when my dd1 accidentally downloaded a nasty virus, I haven't reinstalled MSN, I will get around to doing it when my dd1 has finished her SATs next week.

Biglips Sat 12-May-07 00:25:43

ok browny... 11.30 - 12 is ok?

Browny Sat 12-May-07 08:37:04

Biglips - that's fine, see you then . Nemo, can you make it too?

Nemo2007 Sat 12-May-07 08:41:19

I probably can,in fact will say yes as after being trapped this week I neeed to get

Mile for Maude today for anyone who is coming will see you later!!

SNOWBall4girlz Sat 12-May-07 08:52:59

hi girls will keep an eye on this thread
up for meet up x
thinking about the walkers today hope the weather picks up

Nemo2007 Sat 12-May-07 08:54:08

I shall tentatively say the sun is out at the minute

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