January IVF abroad anyone else making plans...

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Pumpkin18 Sat 17-Nov-18 21:18:54

We are planning IVF in Czech in January and will start meds around 2nd January! It's our first ever cycle so I am very nervous about the injections etc. Just wondering if anyone else in the same boat and where you are having treatment?

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Viletta Sat 24-Nov-18 14:20:14

Hi, we've had one failed IVF in the UK and now looking at options abroad. I've heard a lot of positive things about clinics in Chezh so considering it for spring. Which one did you decide to go for?

The injections for me were not bad at all. Not painful, no bruises, no moodiness. The whole procedure was absolutely fine too. It's more of an emotional roller coaster but I can't wait to try again. Good luck!

Pumpkin18 Sun 25-Nov-18 07:28:14

@Viletta we are going to Reprofit clinic in Brno

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Viletta Sun 25-Nov-18 09:17:20

We are planning to go there in March-April! Heard lots of good things about it. Good luck with your journey! Let me know how it goes smile

KatnissMellark Sun 25-Nov-18 09:21:51

I'm hoping to go to reprofit in Brno in the next few weeks of my period plays ball! Hoping to start stims on 1 Dec, using norethisterone to hold off period for a few days and just hoping I can time it right. If not we'll be there in January.

Pumpkin18 Sun 25-Nov-18 10:07:36

I'm on birth control pill to time this cycle and next. We've already booked flights etc for 12th Jan so hoping I come on around 2nd or 3rd Jan and will start stims then

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Twickerhun Sun 25-Nov-18 16:20:03

Pumpkin I just wanted to say I was in your shoes two years ago.

One round of ivf in Brno in the January got us 4 embryos - one fresh implant is now my DS sleeping in his push chair and a second frozen embryo transfer is now my 5 month old dD sleeping in my arms. We still have two embryos in the freezer on the Czech republic.

I hope to pass on all my best success thoughts and wishes to you all, hope you have an amazing an experience as we did.

Reprofit were lovely to us.

KatnissMellark Sun 25-Nov-18 23:40:19

That's so fab to hear Twickerhun I hope we all have as much success as you

Maybe2019 Mon 03-Dec-18 01:25:17

Hi All,

I've only recently heard about Reprofit. We're due to see Serum in Athens in Jan. Anyone have any feedback and success stories with Serum?

I might get in touch with Reprofit to have another option!

AniSL Mon 03-Dec-18 21:33:19

We are heading back to Newlife in Greece in Jan for FET.

twinkledag Tue 04-Dec-18 23:09:03

@Maybe2019 - I had a failed cycle at Serum. 5 blastos but 4 failed and 1 ended in miscarriage. They were lovely but I'll be going to Reprofit as Serum don't do PGD and I can't go through the hell of miscarrying and a failed cycle again.

Pumpkin18 Tue 04-Dec-18 23:43:10

I just received my meds this week, will be starting first ever cycle the first week in January and heading out to Reprofit on 12th

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Maybe2019 Wed 05-Dec-18 21:45:57

@twinkledag I am so sorry for your loss. I can't imagine what you went through. I am not going to lie to you, the thought of miscarrying scares the life out of me sad

I am literally looking into PGD now as you've mentioned it. I had one failed IVF in London 3 and half years ago. The cycle itself was horrible, I didn't stimulate well to the medication, only 4 follicles were the recommended size and then the surgeon couldn't access my left ovary and ended up with only 1 egg! Considering all that, the egg was a high grade and transferred on day 3 but unfortunately ended with a BFN.

The bigger issue for me now is I have a low ovarian reserve and I may need multiple IVF's... If you don't mind me asking, is there any fertility factors for you? Oh and we also have low motility.

Maybe2019 Wed 05-Dec-18 21:51:13

Any fertility factors for choosing IVF?

Ours is Low motility and Low ovarian reserve.

twinkledag Wed 05-Dec-18 22:32:13

My DH has low morphology and I'm 40 soon so egg quality may be an issue? Although I recently had my AMH done and it was in a good range for my age.

Rememberallball Wed 05-Dec-18 23:17:44

We’re flying out to Cyprus for donor egg ivf in January. Had one cycle last year which produced 12 fertilised eggs, at d3 there were 8 embryos and, when frozen at d5, 4 good embryos. 3 survived thawing and were transferred but cycle was unsuccessful.

We should have had treatment much earlier this year but circumstances got in the way and we had to postpone until now.

I am on the pill at the moment to help sync my cycle with that of the egg donor. This finishes Christmas Day and then I have to wait for my next cycle to start then we will fly out around cd11 or 12.

Good luck to everyone else x

Maybe2019 Wed 05-Dec-18 23:40:12

@twinkledag I am approaching 38 and my AMH was 2.7pmol/l 6 months ago. I was told that it is low for my age but Serum don't seem to be too concerned about that. They said it's the egg and sperm quality that is important.

How many IVF's have you had so far?

Maybe2019 Wed 05-Dec-18 23:46:44

@rememberallball Good luck with your cycle in January!

I haven't decided exactly when to start IVF. Going for our initial assessment early Jan so will have to wait to see the findings.

It's unfortunate we can't consider donor as it's against our religion. I have read a lot of success stories with donor eggs so hopefully you'll have good news yourself soon too smile

Rememberallball Thu 06-Dec-18 07:31:54

@Maybe2019, we were advised straight away by the NHS that we would need donor egg IVF as my AMH was 0.85nmol/L and because I was already over 40 they said there was little or no chance of natural conception. That was 4+ years ago and I am rapidly approaching 47 so time really isnt on our side. We started out private journey 2 years ago but, more than once, life circumstances have got in the way delaying our planned cycles.

I’m sorry you can’t consider donor eggs but understand when a faith prevents it. I hope that your assessment goes well and you find a clinic that treats you with compassion and respect as well as giving you the success your deserve xx

AniSL Thu 06-Dec-18 09:33:38

We started our journey after lots od research with Newlife in Greece, I had a good AMH at 21.8 and FSH at 4, Serum told me I had poor egg quality and this was the reason we had been unsuccessful, Newlife tokd me they cant see egg quality until they physically have the egg in front of them. NHS clinics told us no chance of a biological child for DH as he is completely azoospermic.
DH has TESE at Newlife and they found good quality sperm, our first cycle resulted in no day 5 blasts, second cycle we have 4 4AA 5 day blasts, all on ice and going back in Jan to have our FET.

Maybe2019 Thu 06-Dec-18 15:08:17

@rememberallbal Thank you. I hope so too. Like my username Maybe2019 is our year! Xx

Maybe2019 Thu 06-Dec-18 15:11:34

@anisl Oh wow, amazing results of your second cycle! Wishing you all the best with FET smile

twinkledag Thu 06-Dec-18 23:03:00


I've had 3 cycles and 6 transfers. 1 DS from first cycle FET. Had 3 transfers - Dec 17, Mar 17 and Jun 18. Miscarriage - Apr 18. 😢

twinkledag Thu 06-Dec-18 23:03:41

Good luck to all 

Maybe2019 Sun 09-Dec-18 10:47:08

@twinkledag Awww you poor thing sad

I really hope things work out on your cycle with Reprofit. At least with the PGD testing you'll have possible answers and recommendation for future cycles. I wish you all the best hun xx

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