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I'm not afraid to admit I'm terrified

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StealthPolarBear Sun 26-May-19 22:07:11

I really am. It feels like we're hurtling towards no deal Brexit with a coward and idiot at the helm who couldnt organise a booze up in a brewery.
What are we heading for? Huge economic crash? War?

StealthPolarBear Sun 26-May-19 22:19:32

Wolfie I've just gone to pm you and as well as the usual 'report' etc options there's an option that says 'bottom'. I am dying to click and see what it does. If you suddenly get awful piles, it's my fault.

DippyAvocado Sun 26-May-19 22:19:58

I think tonight's results are likely to cement the fact that the country is still completely split down the middle over the issue of Brexit. Nobody is going to be able to find a compromise at this point.

Really we should just take the emotion out of it and revoke Article 50 on economic grounds but I posted on another thread that hardcore leavers won't accept that Brexit will be an economic disaster until it happens. The emotions are too entrenched by now. I feel a second referendum will be necessary but still too close to definitively settle the matter.

The whole fiasco is crippling our parliamentary system so nothing is getting done.

StealthPolarBear Sun 26-May-19 22:20:10

It took me to the bottom of the page. Nothing to do with your post. How disappointing.
How's the arse?

Wolfiefan Sun 26-May-19 22:20:33

Stealth if you give me piles I will do far worse than Boris you. grin

StealthPolarBear Sun 26-May-19 22:20:49

If you want a second opinion drop your trousers and show it to a former London mayor.

Wolfiefan Sun 26-May-19 22:21:58

Trust me. The EU will happily send us packing with no fucking deal at all if I start dropping my trousers. grin

averylongtimeago Sun 26-May-19 22:21:57

Stealth you are not alone in how you feel. I am also afraid of what is happening- the rise of far right politics, curbs to free speech, loss of freedoms we take for granted.

And a bunch of self serving hypocrites in charge.

Dockray Sun 26-May-19 22:24:40

I'm scared stiff as well. Between Brexshit and climate change I seriously wonder what future my kids will have.

Etino Sun 26-May-19 22:25:24

sad urgh

Wolfiefan Sun 26-May-19 22:25:41

I’m watching Chernobyl. Makes me think we aren’t quite in such dire straits. sad

BishopofBathandWells Sun 26-May-19 22:25:51

You're not alone OP, I too feel really worried for the future. I suspect I'd give less of a shit if I hadn't had my DD a year ago, because I'd only have myself to look out for, but the future looks quite bleak at the moment and I worry what it's going to be like for her.

StealthPolarBear Sun 26-May-19 22:26:53

I think the economic downturn we're about to have will overshadow 2008 and will last until my children are about my age now.
With the associated risk in mental ill health and suicide, poverty, misery and yes, war.

ssd Sun 26-May-19 22:28:44

I watched the 2 episodes of storyville about brexit from the EU perspective. The tory government is a complete and utter joke. As a Scot, I'm just hoping for independence.

StealthPolarBear Sun 26-May-19 22:28:53

And on that cheery note

Dockray Sun 26-May-19 22:30:22

2 seats for brexit in the NE. sad

StealthPolarBear Sun 26-May-19 22:30:57

Oh goodie that's where I am. And bloody Nissan.

tinytemper66 Sun 26-May-19 22:31:04

I can't believe that Cardiff and Pembroke have voted for the Brexit party!

StealthPolarBear Sun 26-May-19 22:31:32

Turkeys. Fucking turkeys. Pretty much plucking and basting themselves

anthisan Sun 26-May-19 22:31:34

Stealth I'm with you, really scared and depressed.

StealthPolarBear Sun 26-May-19 22:33:41

Oh a glass of wine and a shag is all you need. Says someone whose interests do not extend beyond the end of their own nose.

Dockray Sun 26-May-19 22:33:48

Yup. The no deal brexit predictions for the NE were dire for the economy.

Antigonads Sun 26-May-19 22:34:31

Who are we going to war with?

StealthPolarBear Sun 26-May-19 22:34:33

Well the unemployment will give them plenty of time to sit and admire their blue passports. That they won't be able to afford to use.

ssd Sun 26-May-19 22:34:54

I can't understand the working classes voting en masse for brexit. I don't know anyone who voted for brexit here in Glasgow. Why someone on min wage like me would think the tories are out to help them with brexit is beyond me.

StealthPolarBear Sun 26-May-19 22:35:14

Do you not agree that war often follows time of political and economic uncertainty?

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