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Starting again, again, again...

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ChesterDrawers Sun 04-Sep-16 09:18:51

After getting back from hol on Saturday morning, I have got straight back on BC. My weight is pretty much what it was this time last year and I am now a stone heavier than I was at Christmas, which is incredibly disappointing. I feel dreadful, no energy, wobbly, a mouth full of ulcers and am desperate for some good food.

Yesterday I had:
Late B: scrambled eggs and butter, two slices of bacon and mushrooms fried in butter
L: Bovril
D: chicken curry, made with chick thighs, tinned toms, shallot, garlic, spices, coconut milk, cauli rice fried in butter

I also had half a bottle of red wine we brought back from France, just to finish it off but no more <eyes bulging wine rack>

Today I'm planning:

B: as above
L: probs as above, don't tend to do lunch at weekends, as eat early with DS
D: chicken fajitas in romaine lettuce with peppers (not too many), shallots, avocado, sour cream, little bit of salsa and grated cheddar

I've done a complete plan for the week too and shopped accordingly so there should be no excuses for not sticking with it.

Loubilou09 Mon 05-Sep-16 08:03:20

I am in, heavier than I have been my entire life sad I lost a bit before the summer holidays but have put the whole lot back on.

I am going shopping this morning!

Good luck smile

ChesterDrawers Mon 05-Sep-16 13:08:42

Good luck to you too Loubilou

Today's food is:
B: Eggs, butter
L: Roast chicken thighs with skin, salad, HM mayo
D: A sort of beef stroganoff with beef, stock, mushrooms, shallots, garlic and cream, cauli rice fried in butter

I'm already through a litre of water and aiming for another this afternoon, then just one left for the evening. First day back in work after the hols though so avoiding consolation wine will be tough - good job my willpower is still going strong!

ChesterDrawers Tue 06-Sep-16 10:09:25

On day 4 already and down 3lb since Saturday. Feeling tonnes better for it too.

Today's plan:
B: Butter, eggs, splosh of cream
L: Tuna, avocado, salad, mayo
D: Salmon wrapped in parma ham and cooked in butter, cauli 'steaks' in lemon and garlic drizzle, asparagus roasted in olive oil.

DH away today so no chance for excercise, but will run tomorrow.

Loubilou09 Tue 06-Sep-16 11:32:08

Day 2 for me, already had 2 scrambled eggs with cheese and 3 little chicken satay sticks. Aiming for tuna salad for lunch and spag bog without the spag for dinner.

Nothing lost yet but also a litre of water down.

ChesterDrawers Wed 07-Sep-16 09:39:17

Another good day yesterday and the scales dropped again this morning, despite the arrival of AF overnight, so I am mightily chuffed about that.

DH has been eating LC too and has dropped 7lbs since Saturday (despite having mango yesterday!!!!). Officially I hate him, but obviously |I'm pleased he's doing well. I've been trying to get him on the LC wagon for ages now and it's much easier when we all eat the same and he isn't bringing sugar into the house every day.

Today's plan:
B: eggs, butter
L: salmon with pesto, salad, HM mayo
D: Tesco finest sausages, swede mash with butter, roast broccoli

Going for a run at lunchtime too as working from home today.

ChesterDrawers Thu 08-Sep-16 09:17:41

Scales still looking good and I am feeling much better in myself.

Nearly killed myself with a run yesterday though, I'd forgotten that awful sensation of having zero energy you get n the first few weeks of LC. So of course, I've booked myself on to a lunchtime exercise class today - what could possibly go wrong with that?!

Today's plan:
B: Eggs, butter, splosh of cream
L: Broccoli and Roquefort soup, two left over sausages with mayo
D: Pork kebabs, hm coleslaw, salad

readyforno2 Thu 08-Sep-16 09:24:18

Can I join in Chester?

I've never been so angry with myself. Lost over 6 stone in 2014 for my wedding. I've put 3 back on. It's so frustrating

Anyway, going to Mexico for Christmas so need to turn things around.

B ff yog and double cream
L mince and mashed turnip
D ff yog and double cream (I always struggle for time on a Wednesday, go to a personal trainer then aerobics straight after. Never feel like eating when I come in)

B mushrooms fried in butter
L (probably) mashed turnip with cheese
D ??

I need to get back in the habit of drinking enough water, aiming for 3l today

SteviebunsBottrittrundle Thu 08-Sep-16 10:07:56

Can I join too please? I have some 'baby weight' baby is nearly two still to lose. I was too heavy than I would like to be even pre-baby so, in my heart of hearts, I know I'd like to get down to my most comfortable weight which is about 2 stone lighter than I am now.

Breakfast today was:

Grilled bacon, sautéed mushrooms and fried eggs, coffee with FF milk (off to buy bulletproof coffee ingredients later today). Now having a matcha green tea.

