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Fudge as presents: Tips please!

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boogiewoogie Sun 04-Dec-11 13:59:27

I'm going to attempt making fudge as Christmas presents for the DC's teachers this year instead of jammy dodgers. The thing is, cellophane bags look a bit boring, ballotin boxes are expensive for what they are and I can't get them anywhere on the high street. So what do you use to pack them in?

Also, I'm going to try and make ginger fudge as well as vanilla. There seems to be many different recipes to try. Anyone tried and tested ginger fudge recipes before?

Thanks for sharing tips!

Thefoxsbrush Sun 04-Dec-11 14:22:55

Cellophane bags from eBay. You can get 20 with ties for less than £2. Lots of diff designs available too.

Thefoxsbrush Sun 04-Dec-11 14:23:38

Ooops just saw you didn't like cellophane bags blush

boogiewoogie Sun 04-Dec-11 14:54:08

No worries fox. smile

Spagbolagain Sun 04-Dec-11 15:03:20

I use nice jars for sweets - just some smallish glass jars from chutneys or jams. You could put a piece of cloth over the lid with a rubber band, or even some wrapping paper to make festive! Can I ask what your vanilla fudge recipe is?

boogiewoogie Sun 04-Dec-11 15:15:28

Oh, just one I found off the internet. Here.

Moomoomie Sun 04-Dec-11 15:19:18

I have made my own boxes out of squares of pretty paper. Easy to make but difficult to describe, may be worth looking on google for tutorials.

moosemama Sun 04-Dec-11 15:41:33

We tend to buy cheap jars from Ikea like these - which are actually a reasonable size compared to normal spice jars or these, for bigger quantities.

A cheap alternative to the normal cello bags is This sort of cone, but still not as nice as a jar.

These traditional sweetie jars are nice and reasonably priced at £7.99 for 6, but they're plastic not glass.

Similar on ebay here but probably works out cheaper when you consider delivery costs.

ReshapeWhileDamp Tue 06-Dec-11 20:45:54

Could you buy some cheap cheap ceramic dishes? Sometimes stocked in fair trade shops and Oxfam and the like. Then use cello and ribbon to enclose with the 'tuft' of cello at the top.

SeasonsGripings Tue 06-Dec-11 21:14:13

This is a fabulous Fudge recipe, taken from the old BBC Forums - credit due to a poster called "agedashi" who experimented like a woman heading for tooth rot to get the perfect balance of sweetness, creaminess and graininess.

I have made this recipe several times -occassionally with part brown suger, sometimes small part molasses...I haven't made it in ages and I'm so grateful that the BBC archived the old forum.

Personally I like food wrapped in cellophane. smile

Vanilla Fudge

1lb/450g granulated sugar
4oz/125g butter
1/2 pint of milk/condensed milk (I used 1/8 pint condensed and made it up to 1/2 pint with milk - if you're using less than 1/4 pint condensed, add more sugar at your discretion to make up the sugar content)
seeds from half a vanilla pod

Butter a tin about 6 x 8in/15 x 20cm and line it with baking parchment. Put all the ingredients together in a pan, and stir over a low heat until the sugar and butter have dissolved.

Bring to quite a fast boil, and continue cooking until it reaches 116C on a sugar thermometer. If no sugar thermometer, boil for about 20 minutes STIRRING CONSTANTLY, until the colour changes from a creamy colour to a light brown (squirrel?!). Take care not to burn, it's easily done.

When it reaches the correct temperature/colour/soft ball stage, remove from the heat and leave to cool for a couple of minutes. Then start stirring vigorously for about five minutes, or until the gloss is going, it's getting thick and going flaky around the sides of the bowl. The longer you beat the cooling fudge the grainier/harder the texture will be.

Pour quickly into the lined tin and leave to set. As it cools, cut into squares with a sharp knife.

ReshapeWhileDamp Tue 06-Dec-11 22:02:47

That sounds great, SeasonsGripings! I'm going to try it out the next time I have another responsible adult around to corrall the DSs and keep them away from the boiling sugar!

boogiewoogie Tue 06-Dec-11 23:54:28

Thanks for the recipe Seasons. I've got so many already now! As for the packaging. I googled how to make a box and have now bought pretty paper for making origami boxes with.

Moomoomie Wed 07-Dec-11 14:52:11

That's the word i was looking for..... Origami.
The boxes are really easy yo make. You can also make them slightly smaller to use as a lid. Then tie with ribbon.
Home made all round!

boogiewoogie Sun 11-Dec-11 21:10:24

Thanks for all the tips everyone. The fudge making was a success as were the boxes with lids. In the end, I used this recipe. The video is very funny and the instructions I can honestly say are fail safe having made two batches already. No sugar thermometer used, just good old cold water test.

Selks Sun 11-Dec-11 21:20:14

Ah, what a timely thread...I'm making fudge this week and was wondering about packaging. I thought I might look out for some of those half sized 'kilner' type jars, anyone got any ideas where I might find some for a good price? Does Asda or anywhere have them?

Selks Sun 11-Dec-11 21:23:27

Actually, I've just found this set of six sweet jars that I've bought here

Selks Sun 11-Dec-11 21:24:48

Sorry, set of 20 jars

Dancingyogi Tue 16-Dec-14 11:31:29

Bump for nocturn

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