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anyone got any nice vegetarian one pot recipes?

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UsuallyHateNameChangers Fri 26-Sep-14 17:53:48

My SIL is due any day and when we go and visit her I'd like to take her some home cooked food. When I've done this for other friends I usually do a lasagne or shepherds pie type thing but she's a veggie and hates mushrooms and i'm a bit stuck. Am very much a meat eater myself.

Anyone got any nice properly vegetarian easy to cook recipes they'd like to share?

BlackeyedSusan Fri 26-Sep-14 17:56:44

lasagne using tinned lentils instead of beef.

JudysPriest Fri 26-Sep-14 18:00:28

I do veggie baked wrap erm, things.

Peppers, onions, garlic, lentils, chilli and rice. Wrapped in, well wraps. Baked in oven covered in spicy tomato sauce and cheese. Heats up again easily and it's really filling.

JudysPriest Fri 26-Sep-14 18:01:50

I forgot the beans! You can use baked beans, I like it with tesco own brand taco beans though.

FunkyBoldRibena Fri 26-Sep-14 18:02:05

Bloody hell. Really? A vegetarian you say...

It's not like eating without meat is so rare that you can't find a gazillion of recipes on the internet. Lasagne without meat? Shepherds Pie without meat?

Could you ask her what her favourite meals are perhaps? And make one of those?

Galena Fri 26-Sep-14 18:04:15

We make a lovely slow-cooker meal called Hot Boston Beans. Lovely warming beany casserole which could go with rice or jacket potatoes...

Purpleflamingos Fri 26-Sep-14 18:06:51

My favourite is to sauté some onions in a pan, transfer to a roasting dish, add roughly chopped carrots, parsnips, celery small chunks of swede and a crushed garlic glove. Add a carton of passata, stock cubes, top up with water, add herbs and seasoning to taste, a handful of split red lentils and pearl barley, cook in the oven until all the veg has cooked and serve with freshly baked bread (and maybe goats cheese or creme fraiche, or cream).

doobledootch Fri 26-Sep-14 18:10:29

funkyboldribena do you feel better now that you've been unnecessarily sarcastic and snipey to someone asking for help to do someone else a favour

ElphabaTheGreen Fri 26-Sep-14 18:12:33

Substitute Quorn mince for minced beef in lasagne and shepherd's pie. And use veggie stock instead of any meat stock you might use. Easy. smile I'm a veggie and I'd be chuffed to buttons if someone brought me this with a new baby (like I have now...which nobody has done...hmm)

Zippidydoodah Fri 26-Sep-14 18:13:38

I make a lovely veg lasagne with ratatouille instead of meat sauce! That's a good one for the freezer if you make it in a foil takeaway container, then she doesn't even have any washing up! :-)

UsuallyHateNameChangers Fri 26-Sep-14 18:17:32

Yum. Am going to try these myself actually, I definitely eat too much meat! I'd forgotten all about lentils too, I love them with fish and bacon, guess they'd taste just as nice with only fish. I'm really keen to not turn up with a rubbish dish, I've seen far too many Come Dine With Me's where veggies feel they were an after thought! (also watch far too much tv..)

dreamingbohemian Fri 26-Sep-14 18:18:03

Maybe some nice creamy vegetable soups?

Does she eat cheese? There are lots of baked pasta dishes other than lasagna -- baked ziti, stuffed canneloni, eggplant parmagiana.

BecauseIsaidS0 Fri 26-Sep-14 18:20:59

At the risk of stating the obvious, if she is a vegetarian she wouldn't eat fish, so you might want to check with her?

mumofboyo Fri 26-Sep-14 18:22:27

chilli with Quorn mince and beg instead of beef stock.
mushroom stroganoff
Stew with Quorn, mushrooms and lentils

FunkyBoldRibena Fri 26-Sep-14 18:23:00

guess they'd taste just as nice with only fish.

I thought she was a vegetarian?

BecauseIsaidS0 Fri 26-Sep-14 18:23:46

Chickpea curry:

Sautée one onion, one chopped clove of garlic and a bit of minced ginger in coconut oil. When the onions are soft, add coriander and cumin seeds and mix it all well for about 5 minutes. Add one tin of coconut milk, one tin of chopped tomatoes and one tin of chickpeas (after washing and draining them), a pinch of salt, some turmeric powder, and the juice of one lemon. Cook for half an hour at about medium heat. Serve with rice (oops that would be two pans) or some spinach maybe.

PercyHorse Fri 26-Sep-14 18:23:50

Don't use quorn unless you know she eats it. Lots of veggies don't.

What does she like to eat?

Selks Fri 26-Sep-14 18:23:57

[[ Veggie Thai red curry], always a winner. You can use a ready made Thai curry paste if you want, it will still be great.

SaucyJack Fri 26-Sep-14 18:24:23

Just do your normal lasagne or shepherd's pie but with quorn (lentils are too heavy with pasta IMO). You might want a bit more flavouring in the sauce, but otherwise it'll be fine.

Selks Fri 26-Sep-14 18:24:35

Aarg link fail - here

UsuallyHateNameChangers Fri 26-Sep-14 18:28:03

Mm. Interesting point about the fish! The thing is she definitely does eat fish, I've witnessed it! Just no meat. Should have said.

SuzanneSays Fri 26-Sep-14 18:33:31

Have a look at the delia smith online website for veggie dishes-she does a lasagne and Shepards pie-you can always leave out mushrooms or substitute them for something else. I'm veggie with a 3 week old baby and our neighbour made us a veggie moussaka for when we came out of hospital-appreciated it so much!

googietheegg Fri 26-Sep-14 18:34:45

Do this! Do this!!

Beany Thing

Put all this in slow cooker -

Big tins of each chickpeas, kidney beans and lentils. Add two tins of chopped tomatoes, a veggie stock cube and a squeeze of tomato purée. Add two chopped garlic cloves and a chopped onion (I roast this while I'm doing the rest to take off the raw onion taste) then stir it all, add cumin, chilli, s&p and sugar and cook on high for about 4 hours.

Freeze in Tupperware tubs and have on tortilla chips with cheese on top for nachos, with jacket potatoes (or oven chips) in wraps as burritos...

Ticklemonster897 Fri 26-Sep-14 18:38:13

Sounds delicious

wonderpants Fri 26-Sep-14 18:41:33

Spinach and ricotta lasagne, beany chilli with rice, home made cheese and onion pie, home made vegetable quiche. Yum!

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