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Fellow washable pad users

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SmallStepsBigChanges Mon 11-Jun-18 11:42:10

I want to start a new line of reusable sanitary products and was hoping to get some feedback from some of my fellow mumsnetters. I've been a regular here since my son was born last year, but have name changed to talk about my business idea as it's very outing!

I currently use washable pads, but feel there is room for improvement on what's in the market.

What do you all think?
Likes and dislikes about the product you use?
Areas that could be improved?
Price point?

I'll take any feedback I can get! TIA smile

SmallStepsBigChanges Tue 19-Jun-18 06:11:43


DomesticAnarchist Tue 19-Jun-18 06:22:37

I have some which slide backwards. No idea why, but it's infuriating.

So making some guaranteed to actually stay put would be a start.

Jeffjefftyjeff Tue 19-Jun-18 06:25:45

I would like something that doesn’t slip. Not sure if that is even feasible. Like the dark pad bit (seen white ones and would never buy them). All the choices when I last bought seemed a bit zany - plainer colours would be good. Something that comes with a bit of blurb/ few statistics about how you’re saving the planet to make me feel good!

PalePinkSwan Tue 19-Jun-18 06:29:27

Definitely a dark pad not white.

Mine have little labels on showing their size/absorbency, which I like. But it would be easier if the different sizes were different colours so they were easier to grab.

The designs tend to be garish or a bit hippy, I’d rather something plainer.

Organic fabric.

SmallStepsBigChanges Tue 19-Jun-18 11:42:03

What about the practicalities when you are out and about? Would you like a wetbag with a side pouch for clean pads or would you prefer two separate bags? How many pads should the bag hold etc?

I'm not sure about slippage. I haven't really had this problem with the pads I've tried, but will take the info on board. I think the design I have in mind should avoid slippage due to the shape. Have you tried tighter knickers?

ZibbidooZibbidooZibbidoo Tue 19-Jun-18 11:46:46

I’ve just ordered my first reusables from Etsy. Waiting for them to arrive. I agree with the designs being quite out there. Far too many unicorns, cats and superheroes. Lots of rainbows and tie dyes. Sweary messages. That’s all been covered so something plainer and less garish would be great.

PalePinkSwan Tue 19-Jun-18 12:02:07

I’d like two sizes of pouches actually - one that just holds one pad and has a separate zipper bit for a used pad, and one for days out that can fit 3 clean and 3 used in a separate pocket.

Again I’d like the pouches to be reasonably plain or normal looking so that they look like a normal sponge bag rather than looking like something a 6 year old who just discovered glitter would carry.

SmallStepsBigChanges Tue 19-Jun-18 12:04:46

Totally hear you on the designs! I feel the same!

NannyR Tue 19-Jun-18 12:18:23

I like pads that are long but not necessarily bulky, super absorbency. I find with some brands of reusables that the length correlates to the absorbency, thin, normal pads are too short for me, if I buy a longer pad they can be too bulky.

I totally agree about the patterns, I don't want rainbows, cartoons and tie dye on my pads, just something plain.

MrsRubyMonday Thu 21-Jun-18 13:18:41

I love my reuseables, charcoal bamboo fabric, black and grey paisley waterproofing on the back. My only complaint is that although I buy the high absorbancy, it's hard to find any that are shaped the way I need. I would like some that flare out front and back for night time (more at the back, like bum width, but almost triangular like the front of a pair of pants at the front), as things can get heavy and messy, which is why I use reuseables in the first place. I would also consider some form of grippy fabric on the back, as they can have a habit of twisting round underneath while trying to get everything situated..

misscph1973 Thu 21-Jun-18 13:32:24

I use mine with Diary Doll period pants. I would like some that are wider so that they fit with period pants. Period pants have a very wide gusset, a good thing, but the pads I have are slimmer, for normal pants I guess.

slippermaiden Wed 04-Jul-18 23:11:07

I like the bright colours, and don't find any pads slip at all, I think tight, big (hmm) knickers helps with that? I do find them all very expensive though, £10 minimum for a 12" heavy pad is quite expensive! I would t be without them now though, used them for about 5 years and the ones I have still going strong. Definitely agree that width at front and back is important.

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