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Any other self-employed adult ADHD folk here?

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GrammerPedent Wed 30-Sep-20 10:57:19

I am 99% sure that I have ADHD. I tick nearly every box. I went to my GP and was referred to the MH team but it led to nowhere so I am trying to take control of what I can and put some positive things in place to help me find a bit more focus.

I am self-employed and feel as though it would be massively helpful to me to team up with another ADHD self-employed MNetter to see if we can act as support to each other during the working day. Maybe with a short scheduled 'meeting' in the morning and another in the afternoon where we can have a chat about our tasks for the day and report back to each other. We could even keep a messenger chat open to keep each other company through the working day or something like that.

Any takers...?

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NameAChange Wed 30-Sep-20 23:55:36

I recommend joining Adult ADHD on facebook. There is some info about getting a diagnosis through Right to Choose. Focus Mate is fantastic for ADHDers as well.

NameAChange Thu 01-Oct-20 00:54:57

Another group is Mothers United In Self Employment.

GrammerPedent Thu 01-Oct-20 10:37:51


Thank you for this.

I've signed up to Focus Mate and have my first session booked this morning. This might be just what I'm looking for, although I am slightly unsure about the safety side of things with it being a different person for every session - I feel like I'm inviting someone in off the street into my house! I'm hoping that at some point I'll find one or two people who would like to do this sort of thing so that there is some continuity and reduced risk just by 'meeting' fewer people.

On getting a diagnosis, my GP (who agrees with my self-diagnosis) said I need to think very carefully about whether I want to go down a route of medicating. If I was sure I wanted to then I think I would pay to at least have a private consultation given that I've heard NHS waiting lists can be years.

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NameAChange Thu 01-Oct-20 23:35:06

Glad it is of help hopefully.

I tried stimulant medication but for me the insomnia and intensity outweighed the positives, at least they did in lockdown when side effects were worse. There are non stimulant meds but not tried these.

Now taking 10mg low dose citalopram anti depressant, it really helps with focus and motivation and emotional regulation enough for me to function. And developing strategies. To be honest medication alone is not enough so its worth careful thought.

I was diagnosed with Psychiatry UK, I think you can ask the GP to be referred to them under Right to Choose.

Hope it went well. There is a groups function on Focus Mate and there is a women with ADHD group, you just need a partner to invite you to join it.

Good luck with finding what works for you.

ColdCottage Mon 12-Oct-20 21:24:25

I am in a similar position. Self employed and think I have it.

Having spoken to my husband he feels that given I'm highly functioning (own business, family etc) that there isn't a lot any GP would do so no point getting an official diagnosis but I'm not sure.

How are you finding things?

JustMeAndMyTins Wed 14-Oct-20 13:37:25

I recently got referred to P-UK with the Right to Choose process and, due to a change to their terms with the NHS, it's all been very easy and fast. Waiting for my assessment but that was because of the psychiatrist I wanted.

I started a thread here:

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