Lunch: I was planning a Niçoise salad sans spuds but I might actually save that for tomorrow and have lamb steak with cauli mash at lunch time.

Dinner: roast chicken and avocado salad

Snacks: raspberries & cream / Greek yoghurt / ham / cheese

Feeling really determined today. I can't carry on feeling heavy and unhealthy.

Good luck everyone else.

SteviebunsBottrittrundle Thu 08-Sep-16 10:10:27

Also planning to do Davina McCall fit in 15 dvd today. I've found it really beneficial in the past.

QueenJuggler Thu 08-Sep-16 10:17:47

Can I join too? My weight gain was due to medical reasons (steroids for a persistent injury, and then an enforced period of no exercise after an operation which has got me out of the habit) - but now that I'm off the medication, it's not shifting.

I have almost 3 stone to lose to get back to my pre-injury weight sad

I'm going to do some menu planning and batch cooking this weekend, and fill the freezer with low-ish carb foods. Carbs are the killer for me - and wine. But I'm not about to give up the wine. So I'm thinking a combination of MFP calorie counting, with a lower (but not Atkins level) carb limit than usual.

I am about to start running again (C25K here I come), and I love Zumba.

ChesterDrawers Thu 08-Sep-16 13:56:33

Oooh, buddies smile welcome to my little thread. Happy to have anyone along for the ride, I felt a bit weird joining the ongoing BC thread when I only lasted about two days into the summer BC.

Ready I remember you and your lovely wedding photos. Don't feel cross with yourself, we've all done it. YOu know what you have to do, you know it works and it sounds like you are ready in your mind to tackle it. And you have a fab sounding holiday to spurr you on too!

Stevie my 'baby weight' baby has just started Year 1 blush so you are certainly not alone on that one!

Queen this week I menu-planned every single meal and bought just what I needed. So far it's worked well and the only additional thing I've had to buy is milk for DS (I don't drink it LC or not).

I am just back from my lunchtime excercise class and pleased to say I survivied. Only just, mind, but survivied I did! Having lunch now before a fun afternoon of meetings - oh joy!

readyforno2 Thu 08-Sep-16 21:58:25

Ahhh!! I hate this app, everytime I go into something else it takes me back to the active screen. I just wrote out a huge post and it's gone angry

Anyway, thanks Chester.

Lunch ended up as a cheese omelette.
Dinner was lamb steak with haloumi (sp) kebabs

My friend and I have started a wee challenge, we both go to the same pt so have given him £20 each, first to lose a stone - winner takes all.
Is it wrong that I'm considering ubercamp for a few days?

ChesterDrawers Fri 09-Sep-16 07:39:17

That sounds like a great incentive Ready! And I think a few days of über camp could be a good start. Go for it, but don't deprive yourself too much - that way, bingeing lies (for me, at least).

I'm doing ok but have been so tired. The last two nights I've been in bed by 9pm. Couldn't even face eating tea last nigh! I was that knackered. Hoping this will pass soon, now I'm on day 7. Also aching from yesterday's class - ouch!

Today's plan is a bit dairy heavy and I think it doesn't do me any favours in the weightloss dept:

B: eggs, butter
L: brocolli and Roquefort soup
D: celeriac tartiflette with Camembert I brought back from France last week <drool>

SteviebunsBottrittrundle Fri 09-Sep-16 09:18:27


Oh I'm so jealous of the Camembert chester! I've been craving baked Camembert this morning.

Breakfast this morning was scrambled eggs with a handful of cheese mixed in and a cup of builders tea with FF milk. I need to get cream for tea and coffee but making do with FF milk for now.

Lunch will probably be chicken and avocado salad or tuna salad

Dinner I'm not sure about yet but will see what I can find on offer at the supermarket. I quite fancy this low carb hamburger stack thing one of my friends who does LCHF made and sent me a picture of. It looked delicious - was a burger then a slice of avocado, a thin slice of tomato, grilled halloumi, more avocado and another burger. Will do a big mixed salad with it. Either that or maybe some stir fried seafood with garlic, wine and cream on some sautéed spinach.... Sorry for the essay - I'm enjoying my food at the moment, can you tell wink? I always love the food on LCHF for the first couple of days before I get a bit sick of it. Just have to ride that part out though, and I know I'll love it again.

Good luck today everyone!

ChesterDrawers Fri 09-Sep-16 09:34:57

Mmm that burger stack sounds good Stevie. I've got burger on the menu for tomorrow night so may have to adapt my usual recipe cheddar and bacon

I am feeling really full at the minute, that strange vanishing appetite that only comes with LC. Going to try and go for a big breakfast tomorrow then see if I can last out til teatime. I used to manage this fine int he past, so will see how I go. Can always have a BPC to keep me going if needs be.

readyforno2 Fri 09-Sep-16 12:32:50

Wow Stevie. That sounds delicious.

