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Exercises that are safe in pregnancy

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Quarksoundslikequack Wed 18-Jan-17 23:50:09

Hi All, looking for the above!

Anyone have any suggestions or experience??

Blu99 Thu 19-Jan-17 17:42:16

When I was pregnant with dd1 I went for lots of walks, squats and pregnancy friendly yoga. I didn't do anything that would cause any strain or resistance on my torso.

milkjetmum Thu 19-Jan-17 17:46:00

Aqua aerobics for me. At the end the freedom of being able to leap around like a mad thing was highlight of my otherwise waddling around week!

NetflixandBill Thu 19-Jan-17 17:59:53

I'm 14weeks and i've been doing spinning. It's good cardio but not hard on the boobs and bump, plus youre in control of how easy or hard to push yourself.

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