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What are you cooking tonight?

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justforareply Thu 20-Sep-18 09:19:37

Just that really
Inspiration needed!

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lastqueenofscotland Thu 20-Sep-18 12:33:57

Cheap and so tasty

Mugglemom Thu 20-Sep-18 15:08:22

Tuna bake.

I use gigli pasta, cook it, add 2 cans tuna, 1 can cream of mushroom soup, frozen peas, and cheddar cheese on top. In the oven at 180 for 25 minutes. Voila!

Redken24 Thu 20-Sep-18 15:13:49

Fajitas from a packet mix! I seen the wahaca ones for sale in tesco was tempted but didn't know what the flavours would be like 😃 if you have time most dishes from here are delish

peterpanwendy Thu 20-Sep-18 15:22:57


Synecdoche Thu 20-Sep-18 15:25:09

I've sliced up ginger, garlic, mushrooms, bok choy, spring onions and will chuck it in a pan with some homemade chicken stock, soy sauce, noodles and tinned sweetcorn. Then stick a sliced boiled egg on top.

DH has a cold!

MrsJayy Thu 20-Sep-18 15:27:45

I have no idea I forgot to take anything out the freezer however I really fancy a fry up blush

royalton Thu 20-Sep-18 15:37:09

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MsHomeSlice Thu 20-Sep-18 15:44:24

i am doing a chicken, bacon and butternut risotto (say rhee-zow-toe, like BarefootContessa) and I intend to make loads, there's only me and ds2 and make arancini with the leftovers tomorrow or saturday.

WreckTangled Thu 20-Sep-18 15:45:31

I want tacos now envy

We're having lentil dahl

Fevertree Thu 20-Sep-18 15:46:39

Omg royalton that sounds lush! Do you mind if I ask how you veganise it?

Isentthesignal Thu 20-Sep-18 15:49:01

Steak fajitas with guacamole - I'm out tonight so I will be having something else!

Justgivemesomepeace Thu 20-Sep-18 15:50:26

Sausage and mash here. It's raining and it's just me and ds tonight and it's his favourite

WhatWouldLeslieKnopeDo Thu 20-Sep-18 15:53:43

Pizzas here hopefully. Assuming it's not too windy outside!

GimbleInTheWabe Thu 20-Sep-18 16:00:01

I'm making this super quick and easy Jamie recipe for a chicken and mushroom pie
I'll be serving it with broccoli. Always a winner in our household!

delphguelph Thu 20-Sep-18 16:00:32

Omelets here I reckon. Ham and cheese for the kids, veggie for moi.

There will also be wine. Not for the kids tho

AdaColeman Thu 20-Sep-18 16:03:46

Gammon & egg with fried pineapple, a real 60s retro meal! wine

IHaveBrilloHair Thu 20-Sep-18 16:06:04

Ready meal fish pie.(Sainsbos posh range)
My back is killing me so cooking just isn't happening tonight.

aperolspritzplease Thu 20-Sep-18 16:08:18

Beef stroganoff with horseradish mash. I've started getting the boxes from Simply Cook for inspiration as I was so bored of thinking about what to eat. They supply the flavouring / spices etc and you buy the rest of the ingredients. You never need to add more than 5 things to make the meal. Tonight I need steak, mushrooms, sour cream and potatoes although I've cheated and bought mash.

MamaHechtick Thu 20-Sep-18 16:08:24

Roast for DH and I, fish fingers mash and veg for DC's

dreamyflower Thu 20-Sep-18 16:09:29

Spanish style chicken in slow cooker with herby roasts

Xiaoxiong Thu 20-Sep-18 16:10:42

Was planning to cut up 4 sausages and fry with loads of sliced onions, olive oil, fennel seeds, chilli flakes and garlic. Then throw on a massive bag of kale and let it wilt down, tossing into the sausages and onions. We eat this usually with some ciabatta and a glass of red wine.

ScrambledSmegs Thu 20-Sep-18 16:11:06

Cauliflower cheese. Served with a green salad because obviously that makes it healthy hmm grin

OnlyFoolsnMothers Thu 20-Sep-18 16:11:46

chilli con carne

pastabest Thu 20-Sep-18 16:14:10

Chicken and veg skewers with spicy fried potatoes

(basically tarting up some leftover boiled potatoes and odds and ends of veg and making a couple of chicken breasts go further)

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