I'd forgotten how much I love this woe. Although I really miss fruit, just had two segments of Ds' orange and it was so juicy..

Über camp starts on Monday, anyone else in?
I agree though Chester, if I do that for too long I will absolutely fall into the carbs face first!

ChesterDrawers Fri 09-Sep-16 13:09:02

Do you know, I am really not bothered by fruit. In fact, it's nice to have an excuse not to eat it.

I will give uber camp a miss for now, I'm rubbish - when something feels too much like a diet, I rebel in grand style! Happy to cheer you on from the sidelines though.

<waves pompoms at Ready>

SteviebunsBottrittrundle Fri 09-Sep-16 13:17:33

Happy to cheer too, but I also don't seem to respond well if I try to really restrict my diet. I imagine I would end up falling off the wagon straight into a mountain of cake and chips!

I just had homemade mushroom stroganoff and green salad and then (a bit naughty) a big bowl of raspberries with cream for pudding blush. I've worked out the carbs and it's 12g net (or 24g total) which isn't wonderful but could be worse. I'm aiming for between 20 & 50g per day, so maybe today will be on the higher end.

I have also just bought the ingredients for my burger stack to have this evening! Really looking forward to that.

I'm so glad it's weekend. It's felt like a bit of a long week for some reason. Hope everyone is having a happy Friday!

ChesterDrawers Sun 11-Sep-16 16:45:36

Fucking shit, I am! Ended up in the pub drinking three glasses of wine yesterday afternoon then came home via the chippy. I won't go into details but it was NOT low carb and I am seriously pissedd off with myself today. I know I am responsible for what goes in my mouth but I am so cross. Not eaten yet today in punishment, even though I know that's not a good idea either. Sigh...

Plan for tea is HM burgers with cheese and bacon, coleslaw and swede chips

SteviebunsBottrittrundle Sun 11-Sep-16 19:21:59

Argh chester, I've fucked up too sad angry. I did my workout dvd this morning, so didn't have time for breakfast before we went out for a family meet up. We got to the place we were having lunch and there was a very limited menu. I was ravenous by then and didn't want to make a fuss at a family thing, so ended up having a roast dinner with potatoes and Yorkshire pudding blush.

Tomorrow is a new day though and I'm taking the view that it's a marathon not a sprint. I want to change my W.O.E. for good, so arguably, one day isn't a big deal in the grand scheme of things. I don't want to do it again though, so I will be making a big effort to plan like hell for these sorts of events. Stupidly assumed every restaurant has a steak and salad on offer. Not so!

On a side note, I read that alcohol makes you feel more drunk when you are low carbing, so you probably didn't stand a chance saying no to a chippy stop after a few wines! I know I wouldn't have either smile.

readyforno2 Sun 11-Sep-16 22:56:54

Ok, ok. I kinda fell off the wagon too.
Haven't actually eaten anything too bad corn on the cob but I had a couple of glasses of wine tonight.
In my defence, my cousin is moving to New Zealand on Tuesday so we had a wee family meal to say goodbye to him. My 9yo ds cried for ages on the way home, partly because of me I think cause he doesn't really see me cry (apart from the X Factor and stuff) sad

SteviebunsBottrittrundle Mon 12-Sep-16 08:23:14

Morning all!

So after the roast dinner of shame wink blush I am actually feeling quite motivated today. Usually that blip would have resulted in me pushing the fuck it button and going off the rails for days! Trying to see the positives smile.

My meal plan for today is:

Breakfast: boiled eggs and a coffee with double cream

Lunch: butternut squash and herb soup with double cream

Dinner: egg-fried cauliflower rice with stir fried pork and prawns

Snacks: cheese or strawberries and cream (I have lots of cream to use)!

ChesterDrawers Mon 12-Sep-16 09:49:05

I got back on it yesterday too Stevie. I'm the same, one blip normally spells disaster but I had a good day, albeit only one meal and a glass of wine to finish the bottle.

Today's plan:

B: Eggs, butter
L: last of the broccoli and Roquefort soup
D: slow cooker chicken thighs in tomatoes, mushrooms, courgette, shallot and garlic, with cauli rice in butter

ChesterDrawers Tue 13-Sep-16 08:11:44

Scales are back where they were pre-chipgate, so pleased with that. Got scary gym class again today, but this time I know what to expect!

Today's plan:
B: eggs, butter
L: Tuna, salad, mayo
D: chicken in parma ham, asparagus, roast cauli

Got BBQ on Saturday and desperately trying to find something to wear. This is when I get cross with myself because I know I will feel rubbish when I am out and surrounded by loads of slim lovely looking people, and i know it could be me if only i could stick to this damn diet. I always feel like I never quite get it right - either too overdressed or not dressed enough. Sigh sad

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