Amazon black friday deals week. starts today.

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Tortoise Mon 21-Nov-11 07:39:13

I managed to get nothing last year!
Will try harder this year to bag a bargain!

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McPhee Mon 21-Nov-11 07:44:50

I've got my eye on a few of the 5pm bargains. What's the betting I fall asleep and forget hmm

brightermornings Mon 21-Nov-11 07:47:36

What is black Friday?blush

Tortoise Mon 21-Nov-11 07:47:39

I'm not even sure I've got any money in the bank!

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McPhee Mon 21-Nov-11 07:48:15

Me either buy hey ho grin

McPhee Mon 21-Nov-11 07:48:24


Byeckerslike Mon 21-Nov-11 07:49:26

What is this bargainousness of which you speak?!?! confused


Tortoise Mon 21-Nov-11 07:52:03

Looky here

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Tortoise Mon 21-Nov-11 08:10:13

I can't get the page to load!

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Tortoise Mon 21-Nov-11 09:01:40

Got it working now! Not much of interest for me today.

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MrsChemist Mon 21-Nov-11 09:19:50

I'm wondering what the mystery one in office supplies is. I kind if hope it's a lumie

fishie Mon 21-Nov-11 09:23:35

wow. I have just looked at all of it and there is not one single thing I'd buy. And i'll buy anything!

MrsChemist Mon 21-Nov-11 09:26:11

It is a bit pants today.

AtYourCervix Mon 21-Nov-11 09:38:57

Hurrah! I knew there'd be a thread but couldn't work out what topic it'd be under.

I am officially off sick this week and plan to do very little except wait for deals. although this pm i have to take D2 to the orthodontist.

anyway.... a bit crap so far.

ClaimedByMe Mon 21-Nov-11 09:46:01

sigh I just don't get it at all! How do you find out what's for sale? I tried it last year too and didn't get it!

MoaningMinnieWhingesAgain Mon 21-Nov-11 09:49:05

I got the three Nigella books for 15quid last year. Missed out on a kitchenaid though - just as well, I hardly ever cook blush

Tortoise Mon 21-Nov-11 09:51:32

ClaimedByMe Just click on my link, it shows you the days deals and when they start.

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AtYourCervix Mon 21-Nov-11 09:52:33

i got lots lats year. nothing big but stuff for presents. i plan to do my entire christmas shopping this week. it will be very random what people get.

Claimed - half the fun is guessing what the clues mean and clicking fast only to discover you've bagged a £400 treadmil instead of a cookery book grin. You don't have to buy the treadmill, you have 15 minutes to pay of empty your basket.

ClaimedByMe Mon 21-Nov-11 09:52:45

I did click on the link but what I discovered is it doesn't work too well on the iPad so I've put the laptop on and it works, thank you!

GandTiceandaslice Mon 21-Nov-11 09:58:21

It's a bit crap so far.

ChickensHaveNoEyebrows Mon 21-Nov-11 10:01:14

They add stuff at the last minute. But agree that what is so far on offer is a bit meh.

Tortoise Mon 21-Nov-11 10:02:03

Might go for the SD card!

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AtYourCervix Mon 21-Nov-11 10:02:48

i'm hoping the 10.30 is a toothbrush. DD2 wants one.

AtYourCervix Mon 21-Nov-11 10:03:14

an electric one i mean. she has an ordinary toothbrush of course.

ClaimedByMe Mon 21-Nov-11 10:08:30

I'm liking the look of the pink timex watch for myself, I'm not meant to be getting things for myself......

The ones with no picture and the random clue, do you find out what it is when it is in your basket?

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