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Ivor the Engine cake....come and have a look

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thehairybabysmum Mon 28-Sep-09 10:19:24

Sorry to be so smug (im not usually honest) but i made an ivor the engine cake for ds2's birthday. it turned out fab and im so chuffed with myself i thought id show all you mumsnetters! Its at the bottom of my profile pics.

I even made an Idris the dragon but haven't got a photo yet...DH said it looked more like a cat though!

stealthsquiggle Mon 28-Sep-09 10:27:25

I love him - so much better than yet another Thomas...

thehairybabysmum Mon 28-Sep-09 10:28:35

thanks stealth...both my ds's love watching it, especially any episodes with the dragons in!

thehairybabysmum Mon 28-Sep-09 11:13:21

Does no one else want to look???

IdrisTheDragon Mon 28-Sep-09 11:17:19

I love Ivor the Engine and that is a great cake smile

ZacharyQuack Mon 28-Sep-09 11:19:42

That's a great cake, and your babies have gorgeous hair!

Katisha Mon 28-Sep-09 11:21:26

Very good.
And very appropriate to be chuffed (boom boom)...

stealthsquiggle Mon 28-Sep-09 11:26:28

LOL Idris - I would never have guessed wink

thehairybabysmum Mon 28-Sep-09 11:29:43

Idris...hope you wernt offended by my DH saying you looked like a cat!!

Thanks everyone for compliments about the cake and the boys!!

bacon Thu 08-Oct-09 12:29:16

Ivor was fantastic, part of my childhood. So sweet! Jones the steam. Bring back Ivor!!!

Here in Wales we name so many people by their profession - from the valleys speech. Simon the heat (heating engineer) Phil the fox (fox catcher) Great on the mobile phone works quicker that remember their surname!

Love the cake photos, love the children!!

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