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How to arrange collection

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LatinForTelly Fri 07-Aug-15 10:33:56

OK, this must be the most idiotic question but I am very new to ebay, and have just bought something (furniture) on 'buy it now'. The sale is collection only and is very near to us. I paid with paypal.

How do I contact seller to arrange collection? At the moment I've just pressed the 'contact seller' button and sent a message asking when is convenient, but wasn't sure if this was for (public) messages, pre-sale?

Is there another way I should do it? I presume people don't exchange mobile numbers to get directions etc, but do it all through the site for anonymity?

(I did google this, btw, but got things to do in event of a problem, rather than bog-standard procedure for numpties like me )

Many thanks for any help.

butterflygirl15 Fri 07-Aug-15 10:48:04

yes you are right to contact them that way - but they should refund the paypal payment and ask you to bring cash.

LatinForTelly Fri 07-Aug-15 12:23:45

Oh, why is that, butterflygirl?

Also, seller has now contacted me - all seems fine. But he seems to know my proper name, not user name, and knows at the very least my postcode. How is this? Have I not got my settings right, or once a purchase is made, do these details become available somehow?

GreyAndGoldInTheMeadow Fri 07-Aug-15 12:32:29

Once you have made the purchase your contact details and address are available to the seller, even when collection in person is the delivery method. When we've bought stuff we usually exchange mobile numbers as its the most convenient way to organise collection. Sellers like cash on collection as there are some unscrupulous buyers who collect goods and then claim to PayPal that they didn't receive the item, and PayPal will refund the buyer leaving the seller with no goods or money as they have no proof that the item was collected.

LatinForTelly Fri 07-Aug-15 13:08:07

Thanks GreyAndGold , so it protects the seller not the buyer? I can see that. I'll check with the seller - he seems to be ok with paypal. I'm happy to sign something when I go to collect to say that I've collected it.

Blimey, this is why I've never done ebay before - it can be a minefield! Thanks for your help.

butterflygirl15 Fri 07-Aug-15 13:13:24

signing something to say you have collected is utterly worthless. And paying by paypal does not protect a buyer when they collect an item. If it is not as described you would have to courier back the item with online tracking before you got a refund. So checking an item thoroughly before you hand over your cash is the key.

GreyAndGoldInTheMeadow Fri 07-Aug-15 14:13:10

I have paid by PayPal before collecting an item and the seller was happy for that, im sure they would have said if they wanted it done differently. Yes to checking its as it was described before taking it.

butterflygirl15 Fri 07-Aug-15 14:18:44

Grey - just because the seller was happy doesn't mean they were right. Any seller who knows how eBay works never ever takes paypal for a collected item. Same if buyer arranges a courier themselves.

If you don't believe me check the community boards on eBay.

GreyAndGoldInTheMeadow Fri 07-Aug-15 14:56:26

confused what am I not believing? It's up to any seller/ buyer to decide on what arrangements they are happy with, there's no rules to say it must be done one way.

butterflygirl15 Fri 07-Aug-15 15:38:19

you said the seller was happy to take paypal for a collected item. Just because your seller accepted that, it doesn't mean they are right. Nobody should ever take paypal for a collected item - and if you looked at the rules of Paypal and online proof of delivery, you would know that.

nauticant Fri 07-Aug-15 15:48:00

LatinForTelly, if the seller is happy to go with Paypal go with that. It can be useful to the buyer in case something goes wrong. If they say they're going to refund you and request payment in cash, that's OK too so long as you check your Paypal account to make sure you've been refunded before you hand over the cash.

From a buyer's point of view both ways of paying are valid but there are good reasons for a seller might insist on cash from a buyer who collects in person.

But as said above, thorough inspection is the key. Once you take the item away you're pretty much stuck with it.

Twowrongsdontmakearight Fri 07-Aug-15 15:48:16

Oops. I've also bought several bulky or fragile items, paid with PayPal and collected them. Never had a problem. Nor when I've sold items for collection only. I obviously haven't read any small print either!

GreyAndGoldInTheMeadow Fri 07-Aug-15 15:57:15

Actually I was just trying to offer the op a bit of reassurance regarding the purchase she has already made, not write the rules of best practice. If it's such a crime to use PayPal why does eBay force sellers of collection only items to have PayPal on their listing. From the op's point of view it doesn't matter as long as she doesn't accept goods that are not as described (a point you'll see I agreed with you on) as she can open a case and PayPal will refund her money. She said her seller seamed happy and if she's also happy what's the problem.

Latin I'm sure your purchase will go without a hitch and I hope you enjoy your furniture.

butterflygirl15 Fri 07-Aug-15 16:00:11

Because eBay owned paypal and wanted the fees, and they won't admit that their system is flawed.

anyway - I have only given advice, didn't expect to be shot down for it.

And in a not as described case as I said, a buyer has to return tracked to get a refund, and with a big or hefty item this is not always possible, so paypal is not the best protection for a buyer at all.

GreyAndGoldInTheMeadow Fri 07-Aug-15 16:26:37

Butterfly I didn't even speak to you or refer to anything you said except to agree with you, my posts have been in answer to the op, so it's a bit much to say you've been shot down for it.

nauticant Fri 07-Aug-15 17:36:11

a buyer has to return tracked to get a refund, and with a big or hefty item this is not always possible, so Paypal is not the best protection for a buyer at all.

But sometimes it will benefit the buyer to arrange a courier (possibly inexpensively) to return an item and get a full refund. So it is worth having the option open in case it happens to be useful.

I don't know why this thread is being turned into a palaver when the payment advice to the OP is simple:
1) There are no risks with a buyer paying with Paypal rather than cash for collection in person.
2) This isn't the case for the seller. Therefore, don't be surprised if the seller insists on refunding the Paypal payment and asks for cash on collection.

YeOldeTrout Fri 07-Aug-15 18:03:03

Ebay has sold Paypal now, I think.
Lots of sellers prefer paypal & that is as reasonable as Ebay insisting that Sellers must accept it as method of payment if buyer insists (strike against seller if they refuse).

Truly, most people are honest, not con-artists. Don't be so paranoid.

LatinForTelly Fri 07-Aug-15 18:48:39

Thanks everyone, it's useful to know the ins and outs, but also to have the reassurance that it would probably be ok!

Seller offered earlier to drop it off (!) as we live so close, and furniture is now here, and looks fab, and as described.

So hopefully that is all ok, but I will be mindful with any future purchases of the cash thing. Thanks again.

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