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Fantastic "cookie shop" cookies - if you're dieting, look away now...

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SoupDragon Thu 11-Nov-04 12:28:51

As served at toddler group this week...

Makes around 25.

175g / 6oz plain chocolate, chopped
115g / 4oz unsalted butter, diced (I use salted and it's fine)
2 eggs
90g / 3 1/2 oz granulated sugar
50g / 2 oz light brown sugar
40g / 1 1/2 oz plain flour
25g / 1 oz cocoa powder
5ml / 1 tsp baking powder
10ml / 2 tsp vanilla extract
pinch of salt
115g / 4oz toasted pecan nuts, chopped (I always leave these out)
175g / 6oz plain choclate cut into chunks
115g / 4oz milk chocolate cut into chunks
115g / 4oz white chocolate cut into chunks

Now, I'm a chocolate freak and even I have never been able to bring myself to add all the chocolate chunks this recipe calls for. I've stuck to 6oz and they've been absolutely fine. I honestly think you'd be sick if you added all it asks for and ate more than one cookie!

1) Preheat oven to 160c/32f/GM3. Grease 2 large baking sheets.
2) Melt the plain chocolate and butter in a saucepan over a low heat, stirring constantly until smooth. Remove from heat and set to one side to cool.
3) In a large bowl, beat together the eggs and sugar until pale and creamy (2-3 minute with an electric mixer). Add the chocolate mixture, beating until well blended.
4) Beat in the flour, cocoa powder, baking powder, vanilla essence and salt until just blended. Add the nuts & chocolate chips and stir.

The mixture is very runny. I added a little more flour and some oatmeal to try and firm it up a little and also chilled it for 15 minutes before spooning out...

5) Drop spoonfulls of mixture onto the baking sheets allowing space for spreading. I didn't bother flattening them with a fork as the recipe says but they spread out nicely to a good thickness.
6) Bake for 8-10 minutes until the tops are shiney and cracked and the edges look crisp. 8 mins at 160c in a fan oven is sufficient. Mine didn't go shiney but they were firm to look at and soft to the tough - they firm up as they cool. Do not overbake, rather like SuzyWong's brownies.
7) Cool on the sheets for a couple of minutes and then remove from the sheets to a wire rack to cook. Try to resist the temptation to eat them straight from the oven as the melted chocolate chips burn

emmatmg Thu 11-Nov-04 12:32:04


This is one recipe I will be trying out. And quite possibly with all the chocolate!

SoupDragon Thu 11-Nov-04 12:34:24

I can not imagine what they're like with it all!

Cadbury Thu 11-Nov-04 12:58:45

Soupy, you are a very norty woman and I think I love you

Demented Thu 11-Nov-04 13:03:02

Going to close my eyes and pretend I haven't seen this! Yum!

secur Thu 11-Nov-04 13:04:33

Message withdrawn

Pidge Thu 11-Nov-04 13:40:48

Ooooh yum ... am going to try these with dd tomorrow!

SoupDragon Thu 11-Nov-04 13:46:02

secur, if your boss has all the ingredients in the kitchen, go for it. I think it would be rude not to. I ate 2 of these whilst typing the recipe and at least 3 MNers can vouch for their utter gorgeousness.

secur Thu 11-Nov-04 13:48:12

Message withdrawn

SoupDragon Thu 11-Nov-04 16:24:38

<<evil cackling as SoupDragon tries to corrupt the early evening crowd>>

Twiglett Thu 11-Nov-04 16:51:46

PMSL .. I just went to check and I have every ingredient .. except

the eggs

what does that tell you about me

Cadbury Thu 11-Nov-04 19:16:53

Bump for those who've just put the kids to bed and fancy something sweet

prufrock Fri 19-Nov-04 14:42:33

Soupdragon. I feel sick and it's all your fault.

Pidge Tue 22-Feb-05 15:26:11

I have been salivating over this recipe for months now - and finally, on maternity leave, I got to indulge. Soupdragon - they are FANTASTIC!

Main challenge: not scoffing the cookie mix uncooked from the bowl before baking.

Main regret: in a moment of rare self-restraint, I only made half the quantity!!

Now I've gone and returned this thread to active conversations for anyone who missed it first time round. Tee hee!

SoupDragon Tue 22-Feb-05 15:40:33

<<cackles evilly and runs off into the distance>>

woodpops Tue 22-Feb-05 15:47:29

These are fab. I'm making a batch on sun to bring into work for my b'day. Suzywongs peanut butter cookies are also fab.

knot Tue 22-Feb-05 15:58:43

is their a recipe for peanut butter cookies??sound nice

woodpops Tue 22-Feb-05 16:24:39

There certainly is. Here it is

makes about 24
125g butter at room temp
1 cup smooth peanut butter
1 cup caster sugar
1 egg beaten
1 and 3/4 cups plain flour
half teaspoon vanilla essence
half teaspoon baking powder
100g chopped chocolate ( I made it with plain so can't vouch for milk but it should work)

Oven at 180 degrees or slightly less if you have a fan oven - you know your ovens - don't put it on yet though

2 large baking trays lined with parchment

2 big pieces of clingfilm

1. beat butter and sugar and peanut butter til pale and creamy in a bowl
2. add the egg and vanilla and mix well
3. sieve in flour and baking powder, and chocolate and stir well to combine
4. using the tips of your fingers work the mixture in to a cohesive dough. Divide it in two and put one piece on each piece of clingfilm
5. wrap up in clingfilm and roll in to sausage shapes about 5cm in diameter, seal the ends and either chill it for 1 hour or stick it in the freezer for 20 minutes
6. when really cold and firm, slice off 75ml, quarter inch slices, place on baking tray and flatten slightly.
7. bake for 10 minutes and then check them every minute until they appear to be just firm and golden rather than brown at the edges
8. allow to cool on tray for 5 minutes then transfer to cooling rack and eat as soon as you can, having previously bribed children to tidy room/do homework/stop fighting

NB you don't need to use all the dough at once it will keep in the freezer for about a month, just take it out 15 minutes before you want to bake it

Prufrock Tue 22-Feb-05 21:36:24

Soupy - I have now made these for loads of my friends, and they have all asked for the recipe.

MunchedTooManyMarsLady Tue 22-Feb-05 21:41:09

how many oz is a cup please?

MunchedTooManyMarsLady Tue 22-Feb-05 21:42:17

also, have everything except chocolate, can I still make them, will they taste any good, is it worth it, should I eat them, will you tell my diet class that I've sinned???????????????????????????????????????????

woodpops Wed 23-Feb-05 08:22:57

I can't remember the cup oz conversion. I printed a sheet off of a website and stuck that in my recipe book. I'll have a look for the site.
I didn't have any chocolate chips either so I used ds chocolate coins from Xmas and smashed them up. I've made them with milk chocolate and white.

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