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How well do cupcakes freeze?

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TelephoneTree Sat 16-Jul-11 08:16:49

I've found a recipe for really light cupcakes (hummingbird) and DSs birthday is coming up and I'd quite like to make a big batch of cupcakes, freeze them and then ice them after thawing. Would the cake survive or go dry/solid?

PandaG Sat 16-Jul-11 08:17:59

not iced they should be fine.

TragicallyHip Sat 16-Jul-11 08:19:53

I haven't frozen cupcakes but I have muffins and they were fine. Do you have time to make a test batch?

TelephoneTree Sat 16-Jul-11 08:28:21

oh yes good idea on the test batch!
do i keep them in their paper cases?

bigTillyMint Sat 16-Jul-11 09:48:58

I often do this using all sorts of recipes, including the Hummingbird red velvet cupcakes recipe (yummm) and they all freeze well before icing. Yes, keep them in the paper cases.

TelephoneTree Sat 16-Jul-11 10:31:44

oooh i'm making those next! can you frost them still frozen and how long do they take to thaw?

bigTillyMint Sat 16-Jul-11 10:41:39

Well I let them defrost first as I find when defrosting, alot of moisture is released and the icing can become a bit wetter IYSWIM. They thaw within an hour easily. But they don't last long on the plate grin

debka Sat 16-Jul-11 11:02:41

If you use buttercream you can freeze them iced as well. I have done this and you can honestly not tell.

TelephoneTree Sat 16-Jul-11 20:39:32

oooh now - i froze the cakes without the frosting - can i put the frosting on while they're frozen and pop them back in the freezer until frosting frozen too and then transport them frozen and thaw at the other end??

wildfig Sun 17-Jul-11 13:36:03

Frosting generally doesn't freeze well; can you make up a batch of frosting on the day, put it in a tupperware container and slap it on at the other end?

TelephoneTree Sun 17-Jul-11 20:43:39

oooh now - i thawed a cake out and thought that it was a bit on the heavy side but i did forget to test the batch before it went in! the mix was bursting with lightness when I spooned it in to the cases hmm....grin

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