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Anybody NOT like their memory foam mattress?

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AllBuggiedOut Wed 24-Feb-10 09:55:35

DH & I bought a latex memory mattress from John Lewis before Christmas. In the shop it seemed really comfortable, the first night I slept on it was fantastic, but then I started waking in the night uncomfortable with lower back pain. Friends said not to worry, it takes a while to get used to memory foam, but 3 months later although I'm not waking in the night any more, in the mornings my lower back is very painful. Has anyone else had this experience? I've phoned John Lewis to ask for advice and they're sending somebody round to check that the mattress isn't faulty, but I doubt it is; I think it just doesn't suit me sad. Don't know what to do as we can't really afford to buy another mattress.

nickytwotimes Wed 24-Feb-10 09:57:01

I hate them.

I borrowed one for a while and it really aggrevated my back pain.

COuld you turn it over and sleep ont eh other side?

Pineapplechunks Wed 24-Feb-10 10:00:16

I don't own one but have slept on one a few times and I really didn't like it. Made me feel like I was stuck and if I did move I felt like I was falling off.

If you really hate it you could try to sell it and buy yourself a normal one? Prob wouldn't get much for a second hand mattress though even if it is a memory foam one.

PotPourri Wed 24-Feb-10 10:02:09

Oh we got one, and hated it. Have since got rid of it. DH had terrible lower back problems as a result, and I just found it so sweaty and uncomfortable (it doesn't breathe!).

see if you can get it changed for something else - don't tell them that you don't think it is faulty btw. In theory it should not be giving you a sore back!

AllBuggiedOut Wed 24-Feb-10 10:11:37

Trying the other side is a really good idea, thanks nickytwotimes. I'll see what the John Lewis insepector says, and of course won't tell them I don't think it's faulty. Interesting to know that other people have had similar back problems. And I agree, Pinapple, I don't suppose people would want a second hand mattress.

PotPourri Wed 24-Feb-10 10:26:23

We tried turning ours too, but the springs were quite jaggy, it's not really designed to be turned over for obvious reasons, so they don't do the normal thick layered outer. Worth a shot though

AllBuggiedOut Wed 24-Feb-10 11:29:23

Ok. Wonder if we might get away with turning and putting a topper on...

MarineIguana Wed 24-Feb-10 11:32:19

We had one for a while, it was OK at first but eventually went too squashy and there was a "rolling off" effect at the edges.

But then we got a proper one and DP finds that too firm. It's a bit of a minefield getting the right mattress and you can't take them back.

babyOcho Wed 24-Feb-10 11:36:57

Hated it. We bought one and tried it a few days (plastic still on it) and ended up sleeping on the sofa bed until we got it replaced.

AllBuggiedOut Wed 24-Feb-10 12:23:26

I'm presuming that unless it's faulty they won't take it back - which I know is entirely reasonable, but sadly that doesn't make me feel any better about losing £850 sad

amazonianwoman Wed 24-Feb-10 12:30:06

What sort of base is it on?

Memory foam mattresses are meant to be placed on a flat base and not a sprung base. If it's on a sprung base (ie the wooden slats that sort of curve upwards slightly when there is no mattress on the bed) it won't work properly. A firm flat divan would be OK.

We put ours (a thick 25cm one) on our sprung base and I had lower back pain and it felt too saggy. As recommended on a mattress website we bought some pegboard (like plywood but with lots of holes in to let air circulate) to cover the sprung slats and the difference is unbelievable. Even lying completely on my front I don't get any back pain now. I love it!

DH can tell the difference and he could sleep on a bed of nails.

You can get pegboard cut to size from most wood suppliers.

amazonianwoman Wed 24-Feb-10 12:31:33

Oh, and pegboard was only £35 for a superking size bed, so not a huge investment if JL won't take it back.

BendyBob Wed 24-Feb-10 12:40:45

I bought a pillow once and it convinced me I'd never get on with a mattress.

AllBuggiedOut Wed 24-Feb-10 13:00:13

It's on tatami mats on a futon base. So completely flat, firm and breathable.

LouIsOnAHighwayToHell Wed 24-Feb-10 13:03:47

I hate it! It gives me back pain. I have to go lie on the floor and stretch for 10 minutes every day when I sleep on it.

amazonianwoman Wed 24-Feb-10 13:04:42

Oh sad Let's hope that John Lewis live up to their good reputation then.

Have to say that I tried the JL one in store when I was researching (did huge amount of research) and found it too soft - even the (probably too honest) JL mattress adviser said it wasn't that great a memory foam mattress shock

Not that this helps your situation sorry!

Good luck - I have a feeling they'll come up trumps...

AllBuggiedOut Wed 24-Feb-10 13:25:20

Thanks. Such a disappointment after we'd been sleeping on our lumpy old futon mattress for years and finally could afford a new one. I was so excited! Oh well, fingers crossed John Lewis have a solution...

amazonianwoman Wed 24-Feb-10 14:47:54

Are tatami mats solid ie plywood solid and not flexible?

Remind JL that all good mattress companies (Tempur, Sealy) have 90ish day trial period grin

Bella32 Wed 24-Feb-10 14:54:16

Am sure JL will sort it out - they are normally so good wink

DH and I both have bad lower backs and we're sleeping brilliantly on our new memory foam mattress. It's an especially firm 'ortho' one on a wooden base - maybe that makes the difference?

Hope you get it sorted.

thumbwitch Wed 24-Feb-10 14:57:30

I only had a 2" topper and had to give up with it. It caused dreadful aggravation of my low back problems - because my back needs to straighten out at night after a day of compression, and the memory foam just allows your back to stay in the position it is when you go to sleep (i.e. no stretching and straightening out). The first night wasn't so bad but after a few nights I was in agony so got rid of it. DH loves it mind; it just does me no good.

Ditto a client of mine with low back problems - exactly the same scenario; and an osteopath who I worked with and who also has low back problems had the full Tempur mattress and had to send it back.

If your mattress is a Tempur one, then they offer a 60day no quibble refund - oh just seen that amazonianwoman has said that too (I thought it was only 60 days though) so you might be all right.

Blu Wed 24-Feb-10 15:03:22

I fnd ours comfortable except that it is so hot. Far hotter than a normal mattress.

I would be surprised if you can get a refund, but you may get a v good second hand price since it is so new?

Chunkyrice Wed 24-Feb-10 17:29:50

Hate them.
My osteo says they're no good for bigger people. My big bum sinks into the foam, rather than being supported, so it puts my back out of alignment.

It all started going wrong mid way through pregnancy, and hasn't improved 2.5 years later.

AllBuggiedOut Wed 24-Feb-10 23:12:37

I don't think the mats flex - I guess the John Lewis insepctor they send round will tell us if the base isn't right. I don't want to be buy a new base though unless I'm 100% certain it will be OK.

It's not a Tempur one, it's John Lewis' own, and all the literature it came with said that they don't accept returns of mattresses unless there's a fault.

Really interesting comments here, thanks all.

amazonianwoman Thu 25-Feb-10 10:09:19

Why not just try sleeping on it on the floor? Doesn't sound like it's going to make a difference if the mats are solid, but worth a try?

dreamingofsun Thu 25-Feb-10 11:00:33

you aren't suppossed to turn them over. don't know why but this is a big no. we have them in all our beds as we can't get other mattresses up the stairs in our poorly designed new house

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