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what do they really need to take?

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cricketballs Mon 28-Jul-14 08:06:00

After years of buying things for primary, secondary and college which were never needed, I'm determined not to waste money again! I have no personal experience of living in halls, so what do they actually need to take! On open day the student guides did say don't purchase a kettle/toaster until they move in as in a self catered flat with 6 bedrooms has no need for 6 kettles! But, need to start buying things so we dont have to do a huge shop - so what do they need?

Ragwort Mon 28-Jul-14 08:39:34

I would suggest the absolute minimum (do they need own bedlinen/duvet/towels?) and then a small budget so that they can agree with their fellow students what needs buying? Surely at that age they should be competent enough to make those decisions. Also no point in buying saucepans if they are going to live off pot noodles grin. It's easy enough to pick stuff up at charity shop/PoundLand type shops.

It's all part of growing up and leaving home to learn those life skills.

RosieRain Mon 28-Jul-14 09:05:48

Hi I have no experience of this either but I'm itching to go shopping!

We are worried about results though so I might have to wait for the 14th.

I know they can buy bedding packs at uni but I think I will buy my Ds a new duvet and cover. I've heard a mattress protector is a good idea as well. I also want to send him with a first aid kit - just the basics until he finds his feet. Paracetamol, plasters that sort of thing.

Would love some more ideas.

eatyourveg Mon 28-Jul-14 09:09:48

This is last year's thread on the subject which proved very useful.
There is also a list on the Push guide and the student room has one here

cricketballs Mon 28-Jul-14 09:16:23

The student room list seems very extensive, and I'm sure that there are things that aren't actually needed.

I have read through last year's thread, and whilst we have got some fantastic ideas it turned into a bun fight 're benefits/low income etc so I stopped reading.

NCISaddict Mon 28-Jul-14 09:17:23

Just about to send DS on his fourth and final year away. The first year (in self catering halls) he needed bed linen/duvet /and pillows, they weren't allowed kettles/toasters but there were provided in the shared kitchen. Really useful things were a first aid kit with cold and flu remedies, ibuprofen, allergy tablets and plasters, tupperware type containers which we named with marker pen. Extension leads and an ethernet cable. Go to a computer shop and they'll make you up a longer one so he can use his laptop in bed. Very important as a student! grin

A corkscrew/bottle opener made him very popular plus a big tin of biscuits.

Flipflops if he normally walks around in bare feet, a white shirt/t shirt, they always seem to have at least one party which involves writing on their shirts plus a fancy dress costume. DS bought a couple of really cheap onsies (batman and incredible hulk I seem to remember) plus old school uniform for the old school party.

NCISaddict Mon 28-Jul-14 09:22:53

DS also got a cheap printer and paper, printing is expensive at the library. Also take some passport photos and sort out internet banking before he goes so that he can easily keep an eye on finances. DS used to take out £50 at the beginning of the week and that had to last him for everything all week. If he had anything left he either blew it all on a really good night out, added it to the next week or got a takeaway.

Merrylegs Mon 28-Jul-14 09:24:29

Black tie suit (if male). Fancy dress costume.

goinggetstough Mon 28-Jul-14 10:10:19

A printer is useful. Do check on the cost of printer cartridges as sometimes the cheapest printers require the most expensive ink. PC world did some good deals prior to September last year .

A mobile hard drive - to back up files etc

Stain devils for tomato sauces/bolognaise
Colour catchers for washing

NB Although a small fridge would be useful many University Halls don't allow them. It is usually listed on the accommodation website.

BeckAndCall Mon 28-Jul-14 10:59:54

Depends what kind of accommodation he's been allocated, cricket. You should be able to search their website for details of what's included - but it's the what's NOT included that I guess you need help on!

