Medicine 2018 part 3

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SomersetS Thu 22-Mar-18 15:47:18

Hope you all find this - didn't realise I took 999! Whoops.

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watfordmummy Thu 22-Mar-18 16:34:19

Well done!! Found you wink

swingofthings Thu 22-Mar-18 18:01:38

Arggg, so much behind on reading recent posts, but did see that there were more offers this week, so well done everyone.

How don't know how everyone feels but I have lost track of who has been offered places and who is still waiting to hear and from where so thought we could use this new thread for a recap? If no offers please please stay with us until the end as we are likely to be discussing clearing opportunities in August!

DD: Offers from St George, Manchester and SGUL (rejected from Bristol). Currently likely to pick Manchester.

specialted Thu 22-Mar-18 18:21:06

Oh well done somerset, I tried to do the same but failed miserably!
Good plan swing, I've lost track too.

DD offers Birmingham, Nottingham , Sheffield. Withdrawn from Bristol as already firmed Nottingham, and Sheffield as insurance.

outofmydepth2 Thu 22-Mar-18 18:29:39

Thank you for the advice. Spreadsheet started. It’s very confusing as TSR seem to have conflicting opinions. Lots of open days already booked which will hopefully help. Any opinions on Leeds? DS is very keen to keep up his sport for as long as possible just to add and extra column to the spreadsheet! Maybe Edinburgh will have to be for option 5

2B1Gmum Thu 22-Mar-18 18:55:09

outofmydepth2 I concur with all the advise, and of course every year certain schools make slight changes to their policies and the popularity of one over the other may change too. Maybe have a look at HYMS whose scoring includes GSCEs, UKCAT & SJT - if your DS gets a high UKCAT and SJT it will boost the GSCE score, so he should not disadvantaged by that alone. Also Manchester (may have been mentioned) which more or less choose just on top third UKCAT and has their own additional info. form - they don't read p.s.

On the sports side it depends on his sport, e.g.only one super BUCS rugby team offers Medicine and that is Exeter. Someone in his sporting field should know which are the best Unis for his sport and you can then see if they fit the medicine criteria too. Elite sport at University requires a huge commitment, over 10 hours a week training on top of games/competitions - how that works will depend on the Uni and the organisational skills of your DS and his particular field of sport though.

This publication was recommended by HYMS as it gives a summary re. medicine admissions.

2B1Gmum Thu 22-Mar-18 19:02:36

Oh and:
DD offers HYMS, UEA & Liverpool (deferred entry all) - withdrew from Manchester interview to focus on Liverpool 2 days later....


SomersetS Thu 22-Mar-18 19:36:37

DD Medicine offers HYMS (York), Sheffield, Leicester. Still waiting on Liverpool post interview (expect response by 29/3). Leicester currently in pole position. Undecided re Insure pending Liverpool.

Outofmydepth2, regret I don't know much about Leeds as it's BMAT - we didn't do BMAT or apply to any. Also Lancaster?

Agree worth looking at Manchester. Also Keele if plenty of experience - take a look at their Roles & Responsibilities form on website to make sure you can complete.

Just referred my spreadsheet & looks like some required specific no. A/A+ grades - some 5, some 6. Check subjects too eg UCL require a language. Some want A in Maths or English etc.

TSR - particularly look for threads by Ganfydd or Meddad - they are Drs, have kids in/applying for med school, come back every year & seem well informed. It's like tripadvisor, read lots, take an overall view & ignore the kooks. Look for lowest UKCAT scores quoting having received an interview at Uni's you are interested in. Beware oddly low scores - they could be widening opportunities.

Students at Medical School Open/Offer days all pretty agreed no real time for elite sport or part-time job (except Uni rep) due to timetable, study, placements etc responsibilities. Only play mainly for MedSocs - that's why those teams have developed. Might be worth asking when you go on Open Days.

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mumsneedwine Thu 22-Mar-18 20:54:50

Hi All. Offers here from Nottingham and Sheffield and waiting to hear from Southampton and Liverpool. Have no clue where she will choose.

watfordmummy Thu 22-Mar-18 22:12:33

DS - medicine offers Southampton and St Andrews and insurance Bio Chemistry at Nottingham.

