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DD1 is being bullied.

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pie Thu 12-Feb-04 15:43:12

She has been at her new school for a month, in Recpetion. DH took DD2 for a walk as my PND is really bad today. He stood outside the playground for 15 mintues literally watching DD1 being hit, kicked and pushed in the mud. Then crying and being hit and having her hair pulled till she fell on the ground. The teacher did NOTHING. DH ended up going over to the gate and screaming at the teacher, who simply said he will look into it, he's not in charge of the playground.

WTF??? I have been seriously considering HE as she has just been having a crap time (not settling in) of it...but now. God, I'm livid. I'm going in tomorrow morning, what should I say? Who do I talk to?

DD1 had such a tough time when I was ill last year and her nursery were fantastic, F**k what do I do?

SoupDragon Thu 12-Feb-04 15:45:19

Go in and give them hell!! That's appalling!

See what their reaction is and what they say they'll do and take it from there. What does your DD say about it?

SoupDragon Thu 12-Feb-04 15:46:07

If the teacher is not in charge of the playground, what was he doing there?? Grrrrr!

pie Thu 12-Feb-04 15:46:23

That she doesn't want to ever go back

pie Thu 12-Feb-04 15:47:00

Apparently he just said 'Oh Miss x is in charge of this group I'll have to ask her'.

sobernow Thu 12-Feb-04 15:51:01

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

SoupDragon Thu 12-Feb-04 15:51:27

I'm getting angry on your behalf... Does it matter who is notionally in charge of a group??

Have there been any other incidents like this? Can your DD tell you who the other children were? You need to go into school armed with this info.

pie Thu 12-Feb-04 15:51:53

Should I send her into school tomorrow?

pie Thu 12-Feb-04 15:52:53

DD1 is always telling me that someone has hit her or something, but TBH she used to say that stuff when I was really ill, and I was watching and nothing had happened. I feel so bad now for not listening to her.

binkie Thu 12-Feb-04 15:54:43

That is unbelievable. I am going to think further about what I'd say in your place & post again but wanted to respond at once with outrage. POOR little girl.

marialuisa Thu 12-Feb-04 15:56:48

Oh heck, you poor things. not sure if this is good advice but I wouldn't send her back to school until this was sorted. What the hell was the teacher thinking if a child was being physically attacked and he stood there? For god's sake any adult has a responsibility in that situation, surely he can't say he's scared of primary kids?? Were the bullies in DD's class, her age?

pie Thu 12-Feb-04 15:58:23

She is in Reception and she told me that they are in Yr 2, so older, though she doesn't know their names.

SoupDragon Thu 12-Feb-04 15:59:32

If I had no one to look after her whilst going to see the head, I'd send her in. Otherwise, no.

pie Thu 12-Feb-04 16:01:05

DH or my mum can watch her, so you really think I should keep her home and call the school in the morning and tell them I want to see the Head? Rather than go straight to her class teacher (who is rather hopeless most of the time)?

SoupDragon Thu 12-Feb-04 16:02:53

I'd certainly keep her off for at least tomorrow. I think it should be the head you see as the children weren't in her class.

marialuisa Thu 12-Feb-04 16:02:55

Could you say that you need to see head before break time tomorrow a.m.? I can see that if you keep her off it will be harder to get her to go back, but at the same time would not want to risk her being in that situation. As they are Y2 at least she wouldn't have to see them in class time.

sobernow Thu 12-Feb-04 16:03:36

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

bundle Thu 12-Feb-04 16:04:38

god pie, that's awful. simply shocking.

SoupDragon Thu 12-Feb-04 16:06:57

Can your DH go along too since he was the one who actually saw it?

marialuisa Thu 12-Feb-04 16:08:03

Pie, also think you need to see head because of the other teacher's inaction and the fact that the playground is clearly not being supervised properly and is thus not a safe place for your DD at the moment. Inaction/failure to notice much more than a sly hit/kick is ridiculous at infant level.

ks Thu 12-Feb-04 16:09:43

Message withdrawn

pie Thu 12-Feb-04 16:14:18

Right - I just called the school. The Head was in a meeting so I spoke to the Deputy Head. Gave her the details as I know them (explaining it was DH who saw the attack). Told her I wasn't happy sending her in tomorrow and I want an appointment with the Head. She suggested it might not be a good idea to keep her off tomorrow as next week is Half term and this would give her more time to brood on it. She is going to speak to the Head and her class teacher before tomorrow morning and has asked me to come to the school Office tomorrow with DD1 instead of taking her to her classroom.

Do you all think that sounds ok?

Thank you thank you everyone btw, I feel much more confident about dealing with this.

suedonim Thu 12-Feb-04 16:15:38

Dear god, what on earth is going on at that school?? I'm appalled at your poor dd's experience, Pie.

suedonim Thu 12-Feb-04 16:17:06

Cross-posted! Good luck tomorrow, Pie. Can your dh come as well, to lend moral support?

marialuisa Thu 12-Feb-04 16:19:02

Yeah that sounds good. Only thing is make sure that DD doesn't have to sit through all of it with you.

Good luck, and hugs for DD too.

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