From expereince, as well as all the things on the lists linked above..... Coat hangers, A door stop, A bean bag ( if the room is big enough), Fairy lights for pinning up and creating 'ambiance', ( maybe that's just girls!), an electric blanket, your own bathmat, A laundry bag, and knowledge of how often you need to change your bed linen........!

senua Mon 28-Jul-14 18:54:03

You don't need masses, although we always seem to have taken up car-loads of stuff.
Don't buy new bedlinen. Let them take their old stuff so they have a bit of home-from-home, the grown up version of a teddy bear to cling on to.
Give them your old kitchen stuff because they / their flatmates are going to lose / break it. You get the new replacements.
I'm sure that where you are going will have Sainsbos / Asda / Tesco so you can buy missing bits there when you do the first grocery shop. And S/A/T will be ready, stocked and waiting for the students!
Little things can be picked up at charity shops. DS's flat seemed to be spectacularly short of mugs when we picked him up at Christmas (3 mugs between 5 students IIRC) so I got ten for a pound at the charity shop. Five of them made it back home at the end of the year.grin
As long as they have their tech stuff (computer, printer, speakers, cabling & connectors, phone, charger) and joining paperwork (including lots of passport photos and a proof of ID) then that is the main thing.
And take flat-warming alcohol and/or cake.

2rebecca Mon 28-Jul-14 21:58:24

Electric blankets are on the banned list (along with electric grills and candles plus umpteen other things ) for my son's accomodation. The list arrived today.
I'd check out the stuff he can't take first.

BeckAndCall Mon 28-Jul-14 22:24:51

Whoa, no electric blankets! Best not go too far north then!

(Joking! I'm from the north myself.....)

( my oldest two both took electic blankets with them and was planning to send the youngest with one in October! )

2rebecca Mon 28-Jul-14 22:32:56

and "inflatable furniture"!

cricketballs Mon 28-Jul-14 22:38:25

[Grin] 2rebecca!

MillyMollyMama Tue 29-Jul-14 01:56:49

Toilet brush! No-one ever takes a toilet brush. Vital in my opinion.

goinggetstough Tue 29-Jul-14 08:23:46

A laundry bag that can be put in the wardrobe seems more useful than a pop up one. My first DC started with one but there wasn't really enough floor space and also they didn't want their washing visible when their friends were in their room.

zizza Wed 30-Jul-14 10:12:41

All good tips here especially the fancy dress items! Get them to find out from the SU what events happen - we at least knew dd needed old school uniform, a tiger outfit, etc before she went (and some face paints were handy!)

secretsquirrels Sun 17-Aug-14 10:01:49

Well now the results are out this all seems much more real.
Do others know where they will be staying yet?
DS knows his accommodation will be self catering but doesn't know any more until mid September. So no idea how large the room is but safe to assume not very big.
No idea about storage, hooks and hanging space.
The likelihood is that it will have a kitchen shared between about 12 and a bathroom shared between about 6 - 8 (ugh).

goinggetstough Sun 17-Aug-14 10:14:26

secret you mentioned hanging space. One DC didn't have much and we made the mistake of getting ikea basic pack of wooden ones. It's best to get metal ones as they are thinner and then they can stuff more in the wardrobe!

secretsquirrels Sun 17-Aug-14 11:23:28

Actually I was thinking of hooks on doors and walls for towels and such, rather than in wardrobes.
If they share a bathroom I presume the soggy towels have to hang in the room?

goinggetstough Sun 17-Aug-14 11:30:59

secret in my DC's case soggy towels hang over the slightly open wardrobe door. My DC is not at the same university yours is going to but he has hooks on the back of his door. As he has a sink in his room he has a hook for a small hand towel but he says you couldn't hang a large towel on it.

AlisonW123 Sun 17-Aug-14 16:20:11

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

WhatDidYouJustSay Sun 17-Aug-14 20:12:10

I agree with getting as little as possible and giving them all your old things. smile. It's so easy to pick up cheap things in supermarkets once they are there.

I did get each of my DC a lockable concertina file with all their documents in.
I suggested they label it and fill it with all their important stuff.

alreadytaken Mon 18-Aug-14 06:46:12

check what they are allowed to take as electrical devices and furniture (even inflatable furniture) may be out. Check the thread about what they left behind and had to have sent on and make sure they pack the chargers for any essentials (phones, anyone?). Printers aren't always necessary or useful, glad we didn't buy one.

University beds are often poor. We had to buy a new pillow and I'm getting them a thicker mattress protector this year. They will have something wrong with them so medication for minor illnesses. Clothes rack, one of the small, neat folding ones that extend. Some of the capsules you can throw into a washing machine and the sort of coins it needs.

And do get the free prescription form, if there is a chance they qualify, but fill in when at college so paying rent. New glasses, if they wear them, can make a big hole in a student budget while dental fees and prescription charges are smaller holes.

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