Gosh that felt good smile

adrinkofwater Fri 23-Mar-18 10:00:00

Great news on the latest offers!

DD has offers from Cardiff, Bristol, Leicester and Newcastle. Think she's decided against Newcastle (due to distance), but not sure which she'll pick!

SomersetS Fri 23-Mar-18 10:25:57

What an eclectic mix of Uni's we have!

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SomersetS Fri 23-Mar-18 10:28:43

What's the view on "insurance" offers?
We have one AAB - Applied Medical Science at Swansea but think DD should do 2 Medicine choices since she's fortunate to have them? All Med offers are the same 3xA.

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Needmoresleep Fri 23-Mar-18 10:43:20

Yes put two medicine down. You never know. Someone might have spare places and so be willing to drop grades. Plus if you don't get either, you will then be eligible for clearing elsewhere, perhaps, Anglia Ruskin.

There is every chance that non medical courses will be in clearing. Perhaps not the Swansea course itself, but almost certainly an equivalent.

And prioritise chemistry. DD says quite a lot on her course got in with dropped grades, as long as they had the A in chemistry.

Movingmountains Fri 23-Mar-18 15:33:01

Glad I found you! Manic day interviewing for new teacher but kept my mind off medicine application for a while!

DS - Offers from Bristol and Sheffield, waiting on Liverpool. Rejected from Nottingham pre-interview. He is really undecided on which to choose (Sheffield front runner at moment) and is waiting for news from Liverpool - come on Liverpool!

booface Fri 23-Mar-18 16:32:42

Great that we have the new thread? HI

Any of you heading up to Edinburgh for offer holders next Weds? Looks as if it's going to snow so we will get the full experience!

SomersetS Fri 23-Mar-18 16:40:40

No more snow.. ⛄️ Please!
Both my DDs headed to Dartmoor again hiking camping expedition over Easter hols. Last lot hasn't melted here yet!

Edinburgh lovely whatever the weather.

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booface Fri 23-Mar-18 18:22:01

Oh I forgot to recap on DS offers: Offers from Edinburgh, Newcastle and Southampton, waiting (and waiting.....) to hear from Bristol after interview back in autumn sometime!

watfordmummy Fri 23-Mar-18 21:33:30

See I thought they would firm one medicine and then have their reserve?

sluj Fri 23-Mar-18 22:08:05

I think, personally, if you have got this close its better to resit whatever you need to to get in next year . Your DC obviously has everything else needed to get into medicine.
If the grades turn out to be way off and unsalvageable by resit, then you can look at clearing.
At least if you keep two medicine choices you have two universities to negotiate with on the day.
Have a look and see if the 5th choice course was in clearing last year to get an idea of the risk.

proudwhatever Sat 24-Mar-18 08:05:55

Well done everyone
DS has firmed Brighton, insurance UEA declined Lancaster, rejected preinterview from Birmingham, this was his stretch choice but he thinks his GCSEs probs were why he didn’t score enough.
Think he will be v happy as Brighton is a small med school but part of two unis, nice town to spend 5 years in, lots of seasonal work, three hours from home so not to near not too far, rents are pricey but not quite London prices
Any one know BSMS and has any tips would be gratefully received.
What a long time ago the 15th October seems!

proudwhatever Sat 24-Mar-18 08:13:45

Oh yeah forgot he just needs to smash his A levels first don’t know how I’ll cope on results day!

Woodenhillmum Sat 24-Mar-18 08:17:07

Daughter is in first year at Bsms and absolutely loves it .Happy to answer any questions.

swingofthings Sat 24-Mar-18 12:13:34

Proudwhatever, DD attended BSMS widening participation scheme for 5 years and absolutely loved it. She very much enjoys the school and was very impressed with the students who she found very relaxed, friendly and fun. Maybe that was after spending time with your DD woodenhillmum smile

She is unlikely to pick it mainly because we couldn't justify her staying in the residence when we are only 1/2 h journey away and she's desperate for a new experience somewhere she doesn't know.

Woodenhillmum Sat 24-Mar-18 15:16:53

That’s a lovely positive experience to hear of swingofthings. A suitable distance from home is definitely a consideration for most . Very exciting to hear of the offers and for some ,the lovely dilemma of where to choose .

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