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Argh, my half marathon has just updated their website

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EauRouge Wed 12-Feb-14 11:19:18

No headphones allowed and there's a time limit of 2.5 hours! Neither one should be a problem really but there was no mention of either when I signed up and now I'm stressing about it.

I'm expecting to do it in about 2.15 - 2.20 so may be cutting it a bit fine if something goes wrong. I'm worried that I'll stress out and go too fast at the beginning and then run out of steam, or that it'll be really bloody windy, or that I'll have to stop for a pee.

Someone please hand me a grip!

newgirl Wed 12-Feb-14 11:27:32

I think you will be fine - i think this is a standard limit else events can attract very slow walkers. They won't stop you with a mile to go at 2.25 - it would be quicker to let you finish than give you ca lift! But if someone has still got say 4 miles to go then they might offer a lift.

No headphones is now pretty standard too - it might seem daunting but I bet you find the atmosphere etc will get you through it.

EauRouge Wed 12-Feb-14 16:07:18

Thanks, not so worried about the headphones but bit peed off about the time limit. I would have entered a different race if I'd known the limit was going to be so close to my expected time. Now I'm going to spend the whole thing crapping myself that I won't finish in time sad

Tiredemma Wed 12-Feb-14 16:09:18

Most HM have a time limit- they wont round all the stragglers up at the back though if it looks like you might not get in under that time.

EauRouge Wed 12-Feb-14 16:55:46

2.5 hrs seems like a harsh limit. I wish they'd bloody said, I would have done Silverstone instead! Bugger bugger bugger.

CMOTDibbler Wed 12-Feb-14 17:06:57

My first had a no headphones, but with everything going on round me I didn't miss them (apart from the boring lap round the racecourse).

The cut off does sound a bit tight, but I understand why they do it. Its just mentally hard.

Which one are you doing?

EauRouge Wed 12-Feb-14 17:22:22

Swavesey in Cambs, just a little local one. I thought it'd be relaxing to do something low-key and close to home hmm

If I don't let my pace slip much below 6.30 mins/km (which is slow for me) then I'll be OK. I should be fine really, it would just be nice to not have to worry about it so much in my first HM! I get really anxious about stuff (MH problems) so I'll prob be losing a bit of sleep over this.

CMOTDibbler Wed 12-Feb-14 18:00:12

Just had to check there was no cut off on my next one! I note that I am number 423, and the race limit is 450. I think my race number and position may be the same!

SynchroniseYourDogmas Wed 12-Feb-14 21:36:50

There was a 2.5hr cut off for the HM I marshalled on last year, but the last runner was about 3 hrs in the end. We all stayed in place - I think it's more so that people don't enter who could taking a lot longer.

sallysparrow157 Wed 12-Feb-14 21:44:33

I think that the time limits in a lot of runs are mainly the duration the roads are closed for, so if you take longer than the allocated time you just have to stick to the pavements.

Bumply Wed 12-Feb-14 21:45:24

Eek to 2:30 cutoff as my pb is 2:32.
I've usually entered big HMs though, where they allow for people walking it.

BiscuitsAreMyDownfall Wed 12-Feb-14 21:47:42

Oh no. Ive signed up for my first half in May. I never run with earphones anyway so that doesn't bother me (though Ive done lots of 10Ks with the same no earphone rule and lots still wear them), but will I really do it in that short time? I think I should easily do it in 3 hours, but 2.5 is pushing it a bit. Then again mine is one of those big city runs not a small half so I might be OK.

Mojang Wed 12-Feb-14 21:49:06

Is it a new limit or is it normal for this event? One I do every year introduced a limit at short notice a few weeks before the event last year. There was such an outcry they had to backtrack...just saying.

I agree, they won't pack up dead on time, especially if this is a new time limit.

Banning headphones OTOH is a very good thing indeed. IMO, no runner should ever use them, anywhere, ever.

TwelveLeggedWalk Wed 12-Feb-14 21:56:03

Wow Mojang, I don't think I'd get beyond 100yards without music!

BiscuitsAreMyDownfall Wed 12-Feb-14 22:01:19

Just checked my half results from last year the slowest person was 3hr 46 and there is a 5000 limit on entries this year. Phew.

Mojang Wed 12-Feb-14 22:01:42

Course you would and there are dozens of reasons why you should. Mostly your own safety but also the safety of others and the fact that you would get better quality training if you concentrated rather than distracting yourself with music.

I wonder if Mo trains with headphones....might have to Google that

BiscuitsAreMyDownfall Wed 12-Feb-14 22:03:10

I live in a rural location so have to run on roads most of the time. I was worried about not finding running easy without earphones, but I wanted to be able to hear all around me for traffic easier and now I never run with earphones, not even round the park on a Saturday morning for Parkrun.

EauRouge Thu 13-Feb-14 02:17:02

hmm at the music hatred. I have it quiet enough to hear my breathing, footfall and more importantly, traffic. Fair enough if you don't like to listen to music, each to their own. There have been studies that have shown it can help improve pace. Not bothered what Mo Farah does, I'm only running for fun confused

Thanks everyone.

Mojang Thu 13-Feb-14 08:05:04

I don't hate music but there are very real reasons why you shouldn't listen while running. You think you have it quiet enough to know what's going on around you but you don't. Really. Even if you do (which you don't or you wouldn't be able to hear it) you are still distracted from your surroundings, as that's the point, isn't it?

One day you or a friend will learn the hard way. sad

TwelveLeggedWalk Thu 13-Feb-14 09:03:45

You've clearly had a bad experience and I'm sorry for that. But we're all grown ups and all do our own risk assessment. Yes, there are absolutely places where I would not put headphones on, but most of my running is done somewhere car-free and public with a very large dog on lead, in terms of traffic and 'stranger' danger, you can't get much safer.

applejelly Thu 13-Feb-14 09:05:08

Re music while running
I specifically choose music at 160-165 bpm so that I can run to the beat and keep my pace up, when often without music my pace drops without me even noticing. I do not use music to distract me - I love running & don't want to be distracted from it! I run in busy places, in daylight, away from traffic and, like EauRouge, with music quiet enough to hear breathing, footfall etc. I don't think this is dangerous to me or others.

Re the HM EauRouge, I understand why this would cause anxiety, although I think you will be fine - think of it as an extra incentive to keep a steady sensible pace from the start. Could you run with a buddy?

princessalbert Thu 13-Feb-14 09:10:06

The time limit is quite usual - but I doubt that the organisers would all just pack up and go just then.

It's more likely that they just start removing the road blocks - so you will still be able to run - on the pavement maybe.

I have only done one Half - and my time was 2hr 43. And I walked about half of that - so I am certain you will manage it within the 2h 30.

Re headphones. I find them a pain unless am running alone. When in a race it is good to chat to the other runners. Not all the way around obviously, but if having a little walk break then a quick exchange with someone else can perk you up. also if it's a busy race, then it is better to know who is behind/to the side of you.

Good luck!!

EauRouge Thu 13-Feb-14 09:27:36

Thank you! I was wondering about finding someone to run with at the beginning of the race. I don't mind approaching random people and asking if they're slow too or just finding the right pace and seeing who is running beside me. I might even recognise a few people from parkrun.

Thank you everyone for your kind words and concerns for my safety wink

Mitchy1nge Thu 13-Feb-14 11:07:38

am sure you'll be fine, have studied your form on garmin and I would happily gamble a few £££ on you finishing well within the time, I predict about 2 hours

Tiredemma Thu 13-Feb-14 11:11:15

I did the GNR in 2.30 ( I hobbled the last two miles with a damaged knee- fool)
Im sure you will do it well within times

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