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Miele washing machine anyone?

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lolalotta Thu 21-Mar-13 21:01:06

So I need a new machine, I started a thread earlier about getting a Bosch, but was wondering if a Miele would be worth the extra ponds!!! John Lewis has one for £689.00... Gulp!

bootsycollins Thu 21-Mar-13 21:04:49

Well worth it, my second best choice would be a Zanussi. I love my Miele, has a 32 minute 40 degree quick wash cycle that I use most of the time, has a lovely hand wash delicates cycle too which is really handy. I've got a Miele dishwasher too which is also fabulous.

onedogandababy Thu 21-Mar-13 21:09:35

yep I love mine too, twas v v expensive but I got a 10 yr warranty with it, and my parents still have the one they bought when I was still at school (I'm now 39). well worth the money if you have it!

mikey9 Thu 21-Mar-13 21:13:01

We went with teh cheaper Meile - still £600 but 10 year warranty!!

How much do you pay for a warrant on a £300 washer with 2 yrs std warrnty over 10 years....and I like the idea that they are prepared to put a 10 yr warranty on it in the first place.......

We are 4 years in - have put washable nappies for two through (daily washes or multiple dailies at times) and not a sniff of a prob so far (touches wood...)

lolalotta Thu 21-Mar-13 21:17:02

I think the one I am looking at might come with a 5 year guarantee too ( not sure the link on the John Lewis website isn't working properly!)

BLOO3Z Thu 21-Mar-13 21:25:28

Very reliable had mine for years dI'd wonder too about price but it was worth it.

Chottie Thu 21-Mar-13 21:28:18

Another Miele fan here! I have a washing machine, dryer, dishwasher and vacuum cleaner

emsyj Thu 21-Mar-13 21:28:39

We bought one in 2003 that we used until the end of 2006 before we moved out of that house and rented it out - has been used by tenants ever since, touch wood never gone wrong... We bought another when we bought the house we live in now, never gone wrong <touches more wood>. My DMum bought one when I was in 6th form at school and it's still going strong now - 16 years later. No repairs or problems.

We (and DMum) have bought the most basic (i.e. cheapest) available model.

FOURBOYSUNDER6 Thu 21-Mar-13 23:30:39

Yes Yes Yes !
I invested in one after going through 3 washing machine in 5 years !!!
It is amazing (and I hate 'good housekeeping' generally but rave about this)....I have a miele hoover too and would never get another dyson now !!!!!
My miele products make my busy domestic life sooooo much more manageable

Icelollycraving Fri 22-Mar-13 11:36:22

Yes. Do buy it. It's bloody marvellous! Have miele washer dryer,freezer & gigantic washer dryer,all great.

formerpank Fri 22-Mar-13 11:41:36

Yes, yes, yes, it's worth the extra, I love my Miele too. Have washing machine and vacuum. My Swiss rellies swear by Miele and got 20 odd years out of theirs. Had mine 4.5 years so far and still as good as day 1. Have started doing weekly hot 'service' washes thanks to MN! smile

MinimalistMommi Fri 22-Mar-13 12:03:03

Icelolly tell me more about your washer/dryer! How long have you had it? I'm considering one!

Icelollycraving Fri 22-Mar-13 12:12:35

Got it at new year. The love is strong!

Icelollycraving Fri 22-Mar-13 12:14:04

Oh,just seen my earlier post....meant gigantic fridge freezer blush

MinimalistMommi Fri 22-Mar-13 12:27:38

So my burning question about your washer/dryer....can you dry a full load or bc the capacity is smaller for the dryer do you have to do two lots of drying after one full load of washing?

Icelollycraving Fri 22-Mar-13 12:39:49

Ok. If I'm honest I had seperate washer & dryer before,I was a bit worried it would take ages etc. I find I do a lot of small washes frequently now. The old lg washing machine used to be able to take such huge loads that I would save the laundry up. I now have less dirty laundry as I do it more frequently than before. I use the express wash on 40 a lot. The wash & dry on a 60 does take a long time so I put it on at night.

MinimalistMommi Fri 22-Mar-13 12:44:06

That's good to know, do the clothes come out completely dry blush I know on Non-Miele machines that can sometimes be the case.
We're a family of four you see I have separate washer dryer right now (no Miele) but we live in a tiny terraced house and really we need a combi washer/dryer. So I'm wondering if the Miele will cope with a family of four washing drying needs!

Icelollycraving Fri 22-Mar-13 12:50:16

There are 3 of us. Ds is a toddler & currently creating enough washing for 10 (he has a sickness bug). You can set dryness levels & timings. I put some things on for a certain time if I've taken some things out of the wash which are better not dried. For a straightforward wash & dry,I use the normal + if I'm not unloading it straight away. If I am then I put on to extra dry. I would recommend using the rinse fluff setting after every tumble dry. It clears all the cottony debris away & freshens the machine.

MinimalistMommi Fri 22-Mar-13 12:52:58

Thanks for the tip about the rinse fluff settings! I need to look into where is the best place to purchase my machine from. I'm hoping John Lewis stock them as their customer service is aways so good.

Icelollycraving Fri 22-Mar-13 12:56:51

We got ours from John Lewis as it is so reliable & the service is good.

MinimalistMommi Fri 22-Mar-13 13:18:27

Good to know, thanks thanks

MinimalistMommi Fri 22-Mar-13 13:18:51

Sorry OP for hijacking your thread blush

HipHopHooray Fri 22-Mar-13 13:19:52

Yes yes yes. I have wasted too much money on repairing/replacing cheap ones. I LOVE my miele. Definitely worth the extra .

mikey9 Fri 22-Mar-13 21:12:01

Look on the Meile website for Warranties - they typically offer the extra 5 years on top of the 5 years standard for free as long as you register with them.

Even if the machine you go for doesn't come with it included - for £149 you can add the 10 year one....and it is Parts, labour AND call out costs.....!!!!

(No I don't work for them)

mikey9 Fri 22-Mar-13 21:12:33

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