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Hardy plants for very sunny garden

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WorrisomeHeart Sun 19-Feb-17 12:55:10

Hi all

I have pitch black thumbs but am determined to plant something in the garden this year that doesn't die immediately. Last year I managed to kill two lavenders, a hydrangea, and a salvia, all of which were in pots. This year my plan is to dig some beds and try the lavender again and a hebe. Any other suggestions for plants that will do well under benign neglect and in a plot that gets full sun for most of the day? Also, how do I keep my plants in pots alive? Is it just a case of making sure they're regularly watered? I tried to water them morning and evening but I wondered if maybe they got too hot in the pots? We have very little shade and it does bake.
Tia for the advice!!

Cathpot Sun 19-Feb-17 16:06:49

What about alpines? Lots of pretty things and they thrive in sunshine and poor soil- thyme is hugely forgiving and comes in different colours. I've just put Mediterranean plants into google and the rhs page looks good

Cathpot Sun 19-Feb-17 16:09:36

Also I think things with silvery leaves are usually quite resistant to heat. What is the space like? Deeper beds would help with a layer of bark chips etc on the top

WorrisomeHeart Sun 19-Feb-17 18:04:05

Ooh I was wondering about thyme, thanks!
The space is mainly lawn which is fine for the two small kiddies that like to roam around but I'm bored of it looking bland. The soil is clay in this area but I've seen so many beautifully thriving lavenders in the neighbourhood so they must be ok in it.

sunnyhills Sun 19-Feb-17 19:23:10

How about this ?

Cathpot Sun 19-Feb-17 20:18:23

I would second sunnyhill - that's a good idea - I've got two pots with convolvulus in and they are very low maintenance and flower for ages

Cathpot Sun 19-Feb-17 20:21:52

Ice plants also love the sun and don't need any fuss and are available in loads of colours

MrsBertBibby Sun 19-Feb-17 20:56:08

Potentilla are tough sunlovers. If you've space for a small shrub.

FreeButtonBee Sun 19-Feb-17 21:06:56

If you plant them in the actual flower bed then the lavender should do okay. I have a crazy hot garden and mine and fine.

An olive tree in a pot would do well. Thyme and rosemary also survive benign neglect here. I have a lemon verbena that comes back every year quite well it doesn't really get bigger but is nicely fragrant. Chives are fine in a pot too.

Other things for the flower bed - echinacea, sedum, Veronica, buddliea all do well.

sunnyhills Mon 20-Feb-17 13:28:58

Worriesome I think tubs are quite tricky .They've got to drain well but also for most plants mustn't dry out .

As a not v good gardener with pots and tubs i find long lasting colour is possible with bedding plants - I bung in petunias and lobelia and geraniums .Geraniums are the most reliable I think and will keep flowering even if not watered much .There are some lovely trailing one. The geraniums might overwinter if you cut them back and put in a sheltered spot .The others will only do one season .

I buy shooting bulbs from Morrisons and Lidls and plant in pots for spring flowers .This year I'm hoping the ones I got last year will reflower .They need feeding I think after flowering .

I have this [[]]s in a tub ...well ,I think it's that blush I could be wrong .

WorrisomeHeart Mon 20-Feb-17 20:02:39

Thanks all, this is hugely helpful!

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