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Help!!! My DP is gonna dislike me!!

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CurlyN Mon 05-Feb-07 12:23:26

He made a beautiful table for a train, books etc to go in the boys bedroom. Mum, in her wisdom has decided to sell it (the boys now need the space back.) anyway, new to ebay, so i put it up for bidding. (how do you price something that was hand made?) problem now is there is only one bid (£1.00). I'm sure its worth more than a quid!. DP is gonna be gutted after the hours he put in. ohhhhhhh Nooooo and it ends in about 8 hours. Can I do anything, have I got to sell. Oh what a cock up.

ledodgy Mon 05-Feb-07 12:24:08

edit details of the sale and put a reserve price on it?

CurlyN Mon 05-Feb-07 12:25:18

Can I do that at this stage, with only eight hours left?

BuffysMum Mon 05-Feb-07 12:25:39

quick think you can edit/end it early but only if more than 6 or 12 hours left....

BuffysMum Mon 05-Feb-07 12:25:55

try it.......

ledodgy Mon 05-Feb-07 12:26:39

If not you can still withdraw the sale and re list it will mean paying the listing fee twice.

AngharadGoldenhand Mon 05-Feb-07 12:26:40

Withdraw it from sale?

ShinyHappyPeopleHoldingHands Mon 05-Feb-07 12:26:44

You can't edit once there is a bid!

CurlyN Mon 05-Feb-07 12:35:27

Just tried going back to edit, and add a reserve price. I can't. The box where you you price in. won't let me in. I think I'll withdraw. Is that easy enough to do? Oh thanks everyone.

itsmeNDP Mon 05-Feb-07 12:38:48

You can end the auction early, just say that the item is no longer for sale. There is an option on Ebay for it.

ShinyHappyPeopleHoldingHands Mon 05-Feb-07 12:39:37

It will show forever on your profile though. But I'd still do it in the circs.

charliecat Mon 05-Feb-07 12:40:40

People often bid at the last minute. You should have put the starting price at the least you would have wanted for it!

StrawberrySnowflakes Mon 05-Feb-07 12:40:46

remove from sale, say it been broken or something?

DebitheScot Mon 05-Feb-07 12:43:24

I didn't realise it would show on profile. I took an item off ebay once, it was easy to do. I can't see anywhere on my profile that I did that, but it could only be visible to other people looking at it. Try it and see, I'm debii123

CurlyN Mon 05-Feb-07 12:45:09

I know what your saying charliecat, but how do you price something that has been made, when you haven't seen anything like it before. Yes part of me wants to do the decent and right thing and see this through to the end, however DP here's a quid!!! he's a man, he'll be gutted.

charliecat Mon 05-Feb-07 12:47:18

If you do stop the auction and relist your going to have to decide on a minimum price. And if it doesntget it drop it till it does....or leave it on at a quid and see what happens.

northstar Mon 05-Feb-07 12:48:14

Can't you just ask a friend to log in to ebay and make a high bid for the item? I'm sure thats what lots of people do, or else they are registered twice and just boost their own bids if they need to or don't want to sell for too low a price?

CurlyN Mon 05-Feb-07 12:52:53

ummmm what to do?

Fimbo Mon 05-Feb-07 12:54:29

I would do what Northstar suggested. Get a friend to bid a ridiculous amount.

crumbs Mon 05-Feb-07 13:02:46

I don't think you can withdraw at this late stage - best do what others have suggested and find a friendly MNer to bid.

ScoobyDooooo Mon 05-Feb-07 13:05:27

You can end the listing all together & to be honest i would do this, you can not alter any of it once there is a bid & also only upto 12 hrs before if there is no bid, your best option is to end the auction all together, is there any watchers?

crumbs Mon 05-Feb-07 13:07:13

This is whay ebay says:

You can't end a listing less than 12 hours before the end of the listing if the item has a winning bid:

You may cancel bids, but not end the item unless you are selling the item to the high bidder. To do this, go to the End My Listing Early form and select "Sell to the high bidder".

You can't add to or change the item description.

You can't convert the item to "pre-approved bidders" only

If the item becomes unavailable during the last 12 hours of the auction (for example, you break it) you must contact the high bidder or buyer and explain what happened. You can get a Final Value Fee Credit if you and the buyer must confirm you mutually agreed to withdraw from the purchase.

crumbs Mon 05-Feb-07 13:07:44

Sorry, not good news.

Aloha Mon 05-Feb-07 13:09:14

get a friend to bid and get it back.

crumbs Mon 05-Feb-07 13:09:18

So I guess your options are:

a) contact the winning bidder with some excuse - beware though, if you want to relist at a later date
b) phone a friend and get them to bid the minimum you'd be prepared to sell it for, you never know, someone else may bid more and you'll be happy, or if not, you can leave it there and relist when